Maulana Sheikh NazimIslam came to give us eternal life, not to kill!

Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitan rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula
wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l Adhim.

As-salamu alaikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakatu! That is a Blessings from
Heavens to the Children of Adam that they are living on this planet,
over the world: ‘As-salamu alaikum’ belongs to Heavens. Good morning,
good evening, bonsoir, boniorno, calimeras, galisperas, günaydin,
tünaydin…these words belong to earth, nothing in it.

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu, it is holy words, holy
words, that all Prophets were using (and) Allah Almighty (Himself) using
(them) and saying: “Salamun ‘ala Nuhun bi-l ‘alamin…Salamun ‘ala Musa wa
Haroun…Salamun ‘ala Ilyasin…Salamun ‘ala Ibrahim“…Salam (is) from
Heavens to the Children of Adam. Who (is) accepting that heavenly Salam,
they should be happy, they should be under His divinely Protection.
Therefore the Seal of Prophets sws was urging his Ummah to say much more
“Salam, Salam.” Salam, peace, as much as you are using it, coming from
Heavens Blessings. Salam (is) calling down Blessings from Heavens and
Heavens belongs to Allah Almighty.

Everything for Him and Allah Almighty likes to give His Blessings, but
people are not thinking on it, particularly in our days people; (they
are) never taking any care on heavenly Blessings or Blessings from
Heavens to come on them. And when they are loosing Blessings, instead
Blessings cursing coming, (a) cursing that so many nations after
heavenly cursing (were) just destroyed and taken away.

And now it is Last Days. We are reaching Last Days or we reached Last
Days, and after Last Days… That means a train (is) just entering (the)
station area; after a while the train must stop: “Last station!”-
stopping there. And now our world also just reached Last Days, showing.
Showing (the station) ‘Last Days‘, that means you are reaching the Day
of Resurrection; that means the period of this world and life on it (is)
going to be ended, to finish. You are going and the trumpet is blown,
that means no any creation (is) going to be in life. Taking their lives;
after that trumpet nothing (is) going (to be) alive on this world,
finished. (The) Book (is going to be) closed and to be taken in divine

But people are thinking that: “Oh, (there are still) so many thousands
of years for this world” or “so many millions years to be ended this
solar system or this galaxy, (until it) may be finished.” How it can
finish? They are saying: “We are looking, muraqaba, observing, we are
looking up through Heavens, no, through space“- they are not saying
‘Heavens‘, they are saying ‘space’ “- and through space just we recorded
some Holes“, they are saying ‘Black Holes‘, “and we are looking that
Black Holes (are) swallowing (everything), like (a) hoover. (What is)
passing around them, (they are) taking, and disappearing…” They are
recording that Black Holes, but there is some another holes that perhaps
on same stage: one side (is) swallowing, one side (is) making another
galaxies and sending (them) away… But that (is) unknown…

They are looking only for creation that they are disappearing,
finishing, and really the creation (is) running, creation (is) never
going to stop. From which time (it is)? For creation (there is) no time!
Creation (is) running on, no one (is) knowing its beginning or ending,
only you are looking and seeing that we have been landed on that planet
and we can’t know when it happened and we (are) never going to know when
it is going to be ended. But creation, Allah Almighty’s divinely
Attribute (is) to create; He is Creator. You may ask: “From which time?”
No time! No watch… (to see) which hour (it is) beginning? They are saying:
“(There was a) ‘Big Bang’ in one billionth part of one second“, they are
saying so nice and people (are) saying: “Big Bang”- (let Big Bang fall
on your head… Big Ben in London… Bells on that Big Bang falls on them!
And they are saying: “This is true.” They are saying for heavenly
Books: “We are not accepting“, but (they are) accepting that Big Bang!
Big Bang (is) kicking and eating them! That is famous knowledge for them
and also Darwin’s theory; his famous theory for the beginning of life.

They are thinking that they were ready and looking, not happening. “Holy
Books’ Verses’ knowledge”, they are saying, “we are not accepting“, but
(for) such foolishness (like these theories) they are saying: “That is
‘positive knowledge‘.” That can’t be positive knowledge! They are only
their imagination, theory!

They are saying: “From apes coming man” and one person (was) asking me:
“Oh Sheikh, they are saying that mankind (is) coming from apes. But I am
surprising- apes from where coming?“ I am saying: “Ya Hu, you are no
mind person! If mankind (is) coming from apes, apes (are) also coming
from man, finished“… "(Hmmm, I was) never thinking on it. Only (that)
apes (are) created nighttimes, man on daytime“… Never thinking!
We have been honoured by knowledge; the honour of mankind (is) by
knowledge, because Angels were saying: “O our Lord, You are saying that
‘I am creating a new creature to be My deputy on earth, My Khalif‘, and
our knowledge (is) reaching (to and), we are knowing about that new
creature that they should be with each other so rough, so pitiless, so
oppressors, so violent, (that) even wild animals should be ashaming when
they are looking the violence of that creature that You named them ‘Bani
Adam‘, Adam!”

