Maulana Sheikh NazimIslam is defending the real Faith!

Don’t think that you can do something! Even you can’t carry this
(tissue) from here. If the Lord of Heavens, your Creator, not giving to
you that authority, that power, you can’t spread your hand and your
fingers can’t carry this from here up to here! But people they are so
‘ahmak’, so nothing thinking on it, heedless. What making you to be heedless?

Allah Almighty just opened His servants… through our beliefs, since 1oo
years He is ordering the Lord of Heavens to be opened for mankind many,
many, many weak ray of Power Oceans and giving also authority to use it:
that is electrical power. Before it was unknown.

Some people asking: “The Prophets Companions, his Sahaba, they were
knowing (about it) or not?” Because everything (is) just coming from
(the) Holy Quran. The power that man can use it, just had been taken
from (the) Holy Quran Oceans and it is only (a) very simple, very small
thing; (a) very short authority (has been) granted to people for using
that secret power. Allah Almighty (is) mentioning: “…wa sakhara lakum ma
fi-s samawati wa ma fi-l ard jami’an…” Allah Almighty saying that: “O
mankind, o My servants! I am giving to you an authority for using (it
for) what you are in need: (take it) through this line!” and they were
knowing (about it); through that Holy Verse, (the) Sahaba was knowing
about (the) secret Powers through (the) Holy Quran, but they were not
happy to use it, because if they were using (it), (they were) reaching
(to) what mankind (has) just reached now from power station. And they
were never like to have it, that power and they were using their
weapons. For Holy Command of Allah Almighty they were fighting. They
were fighting and first of all going to be one rank and another, coming
in front of each other. Then one person coming from this one, another
coming and they were fighting through each other. Then this kind of
fighting going through other ranks of soldiers. And they were coming
together and they were using their simple weapons.

Yes, Islam just reached with full or complete or perfect Commands!
Perfection in Islam! They were not asking to kill everyone; they were
asking to fight against others, whom they were fighting to them,
defending themselves. They never asking to harm other people, whom they
are not present through warfield- who is there, they were fighting.

Defense for their souls, therefore they were not seeing a reason to make
such weapons, because those weapons may be used from 1oo’s kilometers
far away (on those), whom they are not involving (in) that war! They
were always looking on that point and they were fighting (against
those), who (were) coming in front of them, (who were) not saying Shahada,
(who were) not accepting (the) eternal declaration- from pre-eternal up
to eternal, (those) whom they are not accepting to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah,
Muhammad Rasulullah sws!”

That means they are not fighting for their revenge, no! Their fighting
was (for) defending the Rights of the Lord of Heavens, the Creator! They
were sacrificing everything for themselves, defending (the) eternal
Right, (the) eternal Aspect! That was what they were asking to do!
Therefore- they were knowing what now people (are) inventing and making:
such a powerful and terrible weapons. And they were keeping everything
around themselves, they were not running into houses, they were not
following people, whom they were not fighters, no, only Islam was
fighting against those people, whom they are against real Faith, Truth!

Now- people they were inventing and they are making so many terrible
weapons, because their hearts getting empty from pityness, getting empty
from justice and their hearts empty from mercy. No mercy through the
hearts! Now peoples’ hearts empty from mercy, empty from pity, empty
from justice, empty from everything that it is good for them and for
others! They are only fighting for their revenge; they are not thinking
that “Those people also they are like ourselves, but they are living on
different continents or they have different colours!” Islam never
looking that point and fighting, no, Islam was fighting against unpity
or non-mercy people. Fighting Islam for those people, therefore Islam
using its heavy power against those people,
whom they are not accepting real justice,
whom they are not accepting mercy for people,
whom they are not accepting a goodness to be for all nations,
whom they are not accepting to keep believers and those,
whom they are not practicing Holy Commands.

Now people in such a way. Therefore they are fighting not one to another
one; therefore they are using missiles for example, sending from far
distance, from one continent to another one.

Why you are killing innocent people? Why? What they did for you? We may
understand their armies making wars, fighting with you, you may fight
against that people. Why you are using that violence on children, on
women, on ill people or old people or those whom they are interest is to
be servants of the Lord? Why killing them?

