Maulana Sheikh NazimIlahi Anta Maqsudi

Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim Madad ya Sultan al-Awliya madad, madad Madad ya
Akbaba Sultan. Madad ya Sultan al-Awliya Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim Bismillahi rrahmani
r-rahim La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi l-aliyi l-azim "Rabbi anzilni munzalan
mubarakan wa anta khayru l-munzilin." (23:29) May Allah take us to a holy station. An unholy
place, an unblessed place means a place that Janab ul-Haqq is not content and pleased with. We
are here for sure on a holy station and this place's blessing depends on the person's sincerity who
raised this building. With the level of sincerity which the owner raised this masjid, in such grade
is its blessing.

What are the means/causes for sincerity? Halal food, clean food; to have this from halal goods,
from clean goods. If somebody raises a mosque or a building surely Janab-ul Mawla makes it a
blessed place. Angels will come there. Also from the Rijal al-ghayb of Janab ul-Haqq they will
come. They will pray there, maybe seen or unseen. Whether the mosque is open or closed there
is no hindrance for them. If they came to a door it can't be closed for them. For the ones for
whom the heaven's gates are open, never a door can be closed. Therefore you should strive that
the gates of heaven are open for you. For whom the gates of heaven are open, all doors will be
opened. Ya Rabbi open for us the doors of heavens. Open the doors of Mecca and Madina.
Open the doors of al-Quds sharif. Open the doors from east to west. Open the doors of al-mulk
and al-malakut. Yours are the doors of Ridwan. Open them for us. Open for us the doors to
meet you. Open for us the doors of Rahmah. Open for us the doors of forgiveness. Open for us
the doors of mercy. Open for us the doors of assistance.

For a seeker Janab ul-Haqq opens. If somebody asks something from Allah, for sure Janab ul-
Mawla won't reject it. But the servant is impatient, and also sometimes he doesn’t know what to
ask, and whether what he asked is useful or not, he also doesn't know. Nevertheless, Janab Allah
gives this servant what he asked according to Allah's wisdom. Sometimes what the servant
insistently asks for is postponed until the hereafter and will be given then. In this world this
servant asks like a naughty child some things that Janab Allah for sure will postpone. The wish of
a servant who is insisting and doesn't know its final outcome, won't be given in this world, but in
the hereafter. "Wal-akhiratu khayru wa abqa" (87:17). What is kept for the servant to be given
hereafter is for sure more beneficial and permanent. What you ask in this world insistently will be
a request involving this life. When this life ends, it will also end.

However, if Janab ul-Mawla postpones your will and desire to the hereafter, and if the reward for
your prayer will be given hereafter you will be more pleased. And while for the people at the
Judgment Day whose prayers were kept for the hereafter, and their prayers' rewards will be given
hereafter, the ones whose prayers were rewarded in this world's life will say: "If only we could
also have been rewarded now rather than in the life before." Yes, therefore a Mu'min's effort is
exalted "InnAllaha Yuhibbul ma’ali l-‘umur" has been said. Wa yakrahu safasifaha. This means
that Janab Allah likes the mu'min servant to have higher goals. He doesn't want the one looking
down, but wants the ones looking up, looking to the moon, the stars, not the ones looking down.
As it is said "Ma’ali l-‘Umur." The servants who do high duties, valuable duties are loved by
Janab Allah. Look at your life's aim. For what, to where is my servant's effort directed? For the
ground sticking to material things or is he looking after the Divine? "Ma’ali l-‘umur." High efforts
are precious efforts. For this reason Janab Allah doesn’t want the servant to waste his effort for
this dark world. He wants your effort to be spent for supreme intentions.

This is a very important point for Mu'mins. Check yourself. For what are you spending your
effort? You will be asked on Judgment Day for what you spent your effort? For Mawla or for
Dunya? What is Dunya? "Ad-dunya jifatun" Dunya is a carcass, nothing else. Who is coming
does what is necessary and leaves this world. And whose efforts are low are attracted to it. Also
for sure Janab Allah presented us Dunya (this world) as a favor, that we use it to serve us for
Divine work. For high intentions it has been given. Mawla gave you this world to use it. If this
world uses you it means that you are in the low class. You are then from the low class. If you are
used by dunya you will be low classed. Allah is giving you this world that you use it. We can't
distinguish this.

Yes from east to west the Caliphs, the Umara, the Muluk were reigning after our Prophet (sws).
The four Caliphs, may Allah be pleased with them, reigned from east to west. This world’s
treasures were spread in front of their feet, but they just used it. They did not let this world use
them. After them, the Amirs came and they also used this world as had the glorious Prophet's
Caliphs. They did not let this world use them, to make them slaves. After the Amirs, the Muluk,
our ancestors, grand ancestors noble (Ottomon) ancestors came. Our ancestors deserve to be
called great. Respect your ancestors; know who they are so that your descendants will be
clean/legitimate. Those who don't know their real ancestors will be cursed by their descendents.

