Maulana Sheikh NazimWhat is the influence of Islam on Western Civilisation

Answer - Western people should answer this question, they know better than I. If I try to say, they will say that the Sheikh is a fanatical Muslim and he is promoting Islam. The influence of Islam on Western civilisation is in reality like the sun showing in the skies. The Christian world and Western countries know where they were before Islam came into existence. They also understand the state of Arabs before and after Islam and the position Arabs reached. They know about world history, Arab history Islamic history, and they understand where Arab power extended after a short time.

They know that Arabs were ignorant tribespeople who after accepting Islam reached a level which mankind had never before reached in every branch of civilisation. If Western people ask about military success: Arabs reached the first and most important level of military success. They moved from Arabia (simple people with simple weapons). They were victorious in front of the two super powers of that time - Persian emperors (like Russia nowadays) and the Roman empire - Byzantium (like America now). Those unknown Arab tribes, after just a quarter of a century they attacked both super-powers. They had victories which no-one else could have achieved. Through military success they obtained justice, and went on to obtain knowledge; in technology; in architecture; in literature - in every branch of life they reached the highest levels.

When the Arabs arrived in Spain, they founded a civilisation at which Western people still marvel. European people did their worst to Muslims and Muslim civilisation in Spain. They will be blamed and shamed for this for ever. Christian fanatics destroyed a civilisation the like of which has not been seen before or since. Even today, the mosque of Cordoba - when the German emperor gave permission to destroy it and build a church there, he hadn't seen it; but when he did, he declared, "If I knew what you were destroying, I would not have given permission. It should be a blame on you (for ever). This is a shining monument to the people who built it. What is that ugly building - your church - they are everywhere, but there is only one like this." To date, no-one can surpass the architecture and technology - even 1,000 years later they don't know how it could have been built.

The Selimya in Adrianopoly - they are surprised how it was built. There is the Taj Mahal in India - twenty-two years in the building and it is unique. Islam brought something - everything that mankind needs as a foundation and source for civilisation. We as Muslims are proud of our religion and its influence. The foundation and main source of civilisation.

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