Maulana Sheikh Nazim We are keeping the way of the masters

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…At tariqatu mar’ahu Sheikh…Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah…Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…

We are keeping the way of (the) masters- may Allah bless them and through their blessings His Mercy may reach to ourselves also. We are in need (of) blessings from Allah Almighty. When He is sending blessings? When He is happy with His servant, (He is) sending blessings on him! If He is not happy with His servant, (He is) not sending His blessings. And if blessings (are) not coming, cursing (is) coming (instead) and when cursing (is) coming, that person (is) never going to be successful here and Hereafter (and) he can’t be in safety here and Hereafter. Safety is (the) most important factor for our lives. If a person (is) fearing that means he is not in safety. If a person (is) in safety, (there is) going to be satisfaction through his heart (and) fear can’t be. Fear can’t be for those people who are in satisfaction, because they are feeling (the) safety and protection from Allah Almighty.

Therefore we have a saying in Islam through our traditional knowledge: “Al khainu khaifun”. ‘Khayin’ that means: that person promised to Allah Almighty to keep his promising, and- when he is keeping that divinely oath as he was promising to Allah Almighty the Day of Promises- then he feels through himself a satisfaction. When satisfaction (is) coming, fear (is) leaving. But (those) whom (they are) not keeping their promises, they are going to be in fear and they can’t feel a contentment through their hearts. They are always full with fear and when fear (is) running through the heart of a servant, his life (is) going to be bitter- (it has) no taste. A fearful person may eat something, but (he) can’t take his pleasure from (what he is) eating, because there is a fear through himself. (Those) whom (they are) not keeping their promises in (the) divinely Presence fear must be through their hearts and their lives (are) never going to be a safe life, no, always they are fearing! He may be President, he may be King, he may be Prime Minister, he may be richest one, biggest business man- but fear always (is) hurting him and never leaving him to taste the pleasure of this life.

Don’t say (that there is) no pleasure through this life, no! There is pleasure, here and Hereafter, for those who are keeping their promises and their Lord (is) pleased with them. When your Lord is going to be pleased with you, your life here should be a peaceful life, and you must be in pleasure! Even he may eat dry bread, even he may drink salty water, even he may live through a small hut, even he may live under a tent, (he) may live through (the) desert, (and) even he may be in prison- but he is tasting pleasure; he is never going to be displeased even through (that) prison or jail!

S. Yaqub’s son, S.Yusuf, he was in prison so many years, but, because he was pleased with his Lord, Allah Almighty just was giving to him pleasure, even he was in a terrible jail; not (that kind of) jail (like) nowadays), that governments (are) giving every comfort to prisoners. (Still) they are unhappy; they are feeling that they are in prison. S.Yusuf a.s. he was in jail, but he was with Allah! He was with his Lord! (What) do you think? If you are going to be with your beloved one, with your darling, it is not important to be in a palace or to be in a jail, because (the) important point is that he is with your darling. He is asking his darling: “Oh my darling…!” If (there is) no darling with you, (even) if I am putting you in Buckingham Palace, you are saying: “Eh…(what is that palace to me)! I am asking my darling, but she is not there” or “he is not there- what I am going to do with (that) palace and its furniture? No (I am not happy)…”

The first man, our Grandfather Adam, a.s., he was in Paradise and he was going around, (and there was) everything, every beauty through Paradise, but (still) he was saying (: ”Eh…”) The Lord (was) knowing that he was unhappy, no pleasure (for him). He was unhappy, not pleased to be in Paradise. Looking palaces, looking trees, looking jewels- such beauty in Paradise, but (all of this was) never giving to him a full pleasure.

