Maulana Sheikh Nazim Knowledge is a light

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanak, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ‘Alimu Hakim…

Al-‘ilmu nurun- (Knowledge is a light)… The honour of mankind (is), because they have been granted a characteristic or an attribute: to learn and to know. That is their honour- to learn. For what? To learn their identity- who are you? You must now it! You can’t say: “I am a creature as other creatures, only they are walking on four legs and we are walking on two legs. They are looking on earth. They may be bigger than our beings, our physical being, but yet they are looking down, looking on earth, but they are walking on two legs. And to walk on two legs is not an ordinary thing; it may be ‘harikatu-l ada’, it is (an) extraordinary position to be on a height (of) 2 metres or 1 ½ and to have a weight and to walk on two legs through that position. It is difficult, but people are not thinking on it. It is an extraordinary grant from the Creator to mankind to make that balance on our form. Through our knowledges, it is impossible.

You are sitting like this, standing on your knees, standing up through your height- you may step and you are using your hands, making like this, like that, moving your hands- if not, it is difficult to walk. These hands have so many special works for them and one of the most important positions, most important qualifications for our hands is to make a balance for man, when he is walking. If you are not… you may think you have no hands, it is so difficult to walk on earth easily and through these two hands giving full balance for our creation; we may walk, we may run without falling.

We are living creatures on earth, but we are different, our creation (is) just different from other creatures. First what we are saying for your identity, who are you? We are saying: “I am a creature, just different from other creatures”, and we have (been) granted to speak anything that we are in need to speak, we have been granted to look and to see, we have been granted for so many efforts on earth to do. Animals can’t do anything, except (that) when (they are) coming from their stable to (the) meadow, (they are) eating, then coming back. They are doing anything else? Wild animals also, through jungles have their places, (where) they are going to be there, when they are hungry, running and hunting, eating and coming, sitting there. Sleeping, awakening, hunting, eating, riding on their females- that is their efforts, nothing else!

You? Countless efforts- people (are) running. And you may collect everything, but you can’t reach every point that a man or (a) member of mankind (is) doing. Countless efforts! You can’t give a description that: “I am an engineer.” You can’t give a full description on yourself that: “I am an architect”; it is not enough. You can’t say: “I am a painter”, no, it is not a full description for all mankind. Countless works, countless activities, countless efforts for mankind- how you are going to give a full description on yourself? What is your identity? “I am a teacher.” It is not enough. It belongs perhaps to a group of people, (but) it is not going to be for everyone. X is saying: “I am a cook.” He is cook, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is a cook. “I am a carpenter.” It belongs to you, but commonly for mankind?

Therefore- man (is) created to learn and then to know or to know and to learn for their identities, and it is impossible (to know) if your Creator- that created you and landed you on this planet- (doesn’t give you that knowledge). He only knows your real identity: who are you, and for what you have been here, for what you have been landed on this planet. He knows, (and) therefore we are in need to learn who landed us on this planet and what is our common identity, commonly. He only knows.

Such things that you are learning, you are doing, you are working, it never gives you real identity, no. Without this works and activities you are all same! That is something you learnt for your life, how you can live, they are all some reasons or some means to reach to your provision for eating, and it is not true that a person (who is) running after his provision with countless means, (is) giving is identity (through these means), no.

Everyone (is) running after their provision; that means, it is not their real personality or identity, no. You are architect, you are working for your provision. You are doctor, you are working for your provision. That is carpenter, running to reach to his provision. That is teacher, running, that is sailor, running, that is shop keeper, that is pharmacist, that is advocate, that is physician, that is cook- you are working all this to reach to your provisions, and these (professions) are not giving your real personality or identity, no. That is all the level of animals, nothing else!

Animals’ life is simple; they are eating from nature, or they are hunting someones some others, reaching to their provisions. We are not saying a lion is a ‘hunter’, no. So many kinds of animals are hunters also, but that is (called) lion, that is (called) tiger, that is (called) wolf, that is (called) fox, that is (called) horse…X. is shepherd of buffalos…in Pakistan so many…Y. is a machinist for cars. We are not saying that he is car, no. People are not using their mentality to understand their position and know about themselves. “Man arifa nafsa faqad arifa Rabba”- first you must know yourself! You must reach an understanding for your real being. When you are knowing that, you are finding a way to your Creator!

All these things that we are speaking on, are all for our physical being and its needs, its provisions- may be King, may be Grand Wezir, may be Prime Minister, may be mayor, may be MP, may be biggest business man- all are on the same level, they are asking their provisions and they are asking also more than they are in need, because they are saving perhaps millions or billions. For what? For what wasting your time, your life? For saving millions through banks! For what! It is Batil, not giving to you your real identity, no, all of them (are) on (the) ame level for their provisions and asking more, collecting and saying from this temporary life’s pleasures. They are running after it to reach much more pleasure through this temporary life’s pleasures.

