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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**LIMITLESS INTENTIONS**

People ask me as to who I am. I say that I am nothing and that I am also asking to be nothing, I am asking to be a very humble servant of Sayyidina Mahdi (alai), if he will accept me. If he does not accept me even then my heart shall be with him. My heart and all of myself I wish to give Mahdi (alai). I would like to support him one hundred percent because I am fed up one hundred percent with the situation in the World today. I am fed up of the ideas and actions of people today. Therefore, from morning to evening and then from evening to morning, I am asking to be able to meet Sayyidina Mahdi (alai), and to be able to support him in every way.

What can my support be to Mahdi (alai), it is like the Black Ant trying to dowse the fire that was meant to burn Ibrahim (alai). Nimrod made a big fire so that he could throw Ibrahim Khalilul Rahman into it. Although the fire was in Damascus, the brightness of the flames could be seen in Mesopotamia. So huge was this fire. There was at least forty days traveling distance between these two places, yet this fire was so huge that it could be seen from Mesopotamia. Ibrahim (alai) was very young and at that time he was only sixteen years old.

This ant was hurrying towards the fire when someone asked it, "Where are you running in such haste"? This ant then indicated by pointing towards its mouth that it could not speak, because its mouth was full of water. It was carrying this water to extinguish the huge fire of Nimrod. This is why Allah Almighty honoured this nameless ant in the Holy Quran. Just think what could the mouthful of water inside the mouth of this ant do to extinguish such a huge fire as that of the fire of Nimrod. But still Allah Almighty has honoured this ant by making mention of this in the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty praised and rewarded this ant because of its intention. The intention of the ant being to try as much as it could to save the life of Ibrahim (alai) from the gigantic fire of Nimrod.

Yes, I, Sheik Nazim, shall in the same manner try to do everything to support Mahdi (alai). I am so weak to be able to support him. Mahdi (alai) shall come and order the fire that burns on the Earth at that time to stop burning and to be cool, just as Allah Almighty ordered the fire during the time of Ibrahim (alai), to stop burning and be cool. No one has the power to stop the fire that burns on this Earth now. I am intending like the black ant to try to extinguish this fire that is burning on this Earth, the fire of the Mafia, the rebels and the unbelievers. To take all of them away from north to south and from east to west and to clean up the whole World.

My aim is only that. I am living for that purpose. At any moment the World can be ablaze with fire. At that time there was only one Nimrod, one King sized Nimrod. But today, the whole World is full of Nimrods, King sized Nimrods, medium sized Nimrods, small sized Nimrods and all sized Nimrods like Gog and Magog (Aajooj Majooj).

The Saints today are looking with their Divine Vision and seeing this World to be full of these gigantic Nimrods. These Nimrods, billions of Nimrods, are trying to extinguish Thowheed. All of them are shouting that there is no God. They are saying La ilaha. They want everyone to accept this. How can I agree with such people. They are not saying Illallah. How can we agree with them. How can we be happy during these times, and our time is the most difficult and the most dangerous time on Earth. The Earth is such a dirty place today. It is difficult to find a clean place, to even do Sajda on this Earth now.

The Prophet Muhammed (on whom be peace), has said that our intentions are better than our actions. This is because our capacity for action is very small. It is like the action of the black ant trying to extinguish the fire of Nimrod. But the intention of that ant was big and glorious. Like this ant my intentions are very big and therefore my functions are also big and yet so simple. You may imitate my intentions. The most important function for the Muslim World today is to intend the like of what I am intending. We should try not to leave good functions and good actions however difficult they might be. Therefore we must prepare ourselves with our intentions.

Everyone must intend that he shall carry away every Batil and falsehood from east to west and from north to south, and not to leave anyone on Earth with wrong ideas and wrong intentions so much so that we must try not to leave anyone to be against the orders of the Lord. That is my mission and the mission of everyone.

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