Maulana Sheikh NazimISLAM AND NATURE

Man is a part of nature. When we say nature, we mean to say everything living in existence belongs to nature. Rocks, water, plants, zoology and men - all of them occupying nature, a part of nature. Man's relationship to nature is forever, as long as they are living, they are in relationship with nature and each part of nature. In Islam man must try to keep their relationship to nature, not to cut it. We have been ordered by Islam to be in relationship with nature. Islam urges people to be always more close to nature and by being closer to nature they are taking more power or more support from nature. So long as a person is more in relationship with nature, you will find him in more pleasure, you will find him more pleased, you will find him more satisfied, you will find him more healthy, you will find him perhaps more handsome.

The reason when man going away from nature beginning suffering, beginning troubles, beginning problems in himself, in physical body and also in spiritual beings, will be difficult. Therefore, Islam does not accept humans to build buildings more than two flats, not to rise to third floor. It means to be closer to earth, to nature. And when people lost this, they lost the teachings of prophets and built as Nimrod built, a tall tower, very high tower, and now there are so many Nimrod towers, and people going away, far away from nature. They do not see earth, they do not breath the smell of earth, they are only in concrete buildings and concrete ways. That is the reason that day by day health of people is declining and so many kinds of illnesses coming out, appearing. Therefore, Islam prevents it and says don't build above second floor, be simple and even, Islam says build on two floors by earth, not by concrete. Our nature is not from cement, but from earth and earth to earth never harming, but cement, concrete buildings always harming. But governments and social workers, they never thinking about it. Therefore, I don't like to live in concrete buildings. I like to live closer to nature, to earth, to water, to plants, to grass and to be around animals, so many animals. And that is Islam's principle, to live naturally closer to nature, not to escape. And nature is the best antibiotic for everything, for every illness.

One important point that I must declare - Muslims are the most protectors of nature. It is forbidden in Islam to harm nature, to destroy nature, to cut trees, even grass, without a benefit. If you cut grass, you may but (it if you) put in its place a plant. If you take a wild tree, you must put a useful tree. Or you must make a graft and leave it to grow and give benefit. Without benefit you can't touch nature, you must keep nature. That is the most important pillar of Islam - to keep nature as it is, not to destroy. Islam fights against destroyers of jungles and trees and shooting animals. Islam gives permission to hunt, but for those whose lives depend on it, not for sport. Hunting in Islam is only for those people whose lives depend on hunting in deserts, in jungles where people are living by hunting it is all right; but not as a sport to hunt birds and kill birds, kill deer and animals, no. You may only try to send away those animals giving harm. Man must not enter the area of animals to disturb them, it is prohibited. Therefore, there are national parks, where animals may be free and protected. You must look after them in their territories. I am sorry that mostly Europeans were shooting and hunting in India, in Africa, in Australia, in the countries on the equator - elephants, leopards, lions, tigers. But Islam never saying this. Islam protects nature and protects animals. If no harm is coming from that animal you must not hunt or kill, because Islam allows everything to live.

Islam came to make every kind of species, every type of animal to live as the Lord created - you must not destroy. Allah Almighty orders, don't destroy. Holy Qur'an says, don't destroy. Muhammad says, don't destroy. Even mosquitos Allah created, ants created by Allah, you can't fight against them and destroy them so that they become extinct. If they are harmful, you may destroy them where you live but in other places, they are free. Big animals and small ones - if they harm mankind, we may move them away from our areas. The principle of Islam is to be clean and prevent harmful insects from growing up so that by themselves they leave our areas. But dirtiness brings every bad bacteria and bad and harmful insects to ourselves. Therefore, if you are keeping the command of Islam to be clean, there will be no mosquitos, no flies, no other bacteria coming to live with us. Cleanliness is the best defence of mankind against dirty being, harmful beings. Cleanliness cuts that away. Therefore, Islam is fighting against those who change nature or try to change nature. Nature must be kept as it is and it is the best. Therefore, Islam is conservationist, giving its word to conservation. No-one will be able to find better than Islam, you can't find it. Islam is fighting against every bad thing and asks to keep every good thing - that is Islam. If you accept, you are welcome, if not, you may fight by yourselves.

Islam is against pollution being put in the seas, which harms everything, kills everything in the seas. If Islam were in power, it would prevent pollution being (but) on continents or in oceans, every dirtiness and pollution. Islam comes to prevent all bad things that are now done in the name of technology. Our planet is going to die, going to be destroyed. If Islam were in power, Islam would prevent such foolish technology and save oceans and continents and save everything living there. If Islam is coming, peace on earth is coming with it and safety and protection for every creature. Now technology is harming everything on continents, threatening every living thing on continents and in oceans. Islam is against such a thing. Greenpeace must be protected, it must be and Islam is with Greenpeace. With power - that is very important for Islam. Islam is with Greenpeace and against such foolish technology.

