Maulana Sheikh NazimHow can we respect ourselves?

We say, we witness, Ashhadu an la ilaha ill- Allah, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasulahu (S.A.W.). We bear witness that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Servant and Messenger of God" (ash-shadu an la ilaha ill-Allah wa ash-shadu anna Muhammadun abduhu wa rasulahu).

There are so many tape recorders here, but which is the best one? The best one is Japanese, they say, or British, because they have a certain stamp or seal, a trademark. Then, if people see that seal or trademark, they say, "This is a famous one, It must be the best."

What about yourselves, the children of Adam? You have a stamp on your heart, the stamp of the Creator. Do you think about that? Sometimes newspapers put some photographs, saying that the word "Allah" is written here, but it is written so weakly (if there is something useless, photographs fill the whole world and people look at that so much). And on the heart, they say "Allah" is written, as well. It has the Lord's stamp on it, but not too many people are looking for that.

Everyone's heart has been sealed by the Divine Signature. The children of Adam bear the Divine Stamp, the Divine Signature all of us. That is to be honored (tashrif) by the Divine Seal. We have that honor. Now, with the Will of God (insha Allah), as they give to me, as my "Spiritual Headquarters" gives to my heart, I am going to translate to you, according to your spiritual desires.

Now, there are two kinds of people who have knowledge. One group of people claim that they are scholars. They claim that they have knowledge. Another group of people claim that they have wisdom. Scholars may get their knowledge by looking at everything, testing and observing, obtaining knowledge, but wisdom is heavenly knowledge, and it is given to certain people, not given generally.

The vision of those who have been given knowledge is different from the vision of wise people. Scholars may look at you, but wise people look and see you in another shape or form. Wisdom gives honor to everyone, as Allah Almighty honored them, even though they may do bad actions.

What is the proof? When God Almighty, the Creator, the Lord of the children of Adam, the Lord of the universes, the Lord of the angels, the Lord of the heavens, decided to create Adam, or when He decided to make him appear in existence, Adam was our Lord's deputy from the time when there was no time. Time is created by this world. If the sun does not move or the world does not turn, no more time; time would finish. Allah Almighty made Adam and his children to be deputies from eternity to eternity. That is in the sight of Allah Almighty, but it was appointed by His Divine Will that he appear when He declared to all the angels that now is the time when I am going to create, saying, in effect, "The time has now come to appear, O My deputy Adam."

Then the angels said, "O Lord, what are you doing? What are you creating'? Are You going to create creatures who do evil and kill each other, doing every dirty thing, while we are always, from beginning to end, glorifying You?" They meant to say that those creatures whom You are going to create or to cause to appear in existence are creatures of such bad actions, while we are correct, glorifying You, servants to You. If You need to make someone Your vicegerents, then it must be ourselves. We are suitable for that.

Yes, that was the meaning of their statement, but God Almighty said, "I know whom I am making My viceregents because I gave them something I didn't give to you." A ruby or diamond may fall into the dirt, but no one would leave it there and go away. If it fell from someone's hand into the dirt, no one would leave it there. Yes, the person who found it would take it from there and wash it, putting so much soap on it, and also cologne. Then no one would say to him, "Why did you take it out of the dirt and put it here?" No, it is right. Why? It has its value and dirt does not affect it.

Therefore, even if they kill each other, they make so much trouble, suffering, war - every kind of dirtiness, yet they have something from My Divine secrets, My precious Divine thing I have given to everyone. Even though they may do everything, they are still vicegerents because I gave them that Divine secret which I never gave to anyone else. Therefore, the children of Adam are at the top. No one can reach their ranks. "Then all the angels said nothing." They knew.

Those who have been given Divine wisdom, wise people, look at all those people who are corrupting the earth and say, "Oh our Lord, one drop of Your Mercy Oceans will clean them, We respect Your servants. No matter how corrupt and dirty they are from their actions, yet that secret which You gave them is still there and it is well-protected in their hearts, deeply planted, as the most precious treasure is placed in the deepest place of their hearts."

