Maulana Sheikh Nazim Instructions for Turkish Mureeds

(Translated from Turkish)

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: Ahir zaman ummetleriyiz, we are the nation of the Last Days. No other prophet will come, no other nation will come. We are the nation of the Last Days! That is why, just as an old person goes through various states and conditions, this world has also grown old (and is going through many changes); its nails have come out, and its axle is broken. Horses can no longer pull the horse carriage; this is the current situation of the whole world now.

There’s no one to sit and say, shukr yaa Rabbee, “Thank you, O my Lord!” Everyone is complaining! Yaa Hu! Be thankful to what Allah Almighty has granted you, and give servanthood its due right! We are not to stay in this world forever. They ask for long life. Okay, presume you lived for one-hundred, one-thousand, or for a million years; eventually it will come to an end.

Eternal life is only for akhirah, but no one is asking for that. In this world, they say, “O, I must not die!” You will die! Yaa Hu! Death is already destined for Mankind. Neither prophets nor the Sultan of Prophets (s) have remained (in this world). Neither beys, pashas, nor sultans have stayed; all of them have left. However, people have now become drunk. They say, “I can live!” You can not! Okay, suppose you live for a hundred years, as we said earlier, and your children push you in a wheelchair. Eventually they will get fed up and let go of your hand, although you may be their mother or father. Then you will say, “O, I wish I were dead!” This is the current situation of the world. Azıcık aşım, kaygısız başım, “The less you have, the more carefree you’ll be.” Everyone’s ambition is for this worldly life.

Now someone mentioned to me about that president in Libya, Qaddafi, saying he has around 150 to 160 tons of gold. Yaa Hu! In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty informs us about Qaroon from Bani Israel, who lived five thousand years ago during the time of Prophet Musa (a). Allah Almighty says that it took seventy camels to carry the keys for Qaroon’s treasures, which were as tiny as a fingertip, so calculate the amount of treasures he had! What happened in the end? He incurred Allah Almighty’s wrath. Allah Almighty ordered Prophet Musa (a) to command the Earth to swallow him and it did. Then the people said, “Allah is destroying Qaroon because He wants Musa to take his treasures.” Since they said that, Musa (a) ordered to have Qaroon’s treasures go down along with him and the Earth swallowed them, as well. Every passing day he and his treasures are moving deeper and deeper into the ground! And to what avail were his treasures? Yet, human beings do not take an example; they have all gone crazy.

What kind of currency do you carry in your pockets? Paper. But theirs was gold and silver. Now all governments use paper money as currency. Can this paper be used as money? Tell me, for Allah’s sake! In the old days, they used gold, silver, and copper as currency. Nowadays peope are rich with dollars, which is paper with a seal imprinted on it.

(Mawlana Shaykh speaks to a guest.) May Allah grant you a good end, and may your visit be accepted. Where is my stick? Place your hands on it. May Allah keep us straightforward, on Islam and imaan. You have troubled yourself to come this far. May Allah make your dunya and akhirah prosperous. May He prevent you from falling into the hands of enemies. May He keep you from ending up in hospitals, from being imprisoned in hospital beds. Amaan yaa Rabbee! Do not humiliate us among the people, yaa Rabbee!

(Mawlana Shaykh gives bay`a.)


Allahumma thabbithum `ala al-Haqq! Allahumma thabbithum `ala al-Haqq! Allahumma thabbitna `ala al-Haqq,


(Mawlana Shaykh speaks with the late Aydin Effendi's students)

(He was a sayyid.) He was a person with a strange state. I have accompanied him several times to Hijaz. He was someone with good adab. I never saw him get angry. But me, I never stop getting angry! (laughter) I scold everyone who comes and goes. What can we do? The Pen (in charge of recording bad deeds) is no longer responsible for me.

