Maulana Sheikh NazimAn Interview with the German Magazine 'Focus': Atheism is a Cover-Up of Reality

Sheik Nazim, you often speak of the return of the Caliphs. Which governing system are you referring to?

The Sharia refers to a government according to the system offered to us in the Holy Quran. The Ottoman Empire ruled for 700 years with those rules. The new Turkey abolished them and are now governing in the worst fashion. It was the biggest mistake to remove the Caliph.

Do you think that the system of Caliphs will come back?

I hope it will come back at the beginning of the 21st century. That is necessary.

Within the system of the Sharia what is the difference of a 'shura' and of the democratic system which we have here in Germany for example?

In Islam the sultan appoints people to be part of the shura. These are specialists, not just simple people from the market who appear to take over the government, the way happens in democracies. The shura of Islam is a system from up to down, not from down to up, like in democracies.

In which way do westerners have to change their life when they join a tariqat?

Before becoming a Muslim most people lead an uncontrolled life. They now find that discipline is part of their life. It gives them more peace and more honour. They prefer to be able to follow an order to be able to control their desires. They see the advantage and that is why they stay. Otherwise they would leave one by one.

There are many westerners who are interested in other cultures...

Any culture which does not give us a control of our ego is useless.

But wouldn't it be better to keep the heritage of your own tradition?

When it comes to buying fruit you also go and get the best fruits in the market, no matter where they come from. Why shouldn't you want the best quality for your spiritual life as well? Do you think that life in a pub is the best choice?

The Naqshbandis are famous for their silent Zikr, but last night I heard you making quite a loud one in the Gastei?

Sometimes we sing because it is easier heard. When the singing stops and every movement stops you will be with your Lord. Silence is the basic rule of the whole creation. Just like darkness is the original base. Light can take it away for a while, but finally it will be dark. Just like peace is the foundation, but enmity can cover it up temporarily. In the same way religion is the base, atheism a cover-up of this reality.


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