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As-salamu alaikum! A new page, let us see, which page will be opened…

Tariqatuna as-sohba wa khairun fi jamiat…It is an association, association with Sheikh… Meded ya Sultan-ul Awliya…Association with Sheikh, who has been authorized for association. His authority must come from Heavens; if not, it is an imitation, not real. All prophets are in connection with Heavens; if not, they are going to be like ourselves, ordinary persons. No, prophets can't be as an ordinary person, no. Always, from beginning up today, square-head people- and their square is less than a mm square- always objecting for prophets, saying: 'You are like ourselves. What is that? Why you say you are prophet? We are looking that you are like ourselves- eating, drinking, marrying, working, fighting… everything that we have you have also. Why you are saying that you are prophet?' They are looking always on that…anger making them to loose…You may bring a plastic diamond and an original diamond. If you are bringing to a grocery shop, he should say: 'Yes, it is same'. But if you take this to jewellery, he will say: 'No, this is plastic, that is real.' People always look with their egoistic looking and say: 'You and me same. Why you are saying you are prophets? What is that, what does it mean to be prophet?'

They never understand. Up today whole world, majority of people, not taking care for prophecy. Even Muslim world also through Wahabi movement saying: 'Prophet is also like ourselves one person.' What is that? That is their material view, showing them that he is also as an ordinary person like ourselves. And this wrong idea, wrong view, wrong recognizing, wrong decision, wrong judgment, making people to refuse prophecy. Up today they are not accepting prophecy. Accepting Darwin, not accepting prophets. What is that foolishness? Whole world saying Darwin- that shaitan, that one of biggest representatives of shaitan-, that Darwin whole world saying that is true. Evolution, that bringing that shaitan, is true and they deny whole heavenly books, Holy Books. They should be punished! These people that follow worst ideas of Darwin, biggest representative of shaitan, should be punished. Now coming a war, 5 of 6 should be died! Who not accepting holy Books' knowledge, they should be killed. Killing each other, including through Islamic world also, that they are through their schools, universities, teaching Muslim youth that evolution is a true term. That shaitan is their leader!

Therefore they make me to speak on such fine points that people are thinking that 'Doesn't matter, if they are making now program for our universities, our educational systems, if we are putting it, doesn't matter', Muslims saying. Allah saying that those people on some wrong, on Batil. They are not taking care, but say: 'Doesn't matter', but this is a big thing for divinely Presence to say (about) mankind that we are coming through evolution, (and that) that Darwin shaitan is true one. Finished- they are denying Allah, denying whole prophecy, whole holy Books, denying everything about Heavens, finished!

I am saying with holy verse: 'Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim .…Wa huwa inda- llahu 'aziem'...Arabs may understand… Therefore I don't like to send my children to schools, because they are teaching such Kufr that is cursed, and cursing coming on world. Day by day cursing approaching world more and more and more, and those people that follow Darwin are going to lose everything through their minds…Hayret- they should fall in a position that they should lose their whole capacity that they have been granted; they should loose it, they are going to be unable to use anything from heavenly grants for them…yabka halimu hayran…(remaining) surprised or astonished…

(As no one in attendance Seikh seemed to find the right term that he was using, he said:) So many people sitting here…like walls…they are reaching to me, you are not reaching to me.

Now for the reason of evolution, making every week, every month, every year a new election to save themselves; and every election bringing much more weakness, and powerlessness. They reached the limit of thinking. Everything they tried up today through elections, elected people, parliaments, governments, cabinets…all of them they tried every way; now no more any way for them to release or to save themselves, finished. I am hearing here in Cyprus making elections, in Turkey making elections, in France making elections…Taking this, putting that on his head…what is that foolishness? If you change caps from one head, coming to be like me? No. Finished!

A captain that is not educated or experienced, given to him for sailing that ship and he coming and getting in a beach, golf, coming in it, ship sinking…People going, coming, like this, falling down, asking: 'What happened? Why we stopped?' Captain saying: 'Sea finished. Just finished sea, we can't find any other way, and coming on here. You must look after yourself. Because ship knowing very well that sea just finished, we reached to land, finished. It is not my fault. But I am sorry to say to you my declaration that ocean finished, sea finished. Come down and walk now.' Now their ship coming on land. All of them ghairu ahlun…

If your destination given to hands of someone that are not suitable for that, you must look that Day of Resurrection just reached to you (according to a Hadith). No one is suitable to lead nations, to lead world. And finished all of them, their ships coming on land, and saying captain: 'We can't do. Now we can do only, if you are unhappy…we must, if you are not happy with me now, we may do election, bring another captain, look what he is saying'…If you bring 40 captain, pilots, all of them should say: 'We tried also the first one, what he said. Really sea finished. Only land. We reached to land, we can't do anything else'.

