Maulana Sheikh NazimIslamic beliefs about the beginning of Creation

We believe as all prophets mentioned and holy books mentioned, that everything was created by the Creator, the law of creation according to His will. We believe that Heaven was created before Earth and everything was as Allah Almighty wrote down on preserved tablets. In Islamic tradition when the Prophet was asked which was the first creature to be created, he answered that Allah Almighty first created the soul of Muhammad, p.b.u.h. He created first of all from his endless light oceans taking a light and addressing that light saying 'Be, my beloved Muhammad' and he was created. That was the first creature and then, from that light, Allah Almighty created the Heavens and Earth and every creature.

That signalled the beginning of everything from "Nur", Light. Even we see in material universe that everything going to be solved or coming to be light or coming to be solid. Every solid thing will become energy and energy will be without mass, without material. You can't say whether energy is something solid or not but every solid thing may return to energy, to light. Even becoming compressed but, may go out to be energy and energy, light going to be safe. So that the creation comes from the endless power oceans of the Lord Almighty Allah, by His Divine will and His Divine creating. As His will orders everything, growing or appearing through endless power oceans, so that the Creator, by His Divine will may bring everything into existence ordering that it be compressed and appear as atoms. Then, if He wishes to return them to endless power oceans, they will return.

Therefore, in the Holy Qur'an it mentions that if Allah Almighty wishes to do something, to make something, he need only order it. He does not need to use any means, he simply orders it. He may say "Be" and it is. It is in existence. If He says "don't be", it may go away, disappear. It is only Divine will which orders every creation for every creature. If He orders, if He wills, if the Lord wishes to create a universe, he need only say "Be" or "appear" or to say "come in existence" and it will come into existence. Nothing else is necessary. We have in Arabic the word, "kun", "be". Kun, in Arabic writing is two letters, kef and noun, (k & n) two letters, if Allah the Almighty orders and says "kun", before joining kef to noun, that thing appears so quickly; nothing prevents the Lord Almighty Allah, all His Holy Books declare that the Lord has endless power. Nothing can prevent the appearance of something which He has ordered to appear.

In the Holy Qur'an it says that science or knowledge reaching in our days and through the Holy Qur'an the Lord Almighty Allah says about the beginning of creation that everything was altogether, the Heavens and Earth were one. Then, the Lord Almighty Allah ordered that they become levels; the Heavens and Earth, according to the declaration of the Holy Qur'an, Allah Almighty ordered that there be seven heavens and, on the opposite side, seven Earths and it is also the last decision or last vision about the beginning of creation. They call it "Big Bang?" All were part of one atom, then in a time so very very short that it cannot be measured, perhaps 1 millionth or 1 billionth of a second, there was an explosion, says the latest theory of the "big bang." That is a theory, but what we say it that it is traditional knowledge from the Holy Qur'an. We can't say how it happened, but it happened. Now, it is a reality, Heaven and earth, the skies and space. It is all a reality which cannot be denied - it happened, we cannot say how it happened but, it happened.

Science is now reaching a point where it is getting closer to what the Last Testament and the Holy Qur'an say, that as Allah Almighty said, everything was together and then, the Lord, the Creator ordered the separation, the Creation. None of the Holy books except the Holy Qur'an say that science will, step by step, uphold all that we know of the Creation from the Holy Qur'an. Every reality that the Holy Qur'an spoke of 15 centuries ago, science is now beginning to 'discover' and nothing is said about a "Big Bang." I would ask, did the cause of that explosion come from inside or from outside? It must be by some order therefore, I say these people are foolish people. They never think they are reaching to that one, that explosion - by whom? Or who put that one atom there; Where did it come from? Who ordered the explosion of that atom? Where did the order come from? From far away commanding, remote control? It must be; without that control, that atom would never have exploded.

Therefore we believe that the Creator according to His will creates everything from His endless power oceans, ordering everything to come into existence as He likes and we believe that everything is arranged before creation. That the Lord Almighty Allah knows everything before it comes into existence and there is nothing of which he has no knowledge. Even the smallest thing must be known to Him, to the Lord and must be created because nothing can bring itself into existence.

If anyone says that something could exist which is not known to the Lord, it is not logical because no one can create himself, herself, itself - nothing. If something were to create itself, this would mean there were a second power in existence because only one self sustaining being may exist. If there were a second, there would be another Lord. There is only one Lord who exists by himself. He has no need of anyone else; He is completely independent but everything exists through Him, Therefore even the smallest piece in the universe must be known to Him before it can come into existence. It must be created so that it may exist and He knows where everything is. When He calls "Come," they come. To be by itself so that everything must be in existence from the smallest atoms, electrons, protons and others, must be created. If they were not created, they would never exist and even galaxies, gigantic galaxies, must be created, must be under control, must be under order. If the Creator says "disappear", they should disappear. If He says, "come into existence," they should come into existence. Millions, billions or trillions may come into existence, by order. That is our belief in Islam about creation.

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