Now people (are) looking and seeing some creatures, lions and wild
animals, running after some other animals, hunting them and eating, and
they are saying: “(They are) so wild creatures!” But those creatures,
wild animals, they are saying: “ We are only hunting one for our
provision. Then we are sitting and making glorifying our Lord that He
gave, (He) granted us to eat (and) to be satisfied and we are glorifying
our Lord. But you, mankind, we are hunting one, but you are killing,
killing thousands and millions (of) people- how you are blaming
ourselves that we are wild animals? You are most wild creatures!

And Angels were saying this that they were astonishing, hayret, hayran,
mutaajiban… they are not getting against that (what) Allah Almighty (is)
creating, but they (were) giving their mutaala, their opinions on that
point, and Allah Almighty (was) saying:
“I know. I know what you know, (and) I (also) know what you are not
knowing!” And: ”… ‘allama-llaha Adam asma…” then Allah Almighty (was)
teaching Adam, giving to Adam (a) knowledge that Angels they are not
knowing, (not) even Azazil, Shaitan. (Before getting against the Order
of Allah Almighty Shaitan’s name was Azazil, an honoured name, but when
he did (that rebellion) against the holy Command, just changed his
creation and his name also just changed.)

He Almighty (was) teaching Adam (a) knowledge that Angels (were) not
knowing and Allah Almighty (was) asking: “Say, o Angels, the names (of)
that (which is) surrounding you; the names (of) everything that (is)
surrounding you!” and they are saying: “O our Lord, we haven’t (been)
granted such a knowledge!” And Allah Almighty (was) ordering: “O Adam,
teach them! Say!” And Adam (was) beginning to say what Allah Almighty
granted to him from knowledge and the Angels (were) bowing. Then Allah
Almighty (was) ordering: “Bow to Adam!”

The honour that (was) granted (to) Adam a.s. (was) for that knowledge
that no one (was) granted from (other) creatures; it is the honour of
mankind, but now I am sorry to say that those people, whom they are
claiming that they are ‘scholars’ or ‘scientists’ or ‘masters’ or
‘doctors‘, they are not saying Holy Books’ Knowledge as a knowledge!
That is ‘inhitat‘, a falling from the level of mankind down.
Just they fell down from the knowledge, from the level of mankind coming
(and) falling down and going to be on the level of animals. And animals
(even) are not accepting them, (but) kicking them down, those people,
whom they are not accepting heavenly Books’ Knowledge as a knowledge.
Kicking them away. “They are like animals,” Allah (is) saying, “(and)
not only like animals, but their level (is even) lower than the level of
Animals are knowing their Lord’s Name, their Lord, that He is creating
them, but those two legs animals, whom they are saying: “We are
scholars, scientists and doctors“, their level (is) under the level of
(those) 4 legs creatures.

And you are looking now their theories to where (they are) bringing
them! Their theories (are) bringing them to kill each other! A lion (is)
hunting one, but they are killing hundreds. Look what they are doing in
their countries! They kill each other and they are killing innocent people!
And on the Day of Resurrection Allah Almighty is going to ask: “…bi ayyi
dhambin kutilat…” It is not only (in) the Days of Ignorance Time (that)
Arabs were burying their children (alive), killing their children, but
Allah Almighty’s information for the Day of Resurrection is so clear: “
‘Mauda’ that innocent person, bi ayyi dhambin kutilat, why they have
been killed?” On behalf of ‘mauda‘, on behalf of innocent persons, Allah
Almighty (is) ordering to Angels: ”Ask those oppressors, killers,
tyrants, why they killed?”

Pharaoh was killing small ones, Nimrud killed thousands of small
innocent children and now Allah Almighty (is) asking to those tyrants
that they are taking the whole power in their hands and they are
inventing so many terrible dangerous weapons, throwing (them) and
killing so many people. Allah Almighty (is) ordering Angels: “Ask those
tyrants, katal, on behalf of those innocent people- small ones, big
ones- why they have been killed. Why they killed them, for what?”
If they are Muslims, they must understand! Non-Muslims also must
understand! Why they are killing? Islam (is) coming to give life, not to
kill! Whole their activities (are) against Islam- Allah Almighty should
take His Revenge from those tyrants. Soonerly now coming!…

O people, you must understand real Islam and (the) invitation of Islam!
Islam, to where (it is) calling you? Calling you to fire or to Paradise?
And whom they are oppressors and tyrants, how you may say: “They are
Muslims and they go to Paradise“? Paradise (is) just forbidden for them!
Try to understand real Islam! (Islam is) making people to reach eternal
life! Islam (is) coming to take people to eternity… eternity… to give
them through eternity eternal life. That is Islam’s mission, but it is
(a) misunderstanding; that Shaitan (is) teaching them, to speak against
Islam. No! Muslims, what they are doing, it is not Islam’s mission!
Islam (is) not coming to kill, (but it is) coming to give life!
May Allah forgive me and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured
one, Nabiyu Rahma, for the honour of mercy prophet that his existence is
for mercy and blessings for whole creation- S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!

16.04.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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