Now whole world just reached to land, no way for them. If 100 times making elections, 1000 times making elections, making changing, it is same, because they are not real pilots for governing nations, governing countries, governing states. Finished.

That is something that Seal of Prophets just informed before our time 15 centuries ago. He was saying to people: 'O people, use true ones among yourselves, use experienced for your countries, for your governments. If you are not using, your final position should be in such terrible, horrible, dangerous final'. Finished- they are following Darwin and they are cursed. Their education system cursed, their governments cursed, their parliaments cursed, their republics cursed. Everywhere that (there is) cursing, (it is) from Heavens, not from me, no. Don't quarrel, don't fight with me, no! I am only saying: 'If you know any other way to save yourself…ask Darwin, phone to him! Where he is buried, put that wire to his grave, if there is someone there, and ask him: 'We followed you up today and we reached to such a position. What do you think what we shall do now?' Or they must ask shaitan, because there is satanic government. All over the world that sending, as shaitan has biggest broadcasting center under skies. (He) can't get up. But from there, that using their satellites, biggest one over it, that is giving to all satellites what they should say…correcting and sending…

You must go and find…Till you are coming to reality and you are saying: 'O our Lord, we are asking forgiveness, we are wrong way!' If you say this and asking forgiveness, that time Allah Almighty ordering to those people, who make wrong and asking forgiveness, to go to His Prophet, and Prophet asked on behalf of them forgiveness…That is verse, Ayat ul Karima: If they are making wrong and they fall in a bad position, they must go to Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wa sallim.

This order is not only for Sahaba. If you say: 'It is only for Sahaba', that (means, it) is going to be only Holy Quran for Sahabas, not for ourselves. (But) If it is general for everyone, you must use it now! Whole Muslim leaders, religious leaders, and Sultans, Presidents and governments- all of them must go to Rasullullah sws and must ask from him. (They) must say: 'We are wrong way up today. O Rasulullah please stand up in divine Presence and ask forgiveness for us, and let Him to send us someone leads us…to take ourselves from this prison, from this deserts to find our way, that our ancestors they reached from glory of Islam.'

Darwin people reaching to shaitan. Muslims- what about them? To where we must go? Allah saying. This is divine order, ferman, from Heavens to Muslims. Now if you are going to say: 'Ya Rasulullah', those Wahabi people say: 'You are Kafir, you are Mushrik'. How this Ummah is going to save themselves? And Ayatu Karima saying: 'You must go, if you make dhulm for yourselves, you must go to Rasulullah sws and ask from him that he asks forgiveness from Allah Almighty'. It is Tawassul, if is shafaa (intercession).

May Allah forgive us! Because we are in very dangerous situation, because Muslim world also following satanic ways, representative of shaitan, Darwin. Keep yourself, or mill, grinding wheat, coming to grind people now. The 3rd war is at doors! Don't think that peace coming. No, peace coming after war! Now peace never coming. Peace also coming after war. Why you are now waiting peace? Fighting must come, then peace coming. Keep yourself! If not, grinding them and taking them away...

Now there is some weapons that kill and burn people, making them like ashes and throwing them away, as a mill grinding wheat. And so near now… I don't know- through June beginning, or in July beginning… because it is not something coming and making advertising: 'We are coming'. And which part of world that volcano going to work, no one knows… May begin in Cyprus, may begin in Turkey, may begin in Israel, in Iraq, in Russia, in China, in India, Pakistan, Greece, Golf, or Mediterranean area… or Black Sea or North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean… No one knows from which part that volcano going to open...

Beware whole mankind! This is a general addressing to whole mankind. Whom keeping something through their heads from minds, balance, you should find 1oo % it is true. We are speaking through the lights of real Islam, that Prophet granted from Allah Almighty and reaching up to ourselves.

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured Prophet Sayidinna Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallim. Fatiha.

Lefke - 09.06.2002

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