Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Life of the Prophet

Muhammad (pbuh) was calling people to pray to that one and the key of Paradise is to accept and to say LA ILLAHA ALLALLAH, as well as MUHAMMADUR RASULALLAH (saws). Every prophet declared as a key of Paradise, because it is written in Paradise LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADAR RASULALLAH (saws). If people accept or not, it doesn't change. It is a divine stamp in heaven, in Paradise. That is the key, to proclaim the Seal of Prophets, because he was the first to be created from all the prophets and he was the last to come, as Her Majesty the Queen, arrives last to a function - not coming first to wait for the others, but everyone waiting for the last, the biggest one. Therefore, Muhammad's message arrived last, because he was the greatest. Muhammad is the greatest. All heavenly books are stamped with that divine stamp - LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASULALLAH (saws). That is our declaration. If anyone wants to ask more, to learn more, to take more evidence, he may look for it.

Explanation of the use of the word 'devils' - those people (I am not intending to say unseen devils - seen devils) they are from mankind, but their activities are like devils, so bad, so cruel, so dirty, so dangerous, so harmful, so scorpions, so dragons. They are deputies of devils living with mankind - from mankind, but they are deputies for SHAITAN, deputies for devils.

The story of the Seal of Prophets - always from prophets beautiful stories, every day they have beautiful stories, because they have been sent as examples for mankind, so that their actions are beautiful stories to be follows. Thousands of stories you will find for the Seal of Prophets, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Till now his story is the best known of all Prophets, The Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). If you ask why, traditional heavenly knowledge makes it clear that he was the first of creation and the last to be sent. So that he had been expected from the beginning, from the first prophet, first man and first prophet, Adam. He gave an order to his children to believe in him and to respect him and to ask his intercession as he asked for the sake of Allah Almighty forgiveness when he broke the divinely command not to eat from prohibited tree forbidden fruit. He asked for the honour of the Seal of Prophets, beloved Muhammad (pbuh), that it is mentioned through all Holy Books, including the Old Testament, including the New Testament. It is most clear in the Gospels, except the Gospel of Luke, Mark, John and Matthew, because they do not mention it. Those books will be acceptable to the church, but there are other hundreds of gospels, prohibited books, as Holy Qur'an prohibited in churches.

Now they may look for what I am saying through St. Barnabas gospel, that was found in the tomb of St. Barnabas, a Cypriot also. He was the most important disciple of Jesus Christ, he was with him from the beginning up to the end. He was like Sayiddina Abu Bakr and beloved Muhammad (pbuh), nearest one to Jesus Christ. Not St. Mark, St. Matthew, St. Luke or St. John with Jesus Christ, but St. Barnabas was with him. These saints whose books Christians accept lived so many years after Jesus Christ (pbuh). At that time Cyprus was under Jewish rule and the Jews made trouble for him and killed and he died a martyr. After so many centuries he came into the dream of a bishop of Cyprus, orthodox bishop, patriarch. He said to him, "I am buried here under that olive tree, dig and take my body out." He did and he found the gospel belonging to St. Barnabas on his chest. He took it to the Byzantine emperor who was very happy with the bishop and dressed him in emperor's clothes and give the Church of Cyprus independence. Also, allowed him to sign with red ink that was used only by the emperor. Up to today in Cyprus the patriarch is independent and signs with red ink. Christians are thinking that they have only four gospels. No-one made any more gospels? Why only these four gospels? One gospel, or four? What are the differences among them. Why are they not coming altogether? That gives doubt. So the first intercession of Adam when he asked for the honour of that beloved one - O my Lord, please forgive me, forgive us - Adam asked forgiveness and Allah Almighty answered him saying - O Adam, if I had not created Muhammad, I would not have created you, I have not created heavens or universe except for the sake of that beloved one. I created you and everything in existence and if you are asking for his honour I give you.

Every prophet who come spoke about beloved Muhammad (pbuh). Jesus Christ said clearly that night, before going up to heaven, he was sitting at the last meeting with his disciples and he was declared everything which would happen. He said, I am going, I must go, if I do not go, the one who will phrophecy everything from beginning to end will not come. And what you don't understand about me, he will explain. And he said and he left: I must go; if I do not go that other one will not come. And he went. No-one could touch Jesus Christ, it is impossible. Do you think that a rocket when it is ready to take off that anyone could come near by? It is forbidden. From far away they are looking, no-one can approach, because it is ready to take off. Do you think Jesus Christ, one of the greatest ones, the word of the Lord, that they could touch him at that time when he was ordered to rise up? How many billion volts we have now on earth, more power that that was protecting him. If the whole Roman army came, they would be like charcoal, burning and becoming like charcoal - so much power around him. Is it easy to come to Jesus Christ, to touch him? All the Roman soldiers would leave, all the soldiers in the world who tried to touch him, would be burnt. No-one understands this, no-one gives that honour to Jesus Christ. They are saying that Roman soldiers catching him, putting a cross on his shoulder and making him carry it. What is that foolishness? Lord Allah Almighty is very angry that their beliefs are so misguided. He said I am going, my plane is ready now, I am taking off.

