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As-Salamu Alaikum, "O listeners" it is said. Who listens to whom? We are living in such a time O Haji, that no one listens to another one. What is the most terrible & evil time? It is the time when no one listens to another. Therefore if one person listens to another, things straighten. When no one listens to another..

"Where were you, O crazy Husein?"
"I was sitting in the coffee shop"
"What were you doing in the coffee shop?"
"Well, I was sitting here doing nothing"
"Masha Allah, is there no work for you?"
"Leave the work aside Yahu. The government gives us money. The government does some trick & we also do some tricks. We have no work to do. We keep being squeezed in the coffee shop."

What is it that corrupts the people, Haji Effendi? What corrupts the people is being idle. One word. When you leave people idle they run after evil. If you keep them busy, they do work for you. He appreciates the work he does & understands the meaning of labor- that he receives something for his work. The way this world is corrupted.. This, our word is a word fit for the men who sit in the coffee shops. How else can we say? What makes the people corrupt is being idle, one word. Being lazy & idle made the world totally out of control. Being idle is doing nothing & getting paid for nothing, and then enjoying one's self with it.

"Work? Don't look for work. We are being paid"
"For what are you getting paid?"
"We have social insurance"
"May this insurance fall on your head! What do you mean you have insurance? Do you work?"
"No. But we have insurance & they give us money."
"Then, what about work?"
"We have no work to do. With this money we receive. We have become people of no use who wander from one coffee shop to another, from one dirty place to another all day long."

"O Husein Aga, how are you?"
"Don't even ask how we are, we are very happy"
"For what?"
"We get money for free".
"How do you do that?"
"We receive from the insurance. Since we have insurance, the meaning of insurance is the center where you get money for nothing. Take the money & keep quiet."

When you plant such an idea of life in people’s mind, meaning after you give them the idea of receiving without work, it is not possible to collect these people again, can never collect! They are no good for themselves nor for anyone else.

"Well Shaykh Effendi, this is an important point. Now our time is the time of democracy. The meaning of democracy is, to make all kind of excuses & seal off the mouths of these ordinary people, to keep them quiet. Whatever is given to them.. Before there was gold & everybody would appreciate its value. Now they give paper. Paper, every printing office can print paper. Everybody will show all what comes in their hand to the bank, to see if it is fake or not? Even the government itself can't do this. Then, if mankind lives without knowing for what he is created, the matters that he is created for, he is not in human class. For what am I living?

"O Husein Aga, for what do we live?"
"Well, we eat & drink"
"Then what do you do? No work?"
"The government has insurance & we take the money. We have no work to do. We have farms but can't plow them. We have forests but can't enter them. We have herds but can't drive them. They make such laws. What will we do? When we get some money in our hand, we sit in coffee shop.”

What does a man of musibat/evil mean? We used to call musibat before. Being musibat is the worst character that destroys mankind. When you say a "musibat man", meaning a man of no use, no good. Before, our ancestors each one of them knew a handcraft. They did trade or farming.

"What do they do now Shaykh Effendi?"

Now everybody has a car. People drive around in the latest model cars. And our goverment also, not only our government but all of them, pay their taxes with money wherever you bring from, & also get paid. Buy a car, buy a plane if you like. Fly around with it. What a beautiful world we land into, how nice. And because of these ideas, people become such that they are jealous of each other. They envy each other. They can't stand each other. They don't respect each other. They don't value each other. They want to do as they like when they get a chance. "I may be this, I may be that, only that I make a lot of money." This.. Marhaban O Agas who sit in coffee shop.

Agas, before the ones who sat in coffee shops had pashkir/towels that they put on their shoulders. Now there is no towel either. They sit without towel in coffee shop. One said in anger: "What is this? You removed old methods also." "What was that old method?" The men who come to coffee shop would dress neatly & also put a towel on their shoulder. They would sometimes wrap this towel around their heads or sometimes put it on their shoulders. But because now is the time of innovation how can we do such things in this time? What does it mean to put towel on you shoulder? Are we waiters? Are we bellboys? No! We will live a modern life. We will wear latest fashion dresses and there is no putting towel on shoulder.

