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If, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, this is his (an arab murid, SK) question, (how to stand in prayer), we address him with this matter. (If) One person went to visit the sultan, how would he stand? How is the adab/protocol in the presence of the Sultan? (Addressing another murid) Stand up, Abdullah, show how How should you stand, hmm? (Abdullah stands up for prayer and Sheikh Effendi looks and asks:) And your feet? I see many people, which are not careful on the details, on how to stand up, for prayer. The Hanafi guidance at the standing (for prayer) between (the feet) this amount of space (Sheikh Effendi arises, stands upright, shows the space between his feet and demonstrates that only a hand fits between them). This distance, people they do this (legs apart). What, you need to go to the bathroom? He? Especially the Wahabis and also the Naqshbandis, no not the Naqshbandis, (lacht) the Shawafa: They are not careful on the details and they stand like this (legs apart). How can you stand like this at a presence of a Sultan? You must gather your feet together, this is the shariaa'. Shariaa' of Allah. This is the Hanafi guidance, that is the exact distance (demonstrates that only a hand fits between his feet). Like this! You must pay attention for who is following, Shaykh Kayyal. This is something that always comes to my heart and I get angry.

There's another matter, sit down (addresses the questioner). It doesn't matter, he is knowledgable. What you've read, as a Surat after the Fatiha, two raka'at, read. (Q. starts reading without Besmela) . Without Bismillah!? (Q. reads Surat Imran, 3:190-193.) Why did you stop? (Q. reads til 3:194). This, this is the completing part! Many of the Imam also don't finish this holy verse. They should continue and then it changes. "Oh Lord! Grant us what You promised us through Your Prophets and disgrace us not on the day of resurrection. You never break promise." This is the sublime verse, why they leave it out!? The people get tired? Who gets tired from this may sit down like me.

These are two orders that were inspired to me. And therefore we want that he (the questioner) is completed perfected with any possible means he has studied, MashaAllah! He can carry, like a camel, but this matter, he doesn't remember it - and he is a scholar. Why he left "Oh Lord! grant us what You promised us through Your Prophets and disgrace us not on the day of resurrection. You never break a promise." How sublime is this verse! Such a dua has the value of seven times as much as this world. But he deprives himself and the people of this dua. Why he didn't continue, for what reason? That's important! There are some matters.

My dear, you understand? (wendet sich an die Frau (of SK.) im Raum). We have to shout to him otherwise what is this, he is like my grand son and you are like my grand daughter. Correct him, if there's something correct him, didn't you hear the first part of Quran he was reading he stopped at that specific point. As like in the prayer, how you cited (SK. reads Suratul Imran again). You connected again? The hell with the Wahabis! I never like, because it is forbidden to stop (reading). These wahabiyun have erased everything. (Sheikh Effendi reads Suratul Fatiha with a boring face and voice, lenghtening the "dolin" too much) I feel I can fall down on the floor, What is this everlong recitation? 18 Alifs (long).

He is responsible, he has to know. Do not resemble anyone, the ones who are uncertain are not loved by the Prophet s.a.s. The Prophet never recited like that, but they want to oppose Ahl al Sunnah. Astaghfirullah. (stands) "Give to everything their right!" Is this hadith or verse? Hadith Sharif. Then why you don't give the Haqq to your beard? Ha? Say! You must, it is a must for the young. They say, oh oh, it doesn't matter, no! No, it doesn't matter. What is allowed is clear and what is forbidden is clear. The truth is clear and the false is clear. He came to hear these words from me, he never heard them before, because he can't find (them) on his own. And he has been send by the budalaa, they sent him here. They told him you don't understand our language, but you understand the words there is a Sheikh. Astaghfirullah, in Cyprus, go to him, he will swear with you.


Allah swt laughs? Does He cry? Allah swt laughs and don't cryt hasha! To cry is a sign of weakness, a sign of incapability, the sign of being a servant. Allah is the compeller, the subduer, the bestower, the provider, the honorable, the omnipotent, the dominant - how can he cry? Audhubillah, he laughs. Learn by heart these hadiths about the truth on laughing. Allah swt lacht. Clarify to them, if our Lord laughs, and so we also laugh. There's a hadith, "Whoever imitates a nation, he is from them", and of course Allah swt, He would be happy that His servants laugh. Therefore don't cry, laugh. Better to make people laugh also!

Lefke, 01.11.2010

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