Maulana Sheikh NazimThe King of the USA

For 15 centuries Islam was linked with monarchies. Nowadays it is a new fashion to support democracy, even though there is no such thing within Islam. Democracy gives a chance to every badness. Islam will never accept to give an opportunity for evil to occur. There is no link between democracy and Islam. When the monarchy left the Ottoman Empire people quickly got a secular system. This shows that Islam cannot function without the monarchy. In 1924 the monarchy left Turkey and so did Islam.

Democracy gives a chance to wolves and protects them within the community. What kind of justice is that? Once upon a time the English people even killed their king, and now they leave dragons to live freely amongst people acting in the worst way. Where is this leading to? Why did they hang their king at the time? What does it mean that so many dragons, snakes and scorpions are able to live within the community? Why are they given a chance? Is that freedom? In Islam we say that every creature which is harmful must be killed! Only a monarchy can do that. Justice needs to react on a daily basis. Within this system prisoners are being questioned for months before anything happens. When something happens in a monarchy, people will have their head cut off in front of others. There are wild wolves in the city which run around every night, and harm people. Still the government tells us not to touch them. Is that justice?

This is why we hope that after Her Majesty His Highness Prince Charles will come with full power and restore the monarchy fully.

In the same way the Germans will get their Kaiser back, the Ottoman Sultan is coming, the Libyan is coming, the Egyptian is coming, the Yemenite is coming, the Iranian is coming, the Iraqi is coming, the Syrian is coming, the Russian is coming, the Afghani is coming, the Algerian is coming, the French is coming, the Chinese is coming, the Indian is coming. Even America will have a king, they will be under the rule of His Royal Highness Prince Charles. Insha'Allah.


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