Long ago hunting sports were necessary for practising defence - riding horses and running. Some animals are harmful, wild animals, like wild pigs - which come and destroy fields. You may hunt them - (not small birds, small animals or killing without a reason, to enjoy oneself - that is prohibited). But if you need food, Islam gives permission concerning the life of all people. If you do not need, you may look at other activities. But in so many steppes, so many deserts, so many people living in deserts - need to hunt either for their provisions or for their defence. What we say is against hunting small birds, small animals, harmless animals, hunting them is prohibited. Now in Australia - kangaroos would quickly fill the whole land and the government is makes a law about hunting some of them, every year a certain number. They are do not even give complete permission to hunters. Islam is more perfect - if there is no reason, they can't hunt for individual pleasure. If their lives are going to depend on that hunting, they may hunt in the name of Allah, not to harm animals or to destroy those kinds of creatures, game animals, making them extinct - that is prohibited. When they have small babies, it is prohibited. Islam is concerned with everything and particularly with keeping animals, it never gives permission to kill if they have small babies.

Finally, by hunting you are face to face with your conscience. If your conscience is telling you to hunt, you may hunt; if it is saying no, it is no good for you, you must leave it. This is a very fine rule in Islam which preserves everything, because every creature has a right to live in nature.

Allah Almighty puts in such a perfect balance - in jungles, where every kind of animal and wild animal lives, so that up to today lions, tigers, wolves - jungles are full of such dangerous animals - and also animals that are not dangerous, thousands, ten thousand, hundred thousand of them or millions living together, but they are not enemies. Wild animals are keeping a rule in glory of Allah Almighty. Even a lioness in a pride, is running after zebras while the others remain quiet. The mother lioness is the hunter and the others come to eat from her catch. Not all of them go to hunt one animal for each of them. They keep a rule from their Lord. Even if everyone of them is able to hunt, they do not - only the mother, the lioness, and the lions are very lazy (like our people now). Even in the jungle wild animals keeping a rule from their Lord, to hunt - because they are in need. When they are full, they are not touching, they are not even hunting or killing without a reason. But man is not thinking about those animals, that they also have rights - to live, to enjoy themselves. They are running after them to kill them and to eat them. Allah has granted us so much meat to eat. Why are you harming nature and nature is keeping animals? Islam is the best guardian for animals and Islam is the best guardian for nature, not to remove and keeping everything in its position.

It is a foolishness of mankind that, if you allow them, then those animals may increase and cover everywhere. It is not so, because the Creator knows the balance for every creature. But because we are weak believers, we think they will be getting too many and covering everywhere. That is not true. Allah makes a balance for every creature. Therefore, Islam orders nature to be kept and everything in it, because every creature has a position for the general balance of nature, for the general balance of creation on this planet. If you remove one of them, then the balance is going to be changed. Allah Almighty put a balance on this planet and that is why troubles grow up day by day - because the balance is being changed and harmed. Even in seas and oceans mankind is doing their worst to animals living in oceans - making them die. That is prohibited. Therefore, every harmful factory and harmful productions are prohibited most strongly in Islam. You can't harm nature and those living in nature in Islam - even ants. Man now claims to be civilised and yet they are hurting, harming, damaging the residents of oceans, the residents of seas. They have no rights but they are ask for human rights. They do not keep the rights of the residents of nature - why are they asking for rights for themselves? Islam protects nature and its residents. This word must be written in golden letters and put everywhere for Islam to be well understood.

Islam defends and brings to mankind worldwide rules concerning everything, nothing may be outside the sight of Islam. Islam must reach to everything on this planet, in this universe, in mankind, in all creatures - with their best conditions.

I am against all dams. They are no good. Leave everything as it was. Dams are damaging nature and the Lord knows what he is giving and keeping. If the Lord is not giving, you can't give. If the Lord is giving, no-one can prevent the Almighty's grant. But if He does not give, then dams can not give, they won't be able. Dams make more damage for the earth, erosion - bringing water from everywhere and putting behind dams. Aswan is killing Egypt and the fields, because every year the Nile was coming and flooding, covering all the fields, bringing fertiliser, naturally covering - there was no need for anything. But now it is coming and leaving everything behind Aswan and pure water is coming. And the mafia of fertilisers - big, gigantic factories - they are now selling Egypt millions and millions of tons of fertiliser. That person who built Aswan killed Egypt and just brought poverty to Egypt. Egypt is finished. Everything that the Nile brought to the fields every year is now behind Aswan, because water is coming and not going - a huge lake is forming behind the dam and the rich waters which feed the fields, sitting down from the water. And the water going away is poor water. Therefore, Egyptian fields were very rich for everything. Now they have lost it and they are in need of fertilisers. And some factories, some multi-millionaires are taking benefit - they made this trap for the Egyptians. That person who built that dam without thinking killed Egypt.

We are claiming that we are taking electrical energy, but electrical energy is not feeding people. First, we should feed people. You may take electrical energy from anything, even you may arrange water power from one side.

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