Therefore- Sahaba they were knowing every kind of that power to use it,
but it was terrible and no justice, therefore they were not in need to
make such weapons. Because Islam coming with full justice, with full
mercy, full pityness, full peace!

Therefore, whom coming against them, they were fighting to them only.
Whom they were not coming (against them), Islam was keeping them. That
is the main point that why Sahaba were not making such weapons: they
were saying: “We are not in need, because we are not asking to run after
innocent people to kill them and to destroy their homes, destroy their
fields, destroy their countries! We are Muslims, we have been ordered to
keep everyones’ soul as we are keeping our soul! We have been ordered to
give rights to everyone, as we are asking to be given our rights!” But
no people they are saying: “No, we are going to use missiles and we are
asking to use rockets!” No need!

We are asking only (to fight against those), whom (are) against
ourselves and (who is) coming to fight us! They (the Sahaba) are leaving
people who are not involving or asking; particularly small ones, and
particularly weak ones: children and women- why you are killing? Which
Prophet was saying to kill innocent people? But they changed everything
–that is against Islam- and Islam (is) asking to keep everything and to
give everyone rights- to them also! That is reason or Sahaba so quickly
they may do such a weapons using and fighting. No, no need!

Now it is the time that (is mentioned in the) last coming of Archangel
Gabriel to Rasulullah sws, to Seal of Prophets, and (he was) saying: “O
Beloved one, most honoured one in our Lords divinely Presence! That is
my last visiting you and my mission that I am bringing Holy Verses just
finished. And I am coming to say Salaam and asking your permission to go
and to look our Lords Command.” And Prophet was asking: “O Archangel
Gabriel. You never coming after this on earth?” and Archangel Gabriel
was saying: “Yes, I am coming for some occasion and every time I am
coming, I am taking something up from people. For example I am coming to
take up real Knowledge! Then, after a while, I am coming and taking
knowledge from people and another occasion I am coming to take from the
hearts of Kings or whom they are keeping justice through courts, I am
coming to carry from them also justice. And I am another occasion coming
to take back blessing that coming on earth.” People they were asking:

“Where is that ones?” and they are saying: “No more chance for you,
because you did your worst and now it is impossible that you can be
granted from Allah Almighty as before, to do everything, no, finished!”
Therefore now people they lost their balance for justice. They are
saying: “We are running like this, like that, but we can’t cure our ill
people”, because that also just had been taken up. People they can’t be
able to look after illnesses; what they may be in need, they are loosing
it and they are asking to find another kind of medicines and they forget
herbal medicines that Allah Almighty granted to them that Allah Almighty
(created) for any (illness its medicine from the plants world)…

“I am coming to take from peoples’ hearts mercy.” Now people they are
merciless; no mercy their hearts, therefore they are killing. And they
should kill also thousands or millions even billions people; should be
shot down, should be killed through Armageddon, the worst War and last
War and biggest War for mans history on this planet. Therefore they are
using technologia: to make much more powerful weapons, so that if they
are sending their missiles and falling down, killing everyone involving
through that war or not. So that innocent people, countless, they are
going to finish...

I was hearing also from our Grandsheikh he was saying that: “Should be
that time no mercy through the hearts of people; they should kill each
other, till from 5 billions men living on earth now, may be killed 4
billions and remaining one billions people”…

O people! Islam coming with full perfect advisings for mankind, but they
are not accepting, they are coming against Holy Quran and Shaitan
leading them through fire; here they are going to burn each other and
the Day of Resurrection they should be taken away to Hells. May Allah
forgive us!

O people! You may find every perfection in Islam, try to find it and to
listen and to obey and practicing! Now Islamic World also they are
following Non-Muslim World with terrible weapons. That weapons not for
ourselves, we are not in need to use such a terrible weapons against
other nations, no! We are the nation of Abraham, we have mercy through
our hearts. Whom they lost it, they should fall into endless miseries,
suffering and destroying whole world…

May Allah forgive us and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured
one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!

Lefke, 20.5.07 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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