Therefore- it is not their identity. Until the Lord of Heavens (is) sending someone saying: “Oh people, what are you doing? You know who are you? You know about that One that (is) bringing you for a while through this life and then taking (you) away? Where are your ancestors? They were living, but now they are going to be unseen, unknown ones; their lives (are) just written through history books or through other romantic books, but the people, who are chiefs of (the) scenario- where they are? They left you- where is their real being, where they are now? (They) passed away!” And these people (who are) coming are reminding them: “Oh people, you had ancestors; you are not coming from Heavens in a basket, sending, landing on this earth, no. You are knowing (that) you are coming from your mother’s womb, and I am asking: Where are your parents? Where are your parents’ parents, where are your ancestors?” (They are asking this) to touch their care, to take some care what these heavenly people (are) informing them (of), saying: “Where they are?” And if those heavenly beings (are) saying to them that: “You are going to die and the Day of Resurrection you are coming back a second time (to) life”, they are coming and saying- that is for a proof for them that their ancestors once upon a time were living ones, because (they are) bringing (a) handful dust from earth and saying: “This is (from) our ancestors’ grave, we are bringing only their dust- how you are saying: ‘These people (are) coming once again (to life)’?” They are knowing that once upon a time they were living ones, but now they disappeared; they are becoming dust through earth, finished. But it is a proof that they are knowing that their ancestors lived and finally they are going to be dust, and they are saying: “How it can be?” approving that they had ancestors once upon a time. And this (is) signing that identities are not (that) what you are looking when they are walking and living on earth, no, it is not your real being. If you have a real being, you must continue your life; but it belongs to (a) material world that is coming and finally going to be dust.

To them people to be awakened, Allah Almighty is sending (someones) to people to make them (to) wake up, to awake and to think on it: “How happened? How happened (that) we are living today and tomorrow we are not living creatures!” When Prophets (were) coming they were asking to teach people about their creation and about their importance and about their mission and their creation., and when they were coming and learning this, they were asking: “Who created us?” (First) you must learn this. When you are learning this, you are getting up from the level of animals and you are going to ask: “Who (is) bringing us in existence? Our existence is not from ourselves, no. If it was from ourselves, we (were) never going to be dust; we are not going to die, to be dead ones.” When people (are) reaching to that level of knowledge- that Islam is saying: To learn is an obligation for men and women, because both of them are the Children of Adam and they must know their identities, they must learn about themselves- when they are learning (this), they are asking: “Who is that One that (is) bringing us in existence?”

(And so), secondly, (they are) coming to know and learn about the Lord of Heavens. When you are learning about yourself, you are asking: “Who is our Lord? We are looking that no one can be Lord because Lord, His Existence (is) never-ending, from pre-eternal up to eternal (He) must be the Lord of creation. We can’t be Lords! Who going to die, finish and vanish, (he) can’t be Lord! Therefore our position must be different from the position of our Creator. He is Lord, but we are not Lords!” Then (the) Prophets (are) saying: “You are His servants! He is creating you for His divinely Service! Oh people! Try to learn about your Lord and try to be His obedient servants in His divinely Presence!”

May Allah forgive us! People are drunk! That is (the) level of people now; they are saying ‘civilization’(for it), ‘21st century’- what is (the) difference among other centuries and this century? People (are) on (the) same level, they are not changing their position; everyone (is) running either for their provisions or running after how they should enjoy themselves more and more, nothing else! People (are) running to reach even (a) less (part) from their provision and (the) other group of people (is) running to reach more and more pleasure for this life. (They are) on (the) same characteristic: poor ones (and) rich ones. Poor ones (are) running after their daily provisions, (and) rich ones (are) running after to save much more money, to reach enjoyment, to live a life full with pleasure, more pleasure, more pleasure- on same level. No one (is) thinking more than this on earth. I don’t know (anyone)! If you know someone that is asking to know (something) beyond these limits on earth- up today I am not seeing, except Anbiya and Awliya. All (other) people (are) on that lowest level, occupied through their physical being’s desires. They are surrendered to their egos. If you say: “Come and surrender to your Creator”, they say: “We are not slaves”, but (really) they are slaves for their egos and they are servants and slaves for their physical desires.

May Allah forgive us! When we are passing this level, we are feeling (something else), our feelings (are) coming to change 1oo %, because the conditions, when you are passing up, they are not (the) same conditions, (but they are) just 1oo% different. And if you are asking the refreshment for your beings and endless pleasures, you must cut this distance out, you must surrender to your Lord’s Will and that Will is taking you up, taking you to a level that you are going to be belonging to heavenly beings. If not, you are belonging to the level of animals.

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 09.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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