Then Jesus Christ informed them, I am going and he is coming. He is going but at the end on the last day come, I am coming back to be with you once again, O Christians! And I shall tell you as he Muhammad told about me, making everything clear, but you do not accept what he said. I am coming to make everything clear about doubts about the beloved Muhammad (pbuh). Then I am looking after him, I am that one, perhaps first one whom they are looking after him to come on earth. I should be first one following him, to be with him. When Jesus Christ comes on earth once again, he is not coming with a stick as he was carried in his time. A stick is not enough for our times, he will carry a sword, a sharp sword which may reach from East to West, from West to East. Sometimes mankind may be cleaned by sword.

All the prophets spoke about beloved Muhammad (pbuh). He was physically perfect and the most handsome person, physically, and most perfect one in his attributes, because he was the presentation of divine attributes. He never harmed anyone in his life, but he fought against devils. If you are blaming a person for fighting against devils, you also must be from devils. I don't think that a good person would be against a person who fights devils. If you are accusing him for using a sword and fighting, you are wrong, it is a defence against for devils. Every good one must be against devils. How could a prophet be with devils, not against devils who are against truth, against humanity, harming mankind, criminal people, bad people, tyrants. He was against tyrants. He was a protector of weak people and all slaves were following him and sacrificing for him. One of those slaves, famous Bilal, coloured person from Abyssinia. He saved him and made him free. He was punished by his owner before Prophet saved him. So many slaves, so many weak people were with him. That shows the Prophet was a protector for weak people and the shelter for weak people, as he is going to be shelter on the Day of Resurrection for sinners and through his intercession sinners should be saved from divine punishment and forgiven and blessed.

That is an introduction for the life of the greatest one. His life history needs volumes, hundreds of volumes, but we shall try to give according to conditions, according to the understanding of small ones and according to the understanding of common standard people. I am asking about Islam and about the Prophet (pbuh).

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

He is the most clear person before birth, through his birth, through his childhood, through his adulthood and through his whole life. His life gave thousands of stories. Day by day the events of his life were reported. Islamic libraries are full of his majestic life stories. He was not yet born and his father went first to the divinely presence. He was born as an orphan from his father. Then, he was only about four years when, with his respected mother, in the desert while she was dying. She was speaking to him and he was with his mother. His mother was so young and she was saying that my son is going to be praised on earth and in heavens and angels will surround him with their wings. He should be praised for ever on earth and in heavens, here and hereafter; O my beloved son, I am going to your Lord and I am leaving you, I believe in you and I believe in your greatness, I am leaving you in the hands of the Lord of Heavens, He, Almighty Allah alone, is going to look after and protect you; O my beloved son, your light is reaching from earth to heavens; O my beloved son, the greatest one of creatures, every new thing will be old, every new thing must decay, every living thing will die, every expected thing will happen. She was saying and he was listening. And she died. The Holy Prophet's small heart (in size), but in reality the biggest heart, was full with pity and mercy for his mother and he carried on. The most pitiful and merciful person for creation at his young age - he was carrying such a heavy burden in unknown deserts, the sky above him and all around desert, he was remaining without father and mother. Their servant took him (pbuh) to his grandfather. That happened to the Seal of Prophets, that Allah Almighty prepared His beloved prophet, beloved Muhammad (pbuh), to be full of mercy for the whole of nature.

He was the greatest one and he carries the responsibility of the whole of mankind in the divine presence so he must be full of mercy. He never hurt even an ant in his whole life and his life was full of these scenes of mercy. He was Allah Almighty's Mercy Oceans representative. From him, from his majestic heart, poured mercy through the hearts of prophets and saints and mankind and for everyone who is in existence and for creation. He was Mercy Oceans. It was enough to show his mercy to people how he was dealing on the day of capture of his homeland, Mecca. His tribe in Mecca just gave him (much more than any other nation gave) trouble. When he captured his homeland, Mecca, he went on a high place and leaned on his sword, he asked: "O people, what do you think how I am going to deal with you?" And all his tribe who gave him so many troubles, who hurt him and made him suffer, kept their heads down. They were saying only: "the best one, the best brother for us, the best son for us, the best grandson for us, the best relative for us, for our tribe and we only hope you will do for us your best." And he said: "O people, O my tribe, I am leaving all of you, I am giving you all your freedom; you were slaves under my sword, but I am dealing with you with my best for the sake of the Lord; I am leaving all of you free for the sake of my Lord, Almighty Allah." No-one reported such a dealing from conquerors in historical events, through history of the world. He is the only one who did this.

