Maulana Sheikh NazimIf a person is ill, no more taste through is mouth

Audhubilahi minesh shaitana rajim.Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l Aliyu-l Aziem...By the Name of Allah
Almighty, most Merciful most Beneficent and most Magnificent.May Allah grant
to me and to you good understanding...

Grandsheikh, Allah bless him, always was saying: If a person is ill, no more
taste through is mouth. First loosing taste; everything you are giving to
him- to eat or to drink, everything saying: Tasteless. If you are giving
sweet also, he is saying: Tasteless. Sour- saying: Tasteless. Salty giving-
saying: Tasteless. Or very good prepared foods and meals giving- saying:
Bitter. Do you think that meal is bitter or he lost taste from his tongue,
from his mouth? Because he is ill and illness taking away to taste or to
differentiate between salty or sweet or commonly loosing and nothing

Therefore now people lost that feeling that about good things.
Therefore if you say a good ting, he is saying: It is not good. If you are
saying truth, he should say: You are lying person. If you are speaking, he is
saying for false: That is true, for truth saying false, for lies saying
truth, for truth saying lie. Because they lost balance trough their mind,
therefore no more difference. Therefore it is so difficult to address
people, because you are speaking on truth and he is coming and saying: It is
not true. Therefore mostly true ones and trustworthy people are escaping to
come through communities, saying: No more. Fishes asking pure water, clean
water to live in it, but mosquitoes like dirty waters, dirty place. True
ones asking an average clean average that they may be able to find a good
understanding or they should find a welcoming from attenders.

If not they are saying? Why we are coming through these misunderstanding people? Their
understanding is misunderstanding. For what we are coming to waste our
previous times with them. No. And leaving and escaping. Therefore now
through East and West you may find so many people claiming they are
religious ones, or they are mystic people, or they are belonging to some
Sufi schools, or Sufi ways- but they are claiming that they are in heavens,
but really they are underground, not even surface of people, that first
level of people are much more better than before because first level people
not cheating. But they are claiming something they never reached. They are
cheating people. Cheating people their levels under ordinary level or first
level of people. They are coming down, That is big or biggest problem for
people and real ones whom they are speaking wisdoms they are escaping form
those people, because they don't like to cheat people, that people just
accustomed to accept cheating to accept lies, therefore when they are
looking reality, they are escaping. If someone coming from true ones, and
they say: That cheating us and escaping form him. Therefore it is a dirty
world now, you can't speak to people, you cant address them through East and
West so difficult to find a real group of people, whom they are sincere
people, really asking from truth, and there you can find only handful

Wa min Allah at-taufiq. Only Allah. Who asking from truth, He may send His
guidance, and they may find true ones and may save their souls. Important
is to save our souls, it is not important to save our physical being. Our
physical being if you are saving it, saving it, if trying to protect it, 7o
years, 8o years, 9o years. 1oo years. No more you are saving your physical
being fnished. It is not important and it is impossible to save our
physical being forever.

Therefore impoortant is to save our souls, and people just cheated.
So many crooks, cheating people, and from darkness coming
through the hearts of people bad thinking. They may find someone that may
speak truth, but through their hearts coming a bad thinking, saying: Maybe
that person trying to cheat us. Finished, just closed down this way for them
and they are imprisoned through their material being, no way to reach to
their souls. Just they are covered and even a very small hole you cant find
to reach to them. And this is making people to fall in troubles and cutting
their ways for saving their souls, because bad thinking making a hindrance
for their salvation. They can't reach to the hand of that person who saying:
That person cheating me.

May Allah grant us good understanding to understand from truth, and we have
been offered to look after truth and to try to reach to truth, then to try
to be with truth, then to be true ones, because divinely people or heavenly
peoples group they must be very clean ones, very true ones. As a king has
some chosen people around himself, his staff are his chosen people. A Sultan
or a king can't bring to be in his royal presence to be from common people,
but he is asking to bring in his royal presence chosen people. And kings
never like a person imitated ones, no. Real royal people, must be in front
of his royal presence, and Allah Almighty He is looking for His divinely
Presence most chosen people.

One king was saying to one person to be in his royal presence and that one
saying an excuse, saying: 'How you are inviting me to be with you, to be
your servant, and you are servant of my two servants? You are not servant,
but you are slave of my two slaves. How you are calling me to be with you?
Your station is station. or your level is level of slaves.' And Sultan was
so angry: 'How you are saying this? I am Sultan and you are accusing me to
be slave for your slaves also?' And that person saying: 'Yes, I am that one
who saying to you that you are slave for my two slaves.' 'Do you know me?'
'I know you.' 'You are fearing from me or not? If you are knowing me that I
am that Sultan, that I am that Emperor whose Empire is spreading from East
to West and you say this, and you say you are not fearing from me?' 'Yes, I
am saying to you. I am not fearing from you, because you are a creature, and
I am creature also. I am fearing from Creator. Or: you are a creature like
me, therefore I am not fearing from creature, no.'

(One person was in woods, working, and suddenly a person riding on a lion
running towards him, and he was very fearful, trembling. And on lion there
was a person with long beard, and he was keeping in his hand a snake like
whip. And he was dressed a royal greatness from Allah Almighty. And that
person going to tremble from lion and its looking. Asking that one: 'You are
fearing (from that tiger), and I am riding on it? Don't fear, he is also
creature like you. Don't fear.')

