Maulana Sheikh NazimLiving Simply

Mankind is one extended family. We are all related, and, therefore, we share many characteristics, among them a great spiritual power hidden within our being. But our five senses carry us away from ourselves and ensure that we are constantly engaged in our surroundings. As long as we are the slaves of our senses they will draw us into the perpetual pursuit of insatiable sensual desires, and as long as we follow their dictates we cannot gain control of that spiritual power within us.

Because of this tendency, it is essential that anyone seeking to return to himself take his first step on the way of truth by decreasing his desires, by seeking to live an uncomplicated life. We are by nature vain and like to indulge in a lot of self-­adornment. If people had the financial means, they would wear a new suit of clothes every few hours. In the old days, most people owned perhaps twenty suits of clothes through the course of their lives. Nowadays, it would be impossible for one to be satisfied even with twenty garments at any particular time in his life. The modern economic system of the West is based on quick production and quick consumption, and that is the epitome of foolishness. Because of the universal predominance of such a system, people in industrialised countries tire quickly and die of weariness and - lifestyle related diseases. The race to produce and consume consumes people, it Is a heavy burden on their shoulders.

Therefore, whoever seeks a happy life and spiritual improvement must do as sailors do when a ship is overloaded and in danger going down in a storm they throw off the ballast. If you like you may heed warnings: be wise and move step by step towards simplicity. Don't pursue fashion.


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