Everyone may run to take revenge from them, but he was a mercy for mankind - he wasn't coming to kill, but he was coming to make alive. Fanatic people do not understand him and try to blame him that he used the sword against his enemies. Why are they now using weapons against their enemies - Christians and Jews? Why? If we do not use swords and weapons against enemies, would we use them against our friends? What is that nonsense? Why are they blaming the prophet that he is used a sword against his enemies? Who is going to deal with enemies if enemies are attacking with their swords and weapons - to sit down and say come and cut my head, come and kill me? What is that nonsense opinions of Christians and Jews? When he was conqueror and all those people were under his sword. If he had ordered, in a moment all their heads could be cut, but he said no. "You are asking from me, you are not using weapons now, it is finished, your swords are beneath my feet. And you are asking mercy from me and I am giving you mercy. If anyone asks mercy from me, I am giving mercy. If anyone coming as an enemy, I am giving my sword to him." That is the most excellent prophet, excellent in dealing with people. Everyone must accept this. This is the most perfect dealing. If they came and asked for mercy, he gave it. If sometimes he was killing, it was because they did not accepting from him mercy. He was not declaring that he was that prophet coming with mercy. They were denying and he was saying: go now, you are under my sword.

When Sayiddina Muhammad was born (pbuh), that night the idols fell down in the Ka'aba - as a miracle for his coming all idols fell down around the Ka'aba and inside the Ka'aba. People were wondering what happened the idols fell on their faces like a person making sajda. Through that night there was lightening over the whole place, the whole of Mecca. At the time of his birth lights were coming - not daylight, but a light never seen before. Such lights covered Mecca and came from the Prophet's birthplace, in such colours that no-one can expect to see, to know or to be seen before. That night all the animals in the deserts and in Mecca were giving congratulations for the birth of the mercy of creation, for the mercy of all creatures. That same night one of the big Jewish scholars living in Medina looked at the skies and shouted in a loud voice: "O the star of Ahmad just appeared! O Jewish people, O people, look, the star of Ahmad just appeared! He must be born tonight!"

The same night the fire burned in Persia for more than one thousand years without extinguishing just extinguished, suddenly. All the servants of the fire were very, very worried and said: "What happened? We kept that fire for a thousand years and suddenly it is extinguished. What happened? There must be some important happening just now?" From the palace of Ceasar fourteen turrets suddenly tumbled down and Ceasar was shaken on his throne from the greatness, of the tremor.

Angels appeared at his birthplace putting wings on wings and he was born making sajda to his Lord and signing with his finger and saying shahada, signing the unity of his Lord Almighty Allah and declaring his prophethood. He was saying: "O my Lord!" His lips were speaking at that time. Christians know that Jesus Christ spoke after he was born at three days old, but the Seal of Prophets, beloved Muhammad (pbuh), was falling on his knees and putting his forehead on the earth, making sajda, the moment he was born and then saying shahada and then saying: "O my Lord, I am asking mercy for my nations, I am asking from your endless mercy oceans for my nation, because they are sinners; for the sinners I am asking for endless forgiveness and mercy."

He was perfect at birth, spiritually, and his name was given before his birth (pbuh). His mother (may Allah bless her), his holy mother, respected mother, dreamt and in her dream she had been told that: "O lucky one, you are most lucky one, carrying the beloved one of the Lord Almighty Allah, happiest one, luckiest one. When you are giving birth to him (pbuh), give his name to be Muhammad (saws) - that means "praised one", praised and respected through heavens and on earth." And she gave her son his name. When he was born, after a while, they put him on his back, and all the angels were flocking. After a while he was taken from there and his mother looked and wondered where her lovely, respected child went to - angels took him to heavens, all the heavens, and every angel gave respects and salutes, and put him in the divine presence and Allah Almighty saluting him, making salam on him, and after a while angels brought him and put him back. That is the Seal of Prophets. No other prophet before him (pbuh) reached that respect in the divine presence. Everyone was respected, but the most respected and beloved one was our prophet, the prophet for mankind (pbuh), beloved Muhammad (saws). His mother said, I never felt any burden while I was pregnant with him and I was heard that he was glorifying his Lord my womb. I never felt any pains when I was giving birth to him - angels and maidens from paradise were bringing a sort of drink so cold, so sweet, so white and so tasteful I never tasted; when I drank, the angels stroking my back with their wings and he was in the hands of the midwife (peace be upon him).

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