That king was saying: 'How it can be I am going to be slave for your two
slaves? I am never accepting this!' 'Yes o king.' 'I am a magnificent king,
how you are saying this, you are not fearing me?' 'No, because you are slave
for my two slaves', repeating. 'To me you are saying this? I never accept.'
Saying: 'Yes, I am insisting to say this, I am not changing it. You are
slave of my two slaves. One of two slaves is anger and the second one
desire. You are slave. Anger it is my slave. I never leave my ego to be
angry, but you can't do. Now you are proving that you are slave, because
what I am keeping, my anger, you are not keeping it. Because you are under
your anger now- asking to kill me, to send me away, and that is the proof
that you are slave for your anger. And also- you are king, you never send
away your ego if your ego asking something, you are never able to stop your
desires, physical desires. What your ego, or what your physical being is
asking, you are saying: 'Yes, ready'. You are ordering on behalf of your ego
to people: 'Bring this to me, bring that to me, I like this, I hate that, I
am sending that, I am killing this'- all things that your ego and its
desires ordering to you, you are doing. But I never follow my physical
desires, no! You are slave for your physical desires. If I am finding
something to eat, my ego never saying: 'It is a dry bread'. No, he is happy.

But if someone putting on your royal table dry bread, you are going to kill
him, because your ego saying: 'I am not that one to eat dry bread, you must
bring to me moist delicious food to enjoy myself'. Are you living to enjoy
yourself, or are you living for your Lord's servanthood?' -and he was
dressing greatness, power from Allah Almighty's heavenly Greatness, and
Sultan beginning to tremble- 'So that don't say to me: Come and be with me,
come and be through my staff. No, I am not accepting.'

Therefore- people now live for their physical desires. As much as possible
they are asking to satisfy what their egos are asking, as they are thinking
that they are created only to fulfil their earthly beings' desires. They are
thinking that they have been created only for fulfilling their physical
desires. That is main purpose, main target that people asking to reach on it
through 21st century. No on asking: For what we have been created, and: What
asking our Creator from ourselves? No one asking. Therefore people now are
like that king- slaves for their angers. If they are angry, may kill each
other. If nations angry to each other, asking to destroy that nation, and
everyone asking to be Nr 1 for eating and drinking an dressing and enjoying himself.

Therefore- people just finished, they are going to kill each other.
Such things are teachings of shaitan, satanic teachings, and people just
lost the ways of Heavens, and they fell down. They are on earth and coming
under earth. Therefore- don't think that problems or troubles going to
finish! As more as troublemakers with ourselves, don't think that peace

Grandsheikh always was saying a tale from Sayidina Suleiman- peace
be upon him and the Seal of Prophets and peace forever: King Solomon was
moving with his armies and he looked that sun just covered. And he was
thinking that cloud coming. Then looking that it was a crowd of Hudhud, this
blessed bird that was carrying the holy letter of King Solomon to Queen of
Shiba, that Allah Almighty making a crown on its head among every bird. A
big number of that birds moving, just reached over Sayidina Solomon. And he
was saying, he was calling their chief, and that coming and saying:
'As-salat wa salamu alaika, ya Nabu Suleiman.' 'Wa alaikum salaam, where are
you moving?' It said: 'O King Solomon, we are moving from our first place to
another, a second place. We are changing our first place for a new home, a
new place.' Sayidinna Suleiman saying: 'Why you are leaving first one? What
is the matter?' He said: 'Now it is going to be dirty, and dirty air, no
good air now in our place, bad smelling and so much dirt in our place.
Therefore we can't carry this any more, and we are moving'. And Sayidinna
Suleiman was asking: 'That thing that making dirty your place, it is with
you or you left it there?' He said: 'No, it is with us.' 'Even though if you
are changing 1oo places, if that one that making first one dirty is with
you, you make 1oo places dirty. Therefore go back your first place, don't
make dirty second and third place!' Sending them away. Troublemakers with
that birds. 'If it is with you, no need to change place, everywhere you are
going making dirty. You are never leaving clean place.' Sending them away.

Therefore people now that make trouble, now troublemaker, if it is with
mankind now, it is impossible to come peace. No way to reach peace people
till they follow the heavenly rules. Everywhere they make it dirty, dirty,
dirty. As yesterday we said: Shaitan urinating and saying: 'Clean brains,
washing', but making much more dirty. If people are not leaving satanic
teachings- satanic teachings are the main source of troubles- as long as
people are following, they should be suffered; they should fight to each
other. Every nation going to take away another nation, every part of this
world- East asking to remove West and not to leave anyone, and Western part
of world asking to take over Eastern people, not to be there, North part of
world asking to take off South part of world, and South part of world asking
to take away North part of world. And as long as people are not following
heavenly teachings, but follow steps of shaitan and his teaching, they
should fall. and more and more troubles, more and more crises, more and more
miseries, more and more cursing should come on them. And they are never
going to be saved.

May Allah bless us and send us someones with their spiritual power to
correct our leaders and to correct everything through our communities, to
take away dangerous microbes and such a dirty and harmful cells from people,
then they should reach a peace. If that ones not coming, going to be
tomorrow more terrible, horrible, and dangerous from today and tomorrow
should be much more troubles, after tomorrow much more troubles. May Allah
forgive us.

Bi hurmati-l Habib. Fatiha.

Lefke - 22.05.2002

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