Then Allah Almighty (was) giving (a kind of sleep to Adam through). (For) some seconds or even for the 1/3 of a second it was coming to Adam not to sleep, but to be away from himself. If a person (is) sleeping, he is not through himself, no. (A) sleeping person is not with himself, no, he is leaving himself and sleeping. And Adam a.s. in a very short time a kind of sleeping (was) coming to him and (then he was) awakening. Through that time- that (there is) no any watch or instrument for measuring that time, that unit of time- (that Allah Almighty was) giving that (sleep) to Adam and quickly (he was) awakening- Allah just created our Grandmother Eva. Then Adam a.s. (was) opening his eyes and (he was) looking (and seeing her) and he was full with pleasure. He felt that just he reached the pleasure and pleasement that he had been asking. Just 1oo% contentment (was) coming to him and he was never looking (to) any other beauty through Paradises, no, only his eyes (were) going on her, (and he was) saying: “That one (is) filling my heart now with pleasure” and (he was calling her and) saying: “Come!” And our grandmother (was) saying: “No, you come!” (and he was getting up and going to her…) Then Paradise was full (for him)... If (even there was) nothing (else) from Paradise, his heart (would be) just full with (the) beauty of our Grandmother’s beauty; making him so pleased, full (with) pleasure! (So) if they were in a prison, they would never mind for being in jail or through a palace.

Now- Allah Almighty (was) sending our first Grandfather and Grandmother to be here, in this world, and Adam and Eve were happy to be on earth; (even) this is the world of troubles, of problems, of evil and devils, but they were happy. Through this (world) everything is hurting people, but they were happy with each other; they were feeling that: “Now we are in Paradise, real Paradise, because our hearts (are) in contentment and full with love.” And her beauty is enough, more than enough, because (it is more than the) beauty of all (the) palaces and gardens of Paradise…That is an example for people, (showing) that if a person (is) going to be with his beloved one, he may be everywhere and he should be happy and in pleasure. (And) if he is loosing his beloved one, (even) if you are putting him in (a) palace- not here, (but) even in Paradise- he is not going to take any pleasure (from it).

Therefore- Allah Almighty is giving pleasure to His servants here and Hereafter. (And the) pleasure that they are finding here Allah Almighty’s beloved servants (is) making them to be in Paradise (already) here (in this world). But whom (they are) not happy with their Lord, (their) Creator, everything (is) giving to them trouble, making them to be displeased and their hearts (are) going to be full with fear. And therefore there is pleasure through this life, (but) not for those people that have billions of Dollars or Pounds or Euro! That millions or billions (are) never giving a pleasure or pleasement to them here. But (those people who are with their beloved one,) they may eat broken and dry bread or- as the Companions of S.Muhammad sws- they were eating only one or two dates through 24 hours and no bread, even no dry bread- but they were happy people; they were pleased and they were feeling that they are in safety, because they were with their beloved one!

O people, try to understand the heavenly Message! Try to understand the meaning of prophecy! You must try to understand for what Prophets were coming or for what they have been sent (and) then you should find a new atmosphere. When you are running in it, you can be pleased, you can be in pleasure; you should be happy (and) you should be in peace, if you are understanding what is the main purpose of sending messengers from Heavens to people. (When) you are following heavenly people that they are always related from earth to Heavens, you are entering in an atmosphere, (a) new atmosphere, that you are feeling the taste of life with pleasure and with pleasement!

If not- there in another atmosphere. If you are running in it, you may be (the) richest one, or (the) most powerful one on earth- but their atmosphere is going to be like (a) prison for these people. Even they have billions and palaces and power and titles- (but) their atmosphere is another. And believers’ atmosphere is something else! Believers may taste (the) pleasure of (this) life, (but) unbelievers are (only) tasting the difficulties and bitterness of life; they are always in troubles, (in) sufferings and in miseries.

Oh people, look once again! Your life (is) just going to reach to an end. Before your life is coming to (its) end, look, in which atmosphere you are living! If you are not happy, that means you are on (the) wrong way and (in an) poisoned atmosphere. Change your atmosphere! (With) any steps, that you may step, if you (are) asking to change (your atmosphere) from (a) bad and poisoned atmosphere to (a) good atmosphere, you may change (it)! You may find (the) exit! (It is) not like on motorways or Autobahns (that) exits (are only) rarely coming, showing an exit here or (on) that side. But (to find the way) for the best atmosphere, Allah Almighty (is) making on every step an exit! (With) only one step you can change your atmosphere to (a) good atmosphere (and) you should be happy! You should be happy! Through your life you should be happy, when (you are) leaving this temporary life you should be pleased, when you are buried you should be pleased and when your soul (is) taken from you and sent to divinely Presence, you should be happy.

May Allah bless you and forgive me for the honour of His most honoured servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 26.04.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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