Maulana Sheikh NazimIslamic Attitudes to Drugs

QUESTION -People ask what Muslims think about drugs - when they travel in Muslim countries, especially North Africa, they see widespread use of Hashish.

This is an important point to be known by Muslims and non-Muslims. Islam brought a discipline which prevents everything which harms our bodies. Therefore, Islam prevents smoking. Everywhere people do it, but we say it is haram. Some may say less than haram, but if a person insists on doing it, it will be haram. So, if we say smoking is no good, what about drugs for Muslims? A person uses drugs only when he is obeying his ego and listening to shaitan. Allah Almighty or the Prophet is never happy with anyone who uses drugs. Which religion will permit drugs? If they do, then they are finished. No discipline. Islam just brought a very strong discipline for people.

QUESTION - Western people see that drugs often come from Muslim countries - Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey - and say that Muslim people are harming Western youth.

Do Western people have less mind than Eastern? They are being cheated. That's what it means. European people claim to be more clever, yet Eastern are cheating them by sending poison to them and they are using it. Do they have no minds - Pakistan sends, Iraq, Iran, (send) etc. They send those poisons? Where is their intelligence? They have big technology. Why don't they use their computers? Ask them if it's OK to use drugs. They may ask. It is prohibited. Perhaps these Muslims, because they are enemies of non-Muslims, are making these things to kill them. Why are they not asking their computers about this? They can't, because Muslim countries are sending that poison. What about their customs or governments? What are they doing? What about the people - have they no brain? They don't accept that they are stupid, but why are they buying from Turks, Pakistanis, Arabs, etc? Those persons, they must be stupid - to buy and use. It is prohibited to plant, to make, to buy any drug or to use. All are cursed.

QUESTION - So, if Muslim people are involved, they are cursed?

Yes. Everyone who harms the servants of God, even non-Muslims, will be cursed. However, when people leave this to come to Islam, that badness is finished. If we are ignorant and do something, there is no responsibility. When we come to Islam, that is finished.

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