(Effendim, should we recite Aydin Effendi’s name in the silsilah? Should we continue to do that?) Sure. We have appointed someone else besides him. Whoever leads dhikr, I have given him permission. (Yes. So we can count Aydin Effendi too, right? And we can do rabitah to him, right Effendim? We can do rabitah to Aydin Effendi, right?) He cannot carry. He cannot take it. Make your rabitah to Rawdah ash-Shareef. Do you understand? Even if it were a wali with seven heads, he’s not capable of holding the rabitah of all these people. I am shaking also; it goes to our Prophet (s). Like this (folded hands, closed eyes), visualize yourself sitting inside the Prophet’s rawdah, and it will come to you by making the intention, “I’m looking to Qalb ash-Shareef, the honorable heart of our Prophet.” Power will come and make it move. Can a small locomotive engine carry a hundred wagons? It cannot; it needs an enormous thing in front.

I get angry at those who come to me. Don’t come to me, saying, “Shaykh.” All the shaykhs are lying in maqaams. There now, for eighty years I am at their door. You know, there is a safe where they sell stuff in. So as those holy ones were leaving, our Grandshaykh (q) placed a safe outside in front of the door. How to enter inside? They said, “You sit here and parry those who come and go.” Then what are we? Where is our sainthood? They’re all inside, and we are at the door cursing this one and praising that one. And if he goes too far, I will start with him first. (With his stick, Mawlana Shaykh lightly hits one of his guests on the head.) (Laughter.) May Allah be pleased with you and give you good days ahead.

Watch over your husbands. Ladies! Don’t go outside too much. Don’t beautify yourselves and leave your homes wearing perfumes! Then the angels will get disturbed, and shaytans will be happy. Look after your husbands! Look after your children! May your destiny be good, and may your station be in Jannat al-Firdaws. May we meet under the banner of Prophet (s) as well as in akhirah.

Pray for me too, as I have become weak. I have only become weak; we are not a child! All of you are like my grand-children and some are like the grand-children of my grand-children.

Pay attention to what I am saying! There is great danger in big cities so stay away! I’m saying this based on what I have been informed concerning Old Istanbul: neither an air strike nor earthquake can touch it. Within these walls there remains Old Istanbul. When I went to Istanbul in 1940, then its entire population was 250,000 in that huge capital city! Now how much is it? (20 million.) Can that city carry 20 million people?! Old buildings, old mosques, and all old structures are under protection. Beware! There is an earthquake (destined) for that place, and that earthquake will surely hit Istanbul! When it shakes, all skyscrapers and concrete buildings will come crumbling down.

That is why I am saying, those who are needlessly lingering in Istanbul, who left their hometowns to come to Istanbul, beware: one shake and you’ll be under rubble! Go back to Anatolia, to your villages and small towns. How could governments fulfill the needs of 20 million people, to provide them food, bread, gas and electric, etc? That’s impossible! This is what we must say. They are already aware that Istanbul will shake, and when it does do you think these tall buildings will keep standing? Look at what it did to Japan! It will sweep it away!

Our Marmara region is not sturdy; under it is a volcano. Remember how it destroyed the Golcuk region; one shake and Golcuk sunk. It was actually caused from a volcano below, not an earthquake. How to know? Will it come from Karadeniz, from Marmara, or from the Akdeniz region? There’s no way of knowing. How would you know? But it’s going to happen!

Everyone go back to Anatolia, even if you’ll have to eat dry bread there! But don’t wait in Istanbul or you will have something fall on your head. So this is what we are saying, and I speak from what is informed to me from above. I don’t say something from the newspaper.

Therefore, beware! There are so many awliya; go and ask them. There are awliya in Istanbul too, seven of them, like dragons; they are in charge. Ask them if they know. And in Anatolia, there are 700 awliya who are on duty. You are the grand-children of the Ottomans, that is why there are 700 of them to watch over you. For each wilaayah, there are seven walis. How many wilaayahs are there? There are eighty. From ten, there are 800 awliya. May Allah watch over you and give you good endings.

Okay, now go on; I give you all permission.


Lefke, 23.03.2011, translated from Turkish

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