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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**IN TIMES OF DANGER, SEEK DIVINE SUPPORT! **

If Allah Almighty supports you, that is the best. If all people support you and Allah Almighty doesn't support you, what can they do for you? Nothing! We are foolish, mad, idiots. The whole of mankind is. They are leaving the heavenly support and want to get support from things. If heavens support you, that is perfection. Support from man to man and from nation to nation is in limits. Support from heavens is unlimited.

These cassette-recorders are all supported by batteries. When the battery finishes, it will not work. But if it was connected to electricity, it would never end. Whatever we give to each other will be in limits, it will get weaker and then it will finish. But if we ask for heavenly support, that is never ending.

Islam came 15 centuries ago. One person stood up and said, "Oh, people! Say 'Lah illah ha illahla Muhammedun Rasulallah.'" People thought that he was working on a battery and that when his battery would finish, that would also finish. That was the Praised-one, Sayidina Muhammad sws. He went alone. No-one was with him of all creatures. But heavens, all of them, were with him. He called people to Islam, and he is still calling people, "Come and surrender!" But these idol-worshippers said, "No!" And the people of the 20th century are also saying, "No!" Whatever happened to the first ones will happen to the last-ones.

The idol-worshippers united and supported each other. They came like running rivers, like armies, saying, "We must stop him! What is that, who is that one? We must stop him!" They were all running against him, like rivers supporting each others. They were very proud people with their armoured armies. And Muhammad, peace be upon him sws. with his weak companions, without any armours, came together. The armoured armies came. One group was supported by earth, the other by heavens. When they were asking, "Oh, our Lord please support us!" angels came and heavenly support reached them. The other armies could not harm them.

They just disappeared, vanished! That support of the armoured armies was useless. Such proud armies were finished face to face with haqq, with truth, in front of heavenly supported servants. They only called, "Oh, our Lord! Look after your weak servants!" And their Lord ordered for them to be supported by the armies of angels and they were supported.

We never think of such points. They are mentioned in the Holy Books: in the Old Testament, the New Testament. We are told about the Heavenly Support, how the Lord of Heavens supported his Messengers. How the Almighty Allah supported His Prophets. How He supported his Saints, the Aulias. The Holy Quran is full of mentionings to the believers about the Heavenly Support. The Holy Quran is not a history book. No! It is a heavenly message to teach mankind, especially to believers, Muslims. It is to make you to believe. And to make you to ask for His Support, for the support of the Almighty Allah.

Unbelievers are very proud with their technology, with their atomic bombs, with their nuclear weapons. They are so proud. And Muslims they are saying, "From where could we steal some atomic bombs? From Russia?" They say that so many nuclear warheads have been stolen from Russia. And who do they think have stolen them? The Muslims! As Muslims don't have any warheads officially, they must have been stolen by them! Either by Iran, or Iraq, or even Turkey! Because there were so many warheads in Central Asia, so one of those people must have them... That is what they think.

Yes, I am saying this, because we never had such terrible weapons in the hands of non-muslims, calling themselves Christians, before. And Allah Almighty is saying, "Above all we gave to Jesus Christ and his followers compassion." Allah says He gave them compassion! They are supposed to be people of compassion. Now look at those Christians! Where is their pity? They are blaming Muslims to be terrorists. We are a handful of terrorists, but they are complete terrorists, complete destroyers.

And our Muslims are not reciting the Holy Book, the Holy Quran. I go to the Central Mosque and I see people reciting the Holy Quran, but they don't understand what they are reciting. What is the Quran saying? They don't know. They just listen to their non-muslim friends and hear about their nuclear bombs. They are afraid of their armies and their armours. There are so many Fs: F19, F18, F16- but that is an old kind- they want new ones. You are sleeping! Not reading newspapers! There are F40 and F50 now, they are hiding them, and the Muslims are trembling at what they should do if these bombs come.

How can these Muslims fear earth-people? Why are they not asking support from their Lord? The Holy Quran tells them, than when the companions were in Badr, that a handful of people were saying, "Oh, our Lord there is no other support for us, except your support. Oh, our Lord! Send us support!" And with that, the angels came.

If the Muslims would ask for support now, Allah Almighty would send one Jinn for each warhead to take it away. They will just blow on it and then within one hour all warheads will be taken away from their armour. But if you don't believe in Allah, how can you be Muslims? All Muslims are fearing nuclear-bombs!

Where are these Muslims? And who of them understands the Holy Quran? Who is reciting and understanding? How are we reading the Quran? The Quran is telling us, that angels came from heavens to earth. You cannot shoot angels! But angels can kill. And if you don't use angels, there are jinn, billions and trillions of jinn. The command over all these jinn is in the hands of one holy-person. He is commanding them. He can command them not only to take all the warheads, but he can order them to put them all into the Pacific Ocean. In the morning people will come out and say, "Where are the rockets? Who has taken them away?"

Allah Almighty can do everything! You must correct your beliefs! Yes, you must believe in what the Holy Quran is saying. If Muslims start relying on nuclear-bombs, then Allah Almighty will leave the Muslims without a support. But Muslims are sleeping, they are heedless people. They don't ask, they are like others. They have cut their connection to heavens. They say, "We don't need that! We must take weapons!" They want to have more and more weapons, and they want to have more and more power. That is the state of the Muslim world now: full of competition. We must believe in the Holy Quran. We must believe in Heavenly Support. We must ask for Heavenly Support. The Lord of Heavens never leaves the Muslims without support. You must ask!

Maybe it is the Night of Power tonight, or is it the Power of Night? Both names are alright. Ask the Lord of Heavens to send angels to you. He promised, "Anytime, oh, Muhammed, you Praised-one, if your nation asks for something in your honour, I will send it". But we are not asking for his honour, that is nowadays called 'shirk'. A group of Arabs are giving it that name... Oh, Muhammad, peace be upon him, anytime we will send in your honour to your nation our heavenly support. Don't worry! Whoever fears nuclear bombs has no faith. Allah Almighty says, "Fear only me! Don't fear anything else!" May Allah forgive us.

London - 31.03.1992

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