At the end of time they will complain their ancestors were not clean. Through this it is obvious
that he who is swearing at his ancestors, his ancestors were not clean. Our great ancestors, the
Sultans, they also did not serve for this world, never. They served for the way of Allah. They
served Allah. They served for the religion of Allah. Dunya did not use them, they used dunya.
Nowadays dunya is using the people. We are not able to use dunya. You must understand well
what we say. Dunya for sure is Janab al-Haqq's favor for the mu'min, but He is giving it for
using. It is not suitable for a mu'min to serve dunya. From east to west there is an inscription on
dunya. Who sees can read it, who can't see, can't read it. The Prophet, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam,
declares what is written. O Dunya! An addressing to dunya, Allah's addressing to dunya, Janab
Allah says: O Dunya ikhdimi man khadamani – serve who is serving Me - wa istakhdimi man
khadamaki – enslave who is serving you. The scholars know this, they can read it also before me.
Nobody is not knowing this. We can't see but we heard this. It doesn't matter.

O dunya! Allah Jalla wa ‘Ala calling to dunya Ikhdimi, serve Me, be a helper, be a servant, to the
one who is My (swt) servant. Serve the one who is serving Me (swt). This is an order for dunya.
Wa istakhdimi man khadamaki. The one who rejects serving Me and wants to serve you, you
shall make him a slave, a servant to you. Janab Allah is honouring the first ones, and also makes
dunya a servant for them. "This is My (swt) true servant, my sincere servant." "Look after his
service." "The other one, you may use him." Submit to the first one because he is in My (swt)
service. To be in the service of Allah is the greatest honour. Is there any other honour over that?

So how many hours a day do you serve for Mawla? Don't think that the time when you serve
Mawla Janab al-Haqq will withhold His provision and will order you to take away your hands or
give you hunger and order you to tighten your belt. No! No need for a belt. From the ground,
from the skies the sustenance flourishes on them. The tap of sustenance is open for them and it is
ever increasing. We are doing wrong actions, we, the Muslims of today. The Muslims are
running after the ones who are far away from the way of Islam. They started to follow their way,
what they are doing. They started to imitate. Ya Hu! JanabAllah won't give any hardship for the
mu'min servant. Why should you join the others, shouting and crying? If your dunya became less
you should know that you have a fault. Much rather look for the service of Mawla. Then it will
get more, dunya will run after you as ordered.

So whenever a mu'min's dunya becomes less he should check himself. Probably he was remiss in
his servanthood. When he is careless in his servanthood he starts to get narrowed. Oh Allah don't
narrow our hearts. It is nothing that the pocket narrows. When the heart gets narrowed that's a
difficult situation. For the narrowing of the pocket you can find a solution, but when the heart
starts to narrow that's a lot of pain. May Allah protect us from falling into such a pain. So Janab
al-Allah wants the mu'min servant to have high ambitions. So what is your highest aim, your goal
what will it be? "Ilahi Anta maqsudi wa Ridaka matlubi." Oh My Lord! You are my goal and my
ambition is to please you, and to make you pleased with me. Janab al-Haqq favors a servant
whose aim and goal is this. Janab al-Haqq will give him what he wants. Therefore if you don't
know what you want you will be blinded.

When you ask from Allah, JanabAllah says: "Ask for something valuable when you ask, don't ask
for something worthless." It's a shame for a mu'min to ask for straw. Where there is grain why
you should ask for straw? Straw is for the animals for our animals from dunya. He wants from
dunya's trashbin so that he can give his ego animal a feast. Ya Hu, why don't you look after your
spirituality? Why don't you want grain? JanabAllah doesn’t like cheap, ordinary requests. He
loathes, hates, doesn't want this, doesn't like low requests. Janab Allah doesn't want this. Of
course, if you ask for straw where there is grain, if you ask for tin where there is gold, if you ask
for beads where there are jewels, does Allah want a servant like this? Well then will Allah love
somebody who asks for dunya while eternity is available for him? Why should Allah love him?

So this servant is blind and ignorant. He didn't know this world and also didn't learn about
eternity. This servant is blind and cruel and ignorant. He did not know his world. He who
doesn't know about this world cannot appreciate the value of eternity. Hazrat Imam Ghazali,
may Allah sanctify his secret, the scholars of the East admire him, and the scholars of the West
admire him. But now a group has appeared who don't admire him. There is a Turkish saying:
What does a donkey know of compote? It is suitable now that we say this because a group of
ignorant, rude ones appeared now who are criticizing Hz. Ghazali. It is suitable for them: a
donkey doesn't care what's in the compote. The impotent can't care about a man's pleasure.

