Maulana Sheikh NazimLast days are approaching, coming closer

Last days are approaching, coming closer, and everyone's last day is also
approaching. It is not only for Dunya, but for all people on it- their last
day is coming closer.

We are running from Shaitan to Allah Almighty, because Shaitan is the first
cheater among people. He is the first one for cheating people, and he
teaches them wrong ways, actions and works, which Allah Almighty is
preventing. Allah is mentioning this in all holy Books, and He is saying:
'Beware of satanic works.' And Shaitan is running after people to cheat
them. Why? To make them his followers. He likes all mankind to follow him,
because he knows where he himself is going. He is the first one among the
creatures on whom the Divine Anger is coming. Allah Almighty is swearing: 'I
am sending you and your followers to Hells'. That is why Shaitan likes to
make people his followers- to make them all to be thrown in Hell, who
follows him.

Everyone must know first of all what is most important for the life of
mankind and their future. We have been created, no doubt; we are not
creators, but creatures, and Shaitan knows that everything on earth and in
the universe has been created, but he is trying to make people on a wrong
point concerning their creation and to leave what Allah Almighty has said
through the holy Books.

People know that we are creatures, and that we can't be creators. No mind or
mentality for a person who says that he created himself. If we have such a
power, why are you not going to be a creator continuously? If you created
yourself, keep yourself in existence.

No answer. So many foolish people are saying: 'Our mother and father created
us.' Make yourself not to die and finish, because day by day you are going
to finish! No one can claim that 'I am not going to finish'- everyone is
going to finish day by day, everyone is going onto his or her last day.
Today so many millions of people finished, they are no more. How you can say
'I created myself?' Give your evidence. Show one person who is not going to
finish. If you give life to yourself and you are creator, you may use that
life endlessly and continue to life on this earth.

But they are liars. Millions of people cheated by Shaitan and satanic ideas.
All universities are full with satanic ideas and theories. They accept
satanic ideas, but not what has been sent to mankind from holy Books. We are
living in the time of positive knowledge, they say, and we are not accepting
something coming beyond our knowledge. Because the mind has a limit; minds
of mankind run through a limited area. Our mind and mentality reach only
what our five senses are reaching, and for what goes beyond our five senses
we say: ' We are not understanding.'

If you are not understanding, it is not true to say: 'There is nothing more
beyond our knowledge. No more creation beyond ours maybe through this huge
universe.' Your mind can't give the last decision and judgment on it, no; it
never has such an authority to deny beyond what it knows and to say 'Nothing
more after your limits.' And no doubt: our minds know that they are in

No one from mankind can reach the limits of knowledge, which even our mindly
productions brought in existence. There are millions of books now, and
through them there are millions of kinds of knowledge. Even the mind
productions of knowledge that mankind may reach, no one can reach to all of
them. Even 1 per million can't reach, or keep through his head- stopping,
finishing. One may declare: 'I finished, no more can I reach the knowledge
that millions of people brought through their senses.' So many kinds of
knowledge; if you enter in it, they are mind productions, but like an ocean.

Therefore it is such a blameful thing for learned people to deny beyond
their knowledge and to say: 'No more knowledge beyond what I am knowing,
what I learned.' I may bring one book and ask: 'You reached that limit?' And
then another book, and another- thousands of books and knowledge. How you
can say: 'What I know that is all, no more beyond that?' That is
foolishness. No one can reach mind productions of positive knowledge, and
beyond this there is endless knowledge, wisdom oceans. Beyond knowledge
oceans there are countless wisdom oceans, which you can't reach by ordinary
knowledge, countless wisdoms that are brought to people by holy people,
Saints and Prophets. You can't reach.

Therefore it is dark ignorance for mankind to deny beyond their knowledge.
They say there are endless knowledge oceans as mind productions, and beyond
that there are endless wisdom oceans, which no one is going to reach through
the five senses, no, it is something else. Therefore- Allah created earth
and skies. What is the universe, what is the space? Who can say? They may
bring the evidence of the existence of the universe through endless space.
What is space? Something from reality? A real thing or nothing? Something or
nothing? If you say something, say what it is as a positive authority. Say
what you are looking and seeing in space. Tell me about it that it is
reality? Is it something in existence? It has a real mass or personality, or
is it as we are looking and seeing and say nothing?

What does it mean, nothing? If it is nothing, if you take all galaxies, what
do we see? We see a huge darkness, dark darkness. Through darkness you can't
see, can't touch, can't hear, you can't be in any connection with dark
darkness. What is that dark darkness? Don't think the sun is shining and
giving light on earth. If the sun is going, this space is in darkness. If
all galaxies go away, everything is in darkness. What is that? It is a real
existence for something or not? If you say nothing, bring evidence that
everything in that nthing should be nothing- earth and galaxies. From where
coming that darkness lightened stars and galaxies? From where coming, to
where going? Who sending, who welcoming? But Shaitan reaching people through
his agents and saying those empty head professors that we know everything,
beyond this nothing. No God. Bring another thing than God for that darkness.
From where? If no God, from where? Your knowledge- to where reaching to say:
No God? What is your evidence? Shaitan cheating.

New fashion in our days to say: No God, but nature. What is nature? Give
description on what is nature. You ever met him, or spoke with him,
discussed with him? You understand from him? Asking where sitting, what
doing? Where is your centre, your capital? Ask that nature. They say
everything is nature. Who is it? What is it? Cheating. First class cheater:
Shaitan. And knowledge of the 21st century is based on nothing, on false. It
has no foundation. But what we shall say? Governments, states- all of them
accept this wrong way and lead people on wrong way to Hells.

Now begun that people understand that their way is taking them to Hell. If
not changing way now, through this life falling in Hell. No one can think
that situation going as before. Today is better than tomorrow, this month
better than next month. It is getting worse and worse till they accept real
reality that has been sent through the Lord of Heavens. May Allah forgive

Today I was tired noontime, not speaking. Now our very important and
valuable brother professor, doctor in university, came, Allah Almighty sent
him tonight, because never he comes to me nighttimes. Now they let me speak
on such important bases of knowledge, that you may understand what I am
saying, but mostly he understands. I am not ready after Isha to address
people, but tonight they gave me something to speak from my heart, and it is
very important point to be said and known for his Baraka. This is a summary
of knowledge. I hope I am going to destroy every false and Batil on earth.
No one can stand up with Batil- should be under my feet. We are asking true
ones to come and guide us. We are fed up from misguidance, from devils and
ignorant and unauthorized people- the representatives of Shaitan.

Lefke - 08.01.2002

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