Do you think that the photograph of a person is the same as the person? Do you think that if you are married and someone gives you a poster of your wife and locks her away, that it will make you happy? Can a photograph ever be a substitute for a human being? Never! In the same way, whenever you are translating into another language it is like a photograph from one side. Don't think that it is like, "Bismillah irachman irachim..." even if it looks like it. Still it is not, "Bismillah irachman irachim".

We are only people who are here to remind. The Holy Quran includes everything. For every occasion and for every difficult situation, the Holy Quran has a treatment and a solution.
It is coming to my heart to speak about what is happening to the Muslims in Serendib, Ceylon, Sri Lanka. We must believe that even the fly cannot move its wing without Allah Almighty knowing it and wanting it. Do you believe that? The Creator knows where it is going, because He is sending it. That means that every movement is known by Allah Almighty. He has exact knowledge of every direction. You only know one direction, Allah knows every direction. Perfect knowledge belongs to Allah Almighty.

Do you think that anything happens without a reason? No! Do you think that Allah doesn't know those people who are claiming to be Tigers? Insha'allah the Tigers will eat them. Sometimes the dua of one person can save a country from the beginning to the end. Do you think that Allah Almighty doesn't know what is happening in the north of Ceylon? He knows. If He did not let it happen, those Tigers would not be able to attack.

It means, when they are chased away from their homes, that there is a punishment coming on them. They have fallen from the station of honour to the station of dishonour. Allah Almighty warns with two verses in the Holy Quran, "This world can be for us today and for someone else tomorrow. Nothing is fixed for anyone or any nation." Maybe you know the history of India and Ceylon. So many Sultans, Emperors and Kings came and changed it into so many nations and then went again. Now you are here, you are not people from the outside. You are either Tamils or Sengalese. Muslims are living together. What is the reason that those Sengalese people are chased away? It can be one or another, it doesn't matter.

What is important is to find a safe way and a protection for our Muslim brothers in that area. I don't like to take weapons and to kill people, because we don't like to be killed! Because we are peaceful people. Muslims must be peaceful and we are citizens of a government and officially it is forbidden to carry weapons. That is why I don't advice you to carry weapons. Mostly weapons bring worst results for people. The Holy Quran says that Allah Almighty never will punish a community as long as they are with the Prophet sws. Just like He will never punish a nation as long as they are asking for forgiveness.

The meaning of those verses is now becoming clear. The Prophet sws. has now passed away, but every meeting which is being held for the honour of the Prophet sws. will have his spiritual body present with them. If people are not on that level, then one holy person, as a representative of the Prophet sws. must be there and he will take that curse away. It means that if those people would make a short maulid for the honour of the Prophet sws., even if it is just for 10 minutes, and they will sleep in safety. After each of the 5 prayers they should make salawat and they would be protected. If they are not believing in this, if they are Wahabis or Tabliq Jamat, they can end up in the Indian Ocean.

That is the method without weapons, because Allah Almighty says that if you are with the Prophet, no harm can come on you. You will be sheltered. You must give respect to the Prophet. Only He can change the hearts of the Tigers from one side to another. Believe and you will be in safety. If you don't believe, then try as best as you can to save yourself.
May Allah give us strong faith to believe and to understand to follow the Prophet sws.

Sri Lanka - 30.10.1990

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