Maulana Sheikh NazimLife is a building

100 years ago we were nothing and in 50 years we will be nothing. We come from nothing and we will be nothing. Within this nothingness we are trying to be something. There is a reality which makes nothing into something and then something into nothing. There must be someone who takes us from nothing to something.

That is the first message every teacher should give to his students. He should give them the name of the One Who has so many names in so many languages; a supreme never-ending eternal being. This is what students should know. Tell them, "You are now 10, 12, 15, 20... years old. 30 years ago you were nothing. Look at where you are now. You were in the wombs of your mothers, but you did not know anything. While you were growing you started to know things. Who was it who brought you from unknown to known areas?" Ask them this and teach them! That is important for the lives of everyone, especially for the new generation.

Life of man is a building. Everyone who comes into this life has been offered to build his life. That building must be strong enough to shelter people to continue safely and honourably throughout their life. It must be based on a foundation. The stronger it is, the stronger the building will be able to stand on it. If it is weak, even the wind can pull it down, or if a strong person hits on it, it will fall. It cannot be safe. This is why we need a strong foundation on which we can build a strong building of life. Foundations are not visible, they are secret, like the roots of trees. If a tree has no roots it cannot live, like we cannot live a strong and honourable life without a foundation. Our beliefs are our strong foundation. Try to give the young people the message of Heavens which hasn't changed throughout thousands of years. It has been brought to us by messengers and holy books.

This is the first information we must give young ones: we are created by the Creator of the universe. If they ask where He is, you may say, "He is beyond this universe. If you can go beyond this universe, you may see him!"

It is impossible for us to even reach the limits of this universe. Every greatness beside the greatness of the Creator will always be nothing. The universe is in limits. Beyond the universe are endless unlimited existences; darkness. He is so big that it is impossible to give a vision of Him to you. Don't think that if you bring a postcard with His image, it could represent Him. That would be foolish! His greatness is endless and unlimited. What ever He has created will be less and in limits. It will be nothing.

This is why you must say that the whole creation, all creatures need a Creator. We do not need to ask where He is and how He is. If that is what you want to know, you are asking for the impossible. It is like someone saying, "I must look at the sun and see what it is and how it is. It is impossible to enter there and to look. You would vanish. If you wanted to enter an atom and to look it would be just as impossible! We have been offered to believe. When you come to the limit of the impossible you can ask for everything which is possible. But when you ask the limits of the impossible don't ask, because your mentality will not be able to enter. In our days atheists are the people of satan. They create so much to cause people not to believe in anything. They invent these stupid questions to destroy beliefs. All religious people are complaining of those devils; the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims, because we all know that their aim is to destroy beliefs. Without beliefs man cannot live.

Not everything your eyes show you is true. So many times your eyes will cheat you. It will call the spot of light in the sky a spot of light, even though it is a huge galaxy with billions of stars. What is true? What your eyes see, or what your mind is telling you?

The message which you must give to children is to believe. You can find so many examples to make them believe. Give them a strong belief as a foundation. The strongest belief is to believe in the Creator. When they believe in His existence, don't worry.

We hope that youngsters now will come closer to spiritual aspects, that they will start to ask about unseen and unknown worlds. It is a grant of the Creator to them to make them believe in Him. When they believe in Him they will start asking about themselves. "Why did He create us? What is our mission? What have we been created for?" The answers to these questions will come when the building starts to evolve.


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