There is no farming. There is no taking care of oxen when there are cars available. We should have cars.

"O Husein Aga, there was a new car in front of your home. How did it happen?"
He says "my son didn't like the old car. He gave all the money & brought another car which is of no use."
"You don't object?" "How can I object? You see this chair, O crazy Husein?" "Yes, I see it."

When our kids now get angry & hit this chair off the ground like this the chair is broken, only the wooden part remains. And they beat you with that wood until you get dizzy. How can you object? How can you advise? This is called innovation, reform Aga." "Don't say Aga, what is Aga?" Aga was for the villages. There is no real Aga now. Now everybody became Aga. Everybody is making new buildings. You look & say "how is this? From where is the money of these buildings?" Before everyone would live in mud brick homes, comfortably. Now they live in concrete buildings. 1 floor, 2 floor, 3 floor, 5 floors - should I say more? No, don't. More than 5 floors? There are buildings higher than 5 floors, many buildings like this. Ok, then?

We are Muslims. We believe in the Prophets. At least teach the history of Prophets in schools, O the heedless ones who rule over us. Teach, teach history. Teach the history of older times so that people learn something. The Sultan of the Prophets, our Master Sayyidina Muhammad Mustafa (sas). Stand up! Show respect! They bring the news of the Heavens. "Is it possible to bring news from Heavens?" O foolish one! You have a device in your hand which is as small as your palm & you receive with it news from East to West, this you accept. This can happen. But you don't accept the one who says "I bring news from Heavens in another way?" Masha Allah Yahu! How far have you reached!

In old times, they call tarahih; there were knowledges that our old Hoja Effendis would teach about the Prophets. Now there is no one who searches, looks for, knows or learns about Prophets. There is no one who reads History. Ibrahim (as), ala Nabiyyuna Sayyidina Muhammad (sas), salams to him, salatu salam on him. He was sent by Allah Almighty to teach the tribes of his time, to show them the true way. And they called the Kings who ruled in his time, Nimrod. Nimrod meaning tyrant, who does all kinds of oppression. They would worship idols. They would put idols in front of them, move their bottoms like this & bow their head. Finish.

"Our way is about this. We do like this. I have an idol" said Nimrod.
"O Nimrod" says Prophet Ibrahim (as). "It is only an idol. The Lord of Heavens & Earth is Allah Almighty. He is Allah Almighty. What does your God do?"
"My God does what I want."
"So he does what you want?"
"Yes" "Do you do what he wants?"
"No. He does what I want and I do what I want."

"How is this, Husein Aga, this conference of Shaykh Effendi?"
"The best." Husein Aga says "O wild ones, listen to the Shaykh, or else a rain of stones will fall on you.

To sum up, his discussion with Ibrahim (as) went too far. He said "So the Lord of Heavens sent you. Then I will also look to see where is this Lord of Heavens." He ordered his architects to build two towers, they call "buruj". He said, "I climb & look what is His job, His art". So he built the Nimrod tower. To sum up, this tower fell on his head and he died in a humiliated way. The Prophet of the end of times is our Master, S. Muhammad Mustafa(sas). Stand up o foolish ones, stand up! The Prophet of the end of times came & gave the news of Nimrod, what he did. Our Prophet (sas) then said, "with me will come the nations of the end of times. The angels, angels would call to the ones who build 2 floors & want to build a 3rd, 'O Nimrod! What is it that you are doing? You will climb to the sky like that old Nimrod did?'" Yahu Shaykh Effendi, what 2 floors, 20 floors? There are 100 floor buildings! For this our Prophet (sas) said, what does the angel say to those who want the go up after the 2nd floor?