You still do not know about yourself. When you look at yourself, you may understand about yourself step-by-step. But we are occupied by everything around our selves. We are looking outside, not within our selves. As long as you look outside, you are heedless of your "self." If you can look into yourself, you will find something else. You look at your photograph or you look in the mirror and you still see the outward view of yourself, but you must think about yourself that you have been given Divine secrets. The universe that you have been given within yourself is something like a very little drop in an ocean. There are five secret treasures hidden in your heart. The heart is not that piece of flesh in yourself. That is the physical body's heart. You have something else within yourself. That is your personality in the Divine Presence. You have been given five treasures, five universes. Each one is wider than the next and deeper. The deepest one, which has no limits, is the Throne of your Lord. It is the Throne of your Lord because nothing can contain your Lord. It is impossible. Neither the worlds nor the heaven can contain your Lord Almighty, only your heart, the hearts of the children of Adam contain it. This means there is no limit to your heart.

Yet you are running after this temporary life's pleasures and you do not reach any of them because when you reach one, your eyes go to the second one. No time to take pleasure, enough pleasure, from this because the second one appears. When you move to reach the second, then a third one appears, saying, "Come to me. Leave that one and come to me." Then you put this one in your mouth but another says, "No, leave this and take that." And this is our life. You are tiring yourself to catch a pleasure but it is impossible to enjoy anything because so many are calling you, "Leave that one and come to me," and when you reach that, then another calls, "Come to me." No one is going to be in a state of enjoyment throughout his whole life, even if he may live eighty years, ninety years or more, particularly as each time he becomes more tired, and when your age increases your taste goes down, also, little-by-little. In this way you are leaving the true tastes which you can end within yourself, leaving them and running after something which is just an illusion.

Now we are here. Where did all our life's pleasures go up to this day? All of them are finished. Nothing is left with us. Therefore, if we can use wisdom - not knowledge - if we can use wisdom - we must look to ourselves.

When we look within ourselves, then we may look at the whole universe. Then you may look at, you may know about yourself. When you know about yourself, you are going to know about everyone else, also. When you are pleased with yourself, at the same time you are going to be pleased with everyone else. When your true personality appears, you will take care to respect yourself. We have also been commanded to respect ourselves because we have been honored by Divine Honors.

Therefore you must respect yourself. How can you respect yourself? We say, 'We bear witness that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Servant and Messenger of God" (ash-shadu an la ilaha ill-Allah. wa ash-shadu anna Muhammadan 'abduhu wa rasulahu). The Prophet (saws) also must bear witness to himself. He also said, "I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and His Messenger" (wa ana ashhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasulahu). He had to proclaim the honor that he had been given by his Lord and say, "The Servant of God and His Messenger" (abd Allah wa rasulihi). Everyone of the children of Adam has to pro-claim that he has been honored by his Lord, Almighty God. That is one meaning that God Almighty commanded by saying, "And proclaim the favor of your Lord" (93:11) (wa ammo bi-ni'mati Rabbika fa-haddith). You must know what God Almighty gave you endless honors and glory. You must know this and you must respect yourself.

There is a good saying among Arabs. when they are angry with someone or someone makes them angry, they say, "Maintain your honor!" (yahtanll nafu). What does that mean? When you are angry then I may do something that is against your honor. When two people are quarreling and insulting each other, the saying goes, "Maintain your honor," because if I begin, your honor goes down. "Maintain your honor." Everyone must keep respect for himself because he has been honored by his Lord, God Almighty.

Then when he respects himself, he is going to keep respect for everyone else. That makes our Lord pleased with us. If you keep respect, everyone must keep respect for you, also. And if everyone keeps respect for you, you will keep respect for them, as well. Then all problems will find a solution among people. Everyone is going to be in satisfaction within himself.

