Maulana Sheikh NazimImportant is the reality, not an imitated figure like a statue

It is honour for me to address so many mental-house people.
Important is the reality, not an imitated figure like a statue. It gives
nothing to you. Man can make a figure, he can paint a rock and give it the
figure of a man, of an animal, of a tree. That gives something to our
sight, we may look to it and we may say: 'O such a beautiful painting.' But
no more than that it gives to you. You may reach to that one only through
your five senses. If you sit with your figures, they can't speak to you,
they can't be able to give anthing to you. They don't give a satisfaction to
you like a living man, a living animal, a living tree and fruits.

Now we are asking protection from Allah Almighty and we say first: 'Audhu
bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim' and 'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-Rahim', to be under
heavenly protection. Heavenly protection is like a shield that protects
soldiers and fighters from swords, spears and bullets. And arrows come on a
person everywhere, if he is getting out of his or her home; even in the home
you can't find any place that arrows (will not) come on you, because of Shaitan.
Always the enemy of Allah and mankind, Shaitan, is asking to take believers to
himself, that means especially Muslims, who surrendered to Allah. He is
always trying to make them to be with him, from his way, and from his party.
Everywhere such people are surrounded now. If it is a man, when he is
appearing from his home, seven Shaitans are looking and following him,
surrounding him from every direction, each one asking to put a hook on him
and to take him. For women, there are seventy Shaitans, surrounding them.
Therefore we are in need of that protection from Allah Almighty and we say:
'Audhu bi-llahi mins shaitani rajim'.

It is Sunnah to say this when getting out of the home: 'Allahumma inni audhu
bika mina Iblis wa junudih', O Allah, I am running to You from Iblis,
Shaitan, and his soldiers', because Iblis is using soldiers from men and
from jinn, to make belivers fall into his traps, and he is using countless
tricks and agents, to carry him or her and to be with himself. This is what
we are in need to know: Everywhere you can find Shaitan or his
representatives, his soldiers and workers, the satanic agents. You must be
awakened; if not, quickly they carry you.

Now we are sitting here, a handful and unknown people, asking divine
protection from Allah Almighty, and also, after that, a way how we can reach
to His Divine Presence, how we can be able to give our most high respect to
Him and His holy commands, and how we can be able to be much more obedient
servants to Allah Almighty. We are asking here from Allah only to make us
prepared for His holy commands, very high commands, that we may keep it,
because man naturally and normally and people commonly run for their
physical being's service. Everyone is servant for his ego, nafs, or even
slave, not servant, because a servant has high honour, but slaves have no
honour, and our ego makes us to be its slaves and to work for it, to do for
it and t try to make it pleased.

If you ask youngsters what they are thinking, what is their idea for their
future, all of them should say: 'I am studying or working and trying to
reach a good life full with pleasure. That is my target through this life:
to reach a happy life, to make for me a good life. To have everything and to
make myself and my children to be in a happy, peaceful life, full with
pleasure. I am trying for my pleasure.' Because if someone is working or
studying, asking high school, high study- what is the benefit?
First of all they are asking nonsense titles. Our time now is full with
empty titles, nonsense titles, but people make big advertisement for those
titles. Open the newspapers and magazines and you can find so much
advertisement for universities, high schools, and academies, urging
youngsters to go and to learn and to graduate, to reach one of those
nonsense titles. Therefore they print a visit-card with the name and the
title: doctor, professor, doctor professor, and some people put what never
happened, to make themselves very important people. They put so many
letters, even from different alphabets and no one knows. Empty titles! For
what this? Only to make their egos to be happy, in contentment and
satisfaction. That means, only for egoistic visions, egoistic aspects;
people run to fulfil their egoistic wishes.

No one is thinking about that we have been created to be servants of Allah.
The people in all the universities and schools in East and West, non-Muslim
and Muslim countries, are trying to reach something that makes themselves
happy, or that makes their egos happy, they run to be proud, to make a show
for their ego to say that he is such a VIP. People run to be proud with
anything. With any means do people now ask to reach something. Even workers,
who are not educated people, are fulfilling that secret wish, therefore they
make syndicates, unions, asking through that union to reach from the lowest
level to the highest and to be on power. Labour party. I am asking: 'How are
they coming to the parliament? With ax and shovel? Better; they must show
that they are labours. Some must carry on their shoulder a bag, some must
bring a saw or a hammer.' O Sheikh, they are MP's, you think this is a labour
market? We must show that we are also able to rule countries. Now we are
majority, you are minority, we are coming on power.'

Two centuries ago Shaitan made everything upset, after the French
revolution. From that time on it is a worst opening, which destroyed the
balance through the community that was built on the old classification.
Allah Almighty didn't create everyone with the same capacity. When you enter
a field or a garden here, there are orange-trees and the walnut trees, which
are growing taller. Should we say: 'No, there must be equality, we are not
accepting walnuts to grow more; cut them down to be on same level with the
lemon-trees'? That is mentality?