He would say: O you smart one, you who pretend to be smart, if they would come to you with an
offer, giving you the choice of a land which is made of earth and is eternal, or a land which is
golden but is temporary, would you choose a place eternal but made of earth, or would you go
and stay in a land which is temporary and made of gold, if they had asked you? The smart man
would say: Ya Hu! if it is eternal let it be of earth since there is the pleasure of eternal life. He
would say that its being made of earth doesn’t matter, and choose to stay in this earth land of
eternal pleasure. Of what good is all the gold? After 3 days, 5 days, 3 years, 5 years, 3 million or 5
million years it will end. Why choose the precious land, made of gold, made of silver, or made of
jewels, it doesn't matter. They are of no use, it will finish.

He would say: I want a place made of earth like this world and which is eternal. I will choose
that. Every smart man would surely reason like this. But in reality this is not the case. To the
contrary, the so-called smart ones are choosing this temporary world made of earth, not the
eternal hereafter made of jewels. And you are declaring yourself to be a smart one. Yet you
choose this temporary earth, and kick away the eternal hereafter made of eternal gold and jewels.
How smart a one are you? He says: for sure our mind is misled. That's its logic, it's not something
else. The eternal dominions are inexplicable. It is like this. We are preferring this world to the
hereafter. We want the valueless one.

Then in the presence of Janab Allah what would Janab Allah say to us at that time? My servants
knew what to ask for or My servants became puzzled? Because they don't want the eternal and
valuable hereafter, they want the earth, they want the temporary land made of trouble. They
want this world's life where the trouble comes like rain. Don't say 'I don't want'. We want it. For
what are we working 24 hours a day? How much time are you spending for possession of the
eternal hereafter? Say it! What are we going to say? We have become eager for the world. When
we become wordly, "the maghdubi aleyhim,"(1:7) the Divine Anger will come. Why did it come
on the Jewish people? Because they were after this world the Divine anger descended. The
Christians also have made the same error. They were also forgetting spirituality and embraced
this world, so they went on a wrong way.

Both conditions have descended on current Muslims. We are acting like them. We are running
with desire to get more of this world, and we are decreasing the servanthood for Mawla. We are
diminishing it all the way. Even when we come to spend time in the mosques now, the imams are
rushed and hurrying. I ask them why they don't let people recite Ikhlas? The people are in a
hurry. They are tied outside, their masters tied them from their necks, pulling them to quickly get
out of the mosque. He says they have no time for reciting Ikhlas. Mashallah! They are so hard
working to get from this world. So who has been able to get from this world all that can be
gotten, they will leave with the bite in their throat. These kinds of people are here now.

I feel sad because the great Surah of Ikhlas mentions Janab Allah's great Names and supreme
attributes in it. It was sent with seventy thousands angels. Today in mosques there are lazy
muazzins who don't recite Ikhlas. Such lazy muezzins and foolish Imams there are. As if reciting
Ikhlas were made up, hasha! How could Ikhlas be made up? How can it be that reciting Ikhlas is
made up? Is it not Quran ? They are reciting the Holy Quran in a mosque. How this can be
made up? They have become confused. InshAllahu r-Rahman, there will come some people who
will banish all of them! Here it is, their true colors. They don't say directly that they are Wahabi,
they say it cannot be recited in Mecca, Medina. Are they true in Mecca? Is their sect true, those
who are in Mecca, Medina? Their sect is wrong. Is he doing right if he doesn't recite? For 15
centuries they were reciting. Until they started governing there, was it recited or not? Salawat
was recited or not?

These ones are true or those ones true? Though they cannot think they pretend to be true and
say the jam'at is not waiting. When they recite Ikhlas the duty takes too long, MashaAllah! How
illogical! All of them deserve to be banished. They deserve to be expelled, and forbidden in the
mihrab. Calling azan also we are diminishing. Don't let too much time pass, leave more time for
worldly tasks. Until three Ikhlas are recited they wait outside as it seems too much. They are
running after the world. May Allah shrink their world. This is more suitable for them.

O! believer, your honour comes from the service for Allah, not the world. When you raise your
services for Allah, the world will be raised for you. When your service for Allah is lessened, your
service for dunya will get more. It will be a useless and dishonored work. Therefore, the Islamic
World's position has fallen from dignity to contemptibility. May Allah forgive us, Astagfirullah.
Tubtu wa rija’tu il-Allah. O my Lord, grant us a sincere understanding.

The Hadith of the prophet affirms that the believer has perception because he looks with Allah's
light. We are far away from looking with Allah's light. If they had from the light of Allah, how
could they not accept what we are saying. Allah's light is far away. Our faith remains on our
tongues, no faith entering in the heart. Na'udhu biLlah! Therefore at the last breath it is difficult
to pass with faith. May Allah save us from nafs, ambition, slavery to the world, and satan May
He honour us with servanthood for the honour of the most Beloved.



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