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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Leaving Time and Space **

Today is one situation, yesterday was another one. What you find today you will not have tomorrow. A beloved servant of Allah is one who agrees to every change in his own life and in others. It is a high rank of a believer to be happy and glad with every change without objection. Worshipping is easy. So many people pray. But to be happy with the Will of Allah the Almighty is not something everyone can do. Everyone knows this, but they do not practise it. When it would be necessary for them to do it, they are unable.

Allah is pleased with you when you are pleased with Him. If everything would be like the servant wants it to be, the servant would be happy. But on the contrary, if something happens which he is not prepared for, he will not be happy with His Lord. He will force himself to worship, and Allah doesn't like that. He wants us to worship with love and respect.

I am not expecting you do to this at once, but step by step you can practise. You need endurance for every expensive target you want to reach. We know our target and must try to reach it step by step. Even when we are in a plane we are informed of how we are getting higher and higher. We do not shoot up straight from the runway to the highest position. It is difficult to be patient, but we must, especially in our days.

Patience is the main means for an opening to Heavens, to be taken out of time and space. Before you leave time and space you must carry a heavy burden. Like a rocket before it reaches its orbit it needs huge powers. When it has reached its orbit it doesn't need anything. There gravity is finished. When we control our physical desires we can use our powers to take us out of the gravity of our egos and we will reach our orbits in Heaven.


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