Maulana Sheikh NazimIf you work for Allah, you will be successful

If you work for Allah, you will be successful and ride Dunya, if not, Dunya
will ride you...
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, B.r.r....What is the reason for the
failure of men?...We are saying 'Audhu...' so that Shaitan has no chance to
influence us. If you don't say this, he will ride you, and everything you
do, will be shaitanic, shaitani, and not rahmani, because if you don't say
'Audhu...' , you give the control to Shaitan.

What a power lies in these words 'Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim'! If
people knew and understood, in 4o days this world would be saved...
Nowadays everything is shaitani- people are drinking and gambling, and
drinking is the mother of so many bad characteristics. Someone who is drunk
does every bad and dirty thing; he has no more willpower to control himself,
so Shaitan uses him for every badness and dirtiness. Drinking destroys and
weakens the body, it makes it useless for Dunya and for Akhirat. And
gambling makes a man to loose everything, because as he is always hoping to
win, he cannot stop and he puts everything he has. Such a dirty illness. And
in this country they made it free. Everyone is loosing except the one who is
not gambling, who is not drinking. And it is Haram, but our government made
it Halal.

Who forgets to say 'Audhu...' will be ridden by Shaitan, Shaitan will use
him and finish with him. And they present him to us as our best friend. The
West has made Shaitan their best friend, their guide, and the same illness
has come to us in the East. So many 'Muslims' are under the command of
Shaitan. Why is Amerika against us? If we would be as Allah is asking us to
be, it would not be like this. But they only blame others. Is the islamic
world innocent, are they all angels? No, because of their shaitanic deeds we
have this situation, and no one realizes it. They drink and gamble. Why they
are not going against China? They are 1 billion people, the Muslims 1½. But
the Chinese are united under the command of one single man. The Islamic
world has no value, because they are not united...

According to the Prophet's saying the islamic world is like one body, and if
one part is ill, the whole body is disturbed and not in peace. You also, if
you have headache or toothache, your whole body is disturbed. The Prophet
was saying this to the Muslims. Now the Arabs think they are No. 1. And they
have the biggest responsibility. Are they not reading the Hadiths? Why don't
they tell the Muslims that they have deviated from the straight path? But
always they blame only Amerika. Amerika is not an islamic country, but 25-30
million Muslims live there, and what is keeping the country is the gold of
the Arabs there... Has the Islamic world no more Heybet (Dignity)? No one is
there, no caliph, to whom one could give the Beyat. And they are all 'reformed'
Muslims, they want to renew everything in the outside. Have you renewed
yourself and freed yourself from the slavery of Shaitan? You just changed address,
a house- but you didn't free yourself from Shaitan and submitted to
Allah! They left prayers, left wudhu (ablution) and call this a 'reform'- they
want a new religion. And all these 'renewments' are Bida. They accept no
discipline. They don't like the old traditional way, tesbihs, shalwas,
beards, they don't like that we don't use television...

They weapons of the Muslims are useless against America- but they don't ask
help from the holy ones, they fight them and destroy the tombs of the
Sahabas... Now the latest news is that they blame the Arabs for all fitna and
they say that we are not going to buy oil from them anymore, but from
Russia... If you make Jihad- why don't you go and free Jerusalem? Since 4o
years children throw stones there... Why Bin Laden went to Afghanistan? He
wants to make it Wahabi. Therefore Allah sent America against him.
America is Allah's servant. Shaitan is also a servant, but a bad one...
Allah is not helping people, who make fasad...

Lefke - 10.12.2001

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