Q: Is it true that Islam is a religion of fundamentalism and that Muslims do not like to have a dialogue with other religions?

I am sorry to say that since 1500 years people do not understand Islam. Because they do not look to the real sources of Islam. People are not looking at the original Islam, they are only looking at the living Muslims and judging from there. Do you think that Christians are living real Christianity? In the same way, very few people today are living the real Islam. People do not follow the real Islam, they follow politicians who with their whole being contradict Islam. No religion came to fight in this world. They came to make peace amongst people.

Q: So why is this wrong way of religion so widespread nowadays?

Because of the Europeans! They made us to follow them. When we started to follow Western countries, we became like them. They are our teachers. Go to Turkey or to Egypt or to Morocco and look! We cannot prevent this current. It is like winter covering the whole world. All nations are on the same road. Christians, Muslims, Jews ... most of them are leading the same kind of lives, because you can very rarely find real Christians. I attended the meeting with the Pope on Thursday (Nov 3rd, 1994 at the opening of the 6th WCRP at Vatican) and I saw that in front of the Pope the Christian ladies were sitting with uncovered heads and their dresses are also not traditional Christian dresses. Why? Where is the real Christianity today? They should be ashamed to come like that in front of the Holy Pope as if they were attending a fashion show. I never saw women like that in the Holy Bible, the women surrounding Jesus looked more like nuns. That is the real Christian dressing. In our countries it is the same, our Muslim women prefer to follow the new fashion. Our fashion is created by the Jews, so where is the real Judaism, real Christianity or real Islam?

Q: So do you think that the outside appearance is more important than the condition of the heart?

We are not Prophets, so we cannot look at what is going on inside, but we see the outside and it does not make me happy. I thought that at least people would try to dress decently in the Vatican, so that Christianity would be respected. But no!

Q: Why can men and women not pray together in the mosque?

Why should they? The mosque is not a discotheque, so you cannot do such things there. Religious matters are serious, you cannot mix it. In real Christianity there is also no such thing as men and women praying together. They know that the monasteries are for monks and the convents for nuns. So why are they not mixed? For the same reason we, in Islam do not mix men and women in prayer. When we do that, we follow Heavenly Orders, because the Lord knows more than we do. In the discotheques you may do it!

Italy - 01.11.1994

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