Maulana Sheikh NazimInterview: Radio Midland - My Mission: to Collect Defenders of Truth

Q: Sheik Nazim, how did you begin?

This is what new people want to know. They want to know who is speaking. I am a Turkish Cypriot and I lived under British Government as a colony from 1922 until 1940. In the first year of the second war I moved from Cyprus to study chemical engineering at the University of Istanbul. I stayed there for 4 years. I then went to Syria, Aleppo, Damascus and Lebanon and learned Sharia. Then I met my Grandsheik, Sheik Abdullah Daghistani of the Naqshbandiyya in Damascus. I was under his training until he passed away in 1973. He then ordered me to be his successor for the most distinguished Naqshbandi Order. Until today I am trying to keep his order as much as possible. I hope it will be a pleasure for me to reach out to people and save as many of them as possible from going in wrong directions and to call them to the right direction.

Q: Basically you are a chemical engineer. What made you change?

We believe that everyone has a private destination, but it does not always take a straight line to get there. Sometimes it goes around corners, sometimes it stops, turns... Sometimes there are even U-turns in the life of man. There are reasons, and when Allah wants his servant to reach his destination He will even create a U-turn like He did for me after all those years in Istanbul. Everyone will reach their destiny. Until 1943 my direction was towards dunya, but after that I was asked to turn my face towards the Divine Face. They created some reasons, and I turned my face from dunya to maula.

Q: What did you feel when you took bayat with your Sheik?

My destination had already been prepared in Istanbul during my years there. I was expecting to meet some of the Friends of Allah, saints. We believe that even if the whole world is empty of saints, there have to be saints in Damascus. That is why I was sent from a saint who was living in Istanbul to continue my training with one living in Damascus. I met my Grand master Sheik Abdullah Daghistani in Damascus. He told me that he had been expecting me to come at that time. My heart told me the same, I too expected to meet him within my spiritual adventure. I knew that all this had been planned for me. It was no surprise.

Q: Islam is a great religion and people follow it all over the world. What would you say to the whole world in which way we could have the maximum benefit from this religion?

You know that since the beginning until today all people who are living in this world are on two different opposite ways. They will either be good ones or bad ones: good servants or bad servants. That is why since first man people have been accepting or refusing Heavenly Messages. It is the same which is going on today too. If a Prophet would come today, don't think that everyone would accept him and follow him. Some will accept him as a messenger of God, witness him and follow his teachings. Others will refuse and not accept. Since the beginning every Prophet has faced the same problem: common people could not recognise them. No one can control all people now. It is impossible. I am just a small person, less than an atom. How should I be able to control a huge mass of people? What can I do? We can only do a simple work on people who are living in a time of absolute freedom. That is what they are running after. Religions bring discipline, but only very few people want to have that. Islam is a big religion. Do you think that Christianity wasn't, Judaism wasn't, or Hinduism and Buddhism weren't? People run away from discipline. Devils, agents of satan, make people not to accept any discipline. They are now fighting within the governments to take away laws. Especially young people want to live illegally.

Q: In these days the whole world, but especially young people, are going astray and are going away from religion. What is your message to them to enable them to become good citizens and good human beings?

As long as people as captured by their egos, they are enslaved, so there is very little hope for them to allow anyone to come and break their chains, they usually escape. If they would come closer, we could cut their chains. But if a patient is running away from the doctor, what can you do? If they come to really listen, they must leave some of their desires voluntarily.

Q: What are your teachings, according to Islam?

We are living in a century where people are saying that there is no God. Atheism has the dominion over the whole world. All governments and educational systems are manifested on atheism and materialism. It means that the sovereignty of satan has been established from north to south and from east to west, in every nation and within every belief. Until we are able to destroy the sultanate of satan we cannot do anything. Imagine a huge desert with an oasis where there is a spring of water which is only enough for a little greenery. The thousands and thousands of kilometres of desert cannot flourish from that one spring. In the same way I am only one person. I cannot help the whole desert. Only a handful of people can come and drink and pass through the oasis, but most people will be running through the desert instead. I am not claiming that my impact will be from east to west. I am only trying to sustain a small oasis, no more. Whoever wants to come is welcome!

Q: You have done so much for the whole world already, what are your future plans?

To destroy the satanic kingdom!

Q: Which one is that ?

It is all over the world... I am asking to get helpers, supporters. I want to have Defenders of Truth beginning with one and then be millions and billions in number, like a snowball coming down the mountain. I am trying to collect Truth Defenders consisting of people who are true-ones. I am looking for people who are true enough to defend Truth. That is my target: to find Truth Defenders and make them into a big mass. To attack the satanic kingdom and to bring it down and to establish the Heavenly Sovereignty on earth.

Q: Thank you very much!

We are thanking you, and I hope that through this interview Defenders of Truth will show themselves, reach to me and reach to each other and form a big mass to move the base of satanic sovereignty on earth! That they will destroy it and establish the Heavenly Divine Sovereignty on earth through Heavenly Help and Support! I hope that your broadcasting company 'Excel' will be a Defender of Truth and that you will not broadcast anything in your radio to support the satanic sovereignty but be Defenders of Truth!


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