"O children of Adam! The earth is not wide enough for you? Why do you build floors on top of each other? Is it too narrow for you? The earth is wide, why don't you build 1 floor, 2 floor? If you build higher than this, you fall into Nimrod's class" To sum up, what people try to do in this day: "who will beat the other in building? Whose building will be more beautiful?" Modern, it says. This is the definition of shaytan: modern buildings. O you, you are like in an oven in these modern buildings & like in a freezer in winter. It kills you, makes you sick. Don't look for it Shaykh Effendi. Look, there is a building even taller than that In whose name is it? In my name. Why don't you have it written on it? No need Shaykh Effendi, they already know. He says, the angels will call like this when they go higher than 2 floors, "O man, O children of Adam, the earth is not wide enough for you to dwell that you make buildings on top of each other? You make yourself like Nimrod? Pull yourself together!"

Calling like this, angels curse them. They don't find goodness. People can't live in these high buildings; all of them get sick, or have sorrows or they are worn out & die. So all people care about & believe now is competing with one another: "yatatawaluna fil-bunyan" They will compete with each other in building: "I did this much, I did that much..." I am sorry that however that it is the Islamic World which knows about this news best. They filled Hijaz with Nimrod towers today. Their reckoning will be hard on the day of Judgement. May Allah forgive us.

We should pull ourselves together O Muslims, O people. It is dunya today & graveyard tomorrow. Don't say "I didn't hear, didn't know" They will make you see & know. Pull yourself together, the end of the Holy Ramadan has arrived. At least fast in these last 3 days, at least pray in these 3 days. Pray on Friday night. Say "There is Who created me & Who keeps me alive" Say "I make sajda for You O Lord" You should be ashamed! You sit without making sajda. You eat from the rizq He granted you yet do not thank Him.

O our Cypriot Turks, we have been left really ignorant. We have hojas but they can't say anything because they are not allowed to speak. Because what they speak may disturb them. What can they do? They are to read from the paper given to them. It shouldn't be more or less than that. Allah, Aman ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi. Tawba Astaghfirullah. And finally this also became a coffee shop talk. We didn't open the door of knowledge. There is no student that we open! Who are you to speak to? To the wall? They call them now, jirlawuq. They call them in Turkey cricket, but we call jirlawuq. They chirp until they crack & hatch. When they hatch, it is finished. And people now also speak & grumble & do this & that until they die just like these crickets & they become imprisoned in the grave.

May Allah protect us from the torment of grave. O Muslims, O Cypriot Muslims, may who left you ignorant burn in fire. May they burn in fire. I started school in 28, in 1928. Within 2 months, even before I completed reading the Arabic alphabet, because the one upstairs, the one in Anatolia said "reform", the ones here removed Holy Quran from the schools & instead of the Arabic they put the Latin alphabet. And people are left ignorant. All kind of troubles came on them. We should be disciplined & orderly O youth. You understand much better than this old one. You will understand, you will know, you will learn your way.

There are 5-6 days left from Ramadan. Let us fast, let us not sit in coffee shops. We should know our religion. We should glorify our Lord. We should listen to the adhan al Muhammadi (sas), pray tarawih. We should fast for a few days so that the Lord of Heavens forgives us. So that He doesn't make rains of wrath fall on us. It is not certain what will rain from the Heavens, O foolish ones! O foolish ones, it is not certain what things will rain from the Heavens. Don't think that every cloud coming brings rain. There are clouds that bears & pour out stones also. Beware. I am warning my own ego & warn you as well. May Allah forgive me & forgive you. As-Salam Alaikum. Fatiha.

Shukur Allah that they make me speak for so many nights. There are the good servants of Allah on earth. They made me speak a few words, to advise my own ego as well. O Ghani/The Rich Sultan, O our Lord, send us the holy ones who will teach us Your servanthood O Lord. We are left here bewildered. May You send us from Your servants one who will correct our situation. You are Subhan, You are Sultan. You are our Lord, Allah. May You show us Your Mercy O Lord, Fatiha.

We send salatu salam to His Greatest Prophet, S. Muhammad Mustafa (sas). Fatiha.

Lefke, 11.08.2012

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