Maulana Sheikh NazimKeep Allah and Allah keeps you

It was Hajj-ul-Akbar this year, the last Hajj-ul-Akbar of this century and the 2nd millennium. You are lucky people that you have been there. And I hope that the next Hajj-ul-Akbar is going to be in the 3rd millennium, the 21st century according to the Christian calendar. According to the Islamic calendar it is in a Hajj-ul-Akbar that Mehdi a.s. is going to be with us.

You were lucky that this year Mehdi a.s. and his Caliphs and Ministers, all these Grand-Awliya, Saints, were present on the Day of Awliya with Mehdi a.s. He did his last prayers when the sun was setting on Friday evening. And from Allah Almighty the good tidings came through His most Respected and Beloved Servant Sayidina Muhammad sws that all their prayers were accepted. And on Friday evening, the beginning of Saturday, when you moved to Mina after sunset, Divine Orders changed to bring Islam up and to put Kufr down.

It is becoming impossible now for Kufr, for the unbelievers, Non-Muslims. Their hegemony is going to melt, to finish, and the sultanate of Shaitan is going to be destroyed. Haqq, the Truth that Allah sent, will appear now day by day, and hour by hour it will increase. We hope for new changes day by day. No one is able to keep Islam down now, it is impossible to bring it down. Islam is getting up and Kufr is going down.

May Allah bless you and your Hajj, your charities and visits to holy places. And you have been in Damascus and visited everywhere, and Grandsheikh accepted you also and he gives his Salaams to all of you. He was happy and proud of you, because you came his way to the Holy Prophet sws, and the Prophet was happy with you, too, looking to you and blessing you... And now you are on your way home, and there is going to be a new opening for you and around you. Those Divine Lights, that were granted to you through Grandsheikh from the Holy Prophet sws are going to spread, and people should run from their darkness to your lights...

Now in two days will be the New Year of the Islamic calendar. Saturday is going to be the first day of 142o. More than 14 centuries have passed, and we hope that everything which we were saying, and that you heard about, is going to appear. Kufr will be destroyed and disappear, and Islam will grow. The flag of Islam will be raised, and the flag of Kufr will come down... For the year 2ooo there are going to be many good tidings for you, for every true one, and trustworthy people are going to be happy in this year. Who keeps his heart with Allah, Allah will be with him. If you are not leaving Allah, He is not going to leave you. Therefore, as Rasulullah was saying: "Keep Allah and Allah will keep you..."

We are happy and proud of you. You came such a long distance to visit Habibullah sws and the House of the Lord. You are young people, not easily going to be tired... but it is not an ordinary trip. It is a journey of obediency and worship, and worship is always going to be difficult for our ego. Everytime that we are carrying difficulties, we are paid more and more by Allah Almighty...

And also Mehdi a.s. pointed out our group of Hajjis from western countries. They were Christians before and came to Islam, keeping the Sunnah among those Shaitan people, the Wahabis. And he was saying: "Look, Sheikh Abdullah’s Mureeds, Naqhibandi followers", and he was so happy, looking to that group who went there keeping the Sunnah, and giving some spirituality to them that was never given to other people. Alhamdulillah, they were very happy with you. May Allah bless you...

And I hope that you are intending to move to your homeland... How long are you intending to stay?... If you have no responsibilities to go back to, you may be here longer, who has, may go... Perhaps I am intending to move to Lebanon or Damascus, and, according to the holy commands of Grandsheikh, because Armageddon is approaching now, look for a safe place there. But as long as I am here, you may be here. Welcome to you and Happy Birthday to me! Then you may go back or move to Damascus.

Some brothers from Chile came to me in London, in Ramadan. They have built a new Mosque in the South of Chile, the most southern place on earth, near the South Pole... Alhamdulillah, there is now much more spirituality running through the hearts of people, because they are in need of spirituality more than anything else...

Bi hurmati’l Habib, bi hurmati’l sirri Suratu’l Fatiha.

14.04.1999 (28th Dhul al-Hijjah 1419)

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