Maulana Sheikh NazimBBC Sheffield, Sheik Nazim on: Sufism, Prince Charles, Guardian Angels and Women

Question - What is sufism?

Answer - The Lord sent His Holy Messages through His Holy Messengers. All of them showed the way of how to reach Heavens. Sufism is a way which people can practise their ability to reach their Heavenly Station easily. We do not live permanently in this world, we all have to go back. That is why all Holy Books show the way to Heavens. Islamic mysticism is called sufism.

Christianity is mainly dealing with the Heavenly Life. It does not contain many rules for this world. That is why Jesus Christ left this world into the Divine Presence where he is waiting to see who will join him. But most Christians are so full of this worldly life that they do not want to leave it. Our souls are like rockets. Whether we like it or not, they will take us back to Heavens.

Q. What do you think of the state of the world today, when you see all the wars and the crime going on?

When people cut off their relationship with Heavens they have to quarrel, fight, suffer and be in misery. Because if you let everyone just be, they would like to have everything in this world for themselves. But we only have one world in which everyone is reaching out for the same target. So they must quarrel. If I would be standing here with a hundred people, or even more, and would point to the moon and say that it belongs to me, no-one would quarrel. On the other hand, if I would say that this tree belongs to me, a hundred people would oppose and tell me that it has been in their family for ages. On top of that the council of Sheffield would probably also claim it to be theirs.

Q. Are men and women equal in Islam?

Do you think that men and women are all together in Christianity? Every religion keeps men and women apart, because together they are like gunpowder and fire. Many people do not experience it like that any more because they have lost their masculine or feminine energy. Originally women in Christianity went into convents and men into monasteries. That is real Christianity. Nowadays men and women are sitting mixed up in churches without a Heavenly Order permitting them to do so. In Islam women have to pray behind men. Men are no angels. If they were, women could be leading prayers, but it is impossible. Sometimes MPs are beautiful ladies and when they try to say something the other MPs do not listen to her, they only stare at her beauty!

Q. Do you preach peace? Because I have read that you are in favour of everyone being trained in the martial arts?

Do you think that Holy People come here to preach war?! On the other hand I met English people in London who call themselves 'Guardian Angels'. I see so many devils roaming free on the streets who are attacking innocent people, snatching their handbags, grabbing their necklaces and rings. That is why I advise everybody, not only my followers, to defend and protect themselves. Heaven orders us to defeat devils in every possible way. We should not be like lambs in front of wolves...

Q. We understand that you consider Prince Charles to be very important for your movement. Why?

Prince Charles is from our point of view an excellent person. We believe that royal families are selected people. Prophets are selected and royal families have also been selected by the Lord to be the heads of nations. We respect all royal families. We cannot accept that royal families, who have been selected by the Lord, should be the same as people who have been elected by other people. May the Lord Almighty bless His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and his family. We are very happy that this royal family are descendants of the Prophet Muhammad*.

Q. I saw in a magazine that you thought that Prince Charles has got the right idea about talking to flowers and so on, that he is philosophically close to you. There was talk at some point that he may even turn to Islam as a matter of belief. Maybe you have got a convert of some sort there?

Our feeling is very close to His Highness' Soul. My soul is guiding his soul in the spiritual world. Even though I have not met His Highness, my soul has been his guide within the spiritual world and will continue to be so here forever. Whether His Highness is aware of it or not, is not important.

Sheffield, 01.01.1996

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