It is satanic mentality, like socialism, communism- everything that has
-ism. Such nonsense ideas giving to people, cheating them, and it is, as we
are saying, demagogy, destroying, beginning with the 19th century and up
today never ending. People yet run after and insist on such foolish ideas
that people must be all the same, monotype, and they ask to make people
monotype. This is in every country through their political ideas and
ideologies; they urge and force people to accept it, never accepting anyone
to get out. That is very dangerous. But man cannot be as they are asking him
to be.

How can their ideology of monotype be realized, how it could be a reality?
It could be okay, if people were born from the beginning as Mongol-type-
because Mongol-type people are all the same. Any difference between Arab,
Turkish, or English Mongol-type children? Their official or political
ideology only may work, if people going to be Mongol-type. But as long as we
are created different in out looking, capacity, and ability of mind and
body, how can you force people to be like Mongol-type? We are not
Mongol-type, but they are forcing people, saying: 'You must be like this.'
Therefore they are first-class enemies of Islam, because Islam is saying:
'Don't force the servants of Allah Almighty, and give them their right
according to their creation and capacity.' That is the balance which can't
be changed.

Every system now is trying to make man into a different model, asking to
grind people and to make them same. Allah Almighty didn't create man like a
factory is producing- so many of the same or similar things. No, each one in
his existence is only one. You can't find two people similar in out looking
or in their inner senses, inner buildings.

The Prophet had informed: 'Should come so foolish people who should force
people, and who are not looking to the holy Books, who refuse the Schariat,
and use something to make people their servants, under their feet. They
should be on power like Nimrods or Pharaos.' This is that time. They make
people only to think about and run after empty titles.

Last week the Ex-President of Turkey came to Cyprus for half a day, and he
went to Famagusta to meet new students. He said: 'Is there anything you like
to ask, and we can help you?' And all students made their hands up: 'Yes, we
are asking only one question. We are coming into university, but after, when
we graduate, there is no work for us. We are asking work. Only this is
important for our life.' Governments are never interested in what is
happening after university; they urge people to run and to learn and study
in the universities, but after they say: 'We gave a diploma to you,
finished. You look after yourself, for yourself.' And students say: 'First
you urge us to study, and now you say there is no work? What we should do?'
'You begin, you must try to bring credits from out of Cyprus, from Turkey or
Europe, to bring capital and make big companies to come here and build
factories to make employment for you. That is what we are thinking on to do,
and you must look after it also, to make people to bring money and to build
factories, so that the employment problem is going to be solved.' That is
the cheating answer.

Nasrudin Hoca took credit from a Jew and he used the money. That person was
coming and going, asking his money. Sometimes Nasrudin Hoca was hiding,
sometimes he was telling his wife to say to that man that Hoca went to look
after his money, that if someone was paying his debts, he could give that
money to him. And it is impossible to stand a state up on debts; it is not
honour for a state to stand on debts; that never supports a state to be in
existence. It must fall down.

Once Nasrudin Hoca saw that person coming again. He told his wife: 'Leave
him to come to me; I am prepared to make him happy.' And he said: 'Welcome
to you!' But the man said: 'It is an unhappy day for me, because like so
many times I am coming, asking my money.' 'Don't worry my brother, I
prepared for you, so many days I am working at the main entrance of the
field, putting a kind of plate with thorns. All the flocks that come that
way scratch themselves on it, and I am collecting so much wool, and my wife
is making the thread. I am making it quickly, because you are asking your
money, and next time you come, it will be ready.' Like this was the answer
of the Ex-President to those children. They are now on zero.

Asking people to work for their ego and they are cheated, most people are
stupid. If you say the truth, they are not accepting, but if anyone is
cheating them, they say: 'Okay, you are true.' And Allah Almighty is
punishing His servants, because they lost the way, their real mission, which
is to be serants for Allah Almighty. To be servants we need to establish the
Heavenly Sultanate of the Lord of Heavens on earth and destroy the satanic
Sultanate or kingdom. It must be destroyed, so that the Heavenly Kingdom may
be established. But people run to support the satanic kingdom to stand up
and Allah is punishing them. They will not find today to be like tomorrow.
Every day should be more difficult.

Therefore we need to ask a protection from Allah, not to leave us to do
amalu shaitan, satanic works. Who is falling in it, no hope to be saved.
There is some water-places, there is mud, and over it one or two feet of
water. If an animal falls in it, it disappears, it is coming down, you
cannot save it. People now are in such a way: if they fall, it is impossible
for them to be saved.

May Allah protect us. Ask protection from Allah, because Shaitan is pulling
people in that mud, and it is not clean water, like sewage. May Allah keep
us, not to fall.

What people did to the Ottomans will come on them 70 fold.

Lefke , 14.01.2002

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