A sister was asking me today, "If we face a tyrannical person, doing so many cruelties, what are we going to do?" Yes, if you face Pharaoh - and you can find a lot of pharaohs in our time, I mean to say tyrants, because our time is the period of tyrants, and tyrants are worse than dictators. Tyrants are like Nero. He gave the order to burn Rome so that he could see the city burn and take pleasure in it. The Prophet (saws) described our time as the time of tyrants - not dictators, but tyrants like Nero saying, "Tyrants and after monarchy will come the tyrants" (Jababirah. Wa mirl ba'd al-muluk al-jababimttm). They have fallen into the dirt and as long as their bad actions remain, they must be in dirtiness. God Almighty created seven hells for purifying every impurity that comes upon the children of Adam. That cleaning, that purification, may be during his life. God Almighty Purifies His servants through every means - every suffering, misery, every trouble - purifies them. Then if that is not enough for them, there will be further purification in the grave. If that is not enough, it will be on the Day of Resurrection. If it is still not enough, they will go into hellfire to be purified. And if it is all right, they may come out. If not yet enough, they may stay more and more and more, up to eternity. And for eternity - He knows about the people of hellfire. When God Almighty orders, purification ends. No one may object.

Hujjaj was a well known tyrant who made hills out of the heads of people. He died, and then he was seen in a dream, saying, "For each one of the people I killed, I have been killed, also, this for this, and for just one Companion, Ibn Zubayr, may God be pleased with him, for that one alone, seventy times."6 Yes. God Almighty will never leave him alone. There must be purification, according to our impure actions.

Now, every night in our countries there are advertisements for washing powders; Every night I look. This one is the best. That one is the best, making dirty clothes very clean, Yes, big machines in hellfire to make you clean, very pure. Therefore, you may do everything. You are free. But you must know that at some time you will be caught. No one can escape. Everyone must come to that door to pass through it. Then, "Come here, come here!" Hujjaj thought it was alright to order, "Cut off his head! cut off that other head!" But then he said, "For each of them, my head has been cut off once, and for that one Companion alone, seventy times." Yes. Therefore you are free to do everything, but He says, "I will give you free will. Do everything, but if you make yourselves dirty, there will be washing."

Now, no one enters paradise except clean people - the pure. They will be bought from hellfire, burned bodies. There are two oceans, springs, at the entrance of paradise. Burned people will come from hellfire and be thrown into one of those springs. They will come out with beauty like that of Prophet Joseph (as). Then they will come and drink from the second spring, and every dirty characteristic of their egos, envy and others, will go away, and the Prophet's (saws ) good attributes will replace them. They will become perfect in beauty and character. Then paradise will open to them and say, "Welcome." Up to that point, too much washing; no one can enter paradise if they have not been purified.

Therefore, the one who has been given wisdom looks at people and respects them and feels pity for them, because they are in need of purification. He feels respect and pity towards everyone, particularly sinners. The eyes of knowledge, however, look at them in a different way. They curse them and if they can they take revenge on them, they do so. Therefore, wisdom cares more about everyone and wants to bring them under Mercy Oceans, while knowledge's eyes sees them as sinners and wants to punish them. Divine punishment is also a mercy for sinners, to clean them, to purify them. Thus Islam, true faith, looks at all people and sees them as respectable and honored creatures and as candidates to be vicegerents of God Almighty. If they are clean, pure human beings, then God Almighty crowns them with His Divine crowns, and no one except the children of Adam have been given that honor.

You must respect yourself and keep respect for everyone. Don't say, "That is a sinner, that is an unbeliever, that is a Christian, that is a Jew, that is a Buddhist, that is anything else." Their actions may be of any kind but they have been honored and their Lord wants to purify them. God Almighty never leaves His servants permanently in the hands of their egos or in the hands of Satan. Haqq, Truth, Reality is going to destroy the kingdom of Satan. It must be destroyed, finished and vanish.


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