Q: Why is there so much terrorism in Islam? For example in Algeria?

Algeria? The people of Algeria want Islam and the Europeans are not happy with that. They have a democratical system and they have voted for Islam but the army took away the newly elected government. This action of the army forced the people to start acting against the army. About 75% of the Algerian people are Muslims and they want to decide for themselves which form of government they should have. Why are people afraid of that?

Q: Most people do not understand that the fundamentalists are not really Muslims.

That is because they have no choice. The people who are leading them have already made the choice for them. I do not think that any believer wants to be killed or wants to kill. Real believers are very unhappy to see what is going on. I have come here to criticise all the violence that is going on in humanity.

Italy - 01.03.1994

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