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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Make It Green**

Read on me. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

Plant acacias. Bees love them. Do you know acacia? Increase them. Acacia is a blessed tree. How are you?
- Shukr to Allah. May your efforts be great. May we do servanthood to our Lord. Our Lord loves beautiful
ones. Let us be beautiful. Let us be beautiful. Janab-ul Mawla doesn't like ugliness. He loves beauty. Inna
Allaha jamilun, yuhibbu l-jamal. (Verily Allah is Beautiful and loves Beauty). Run away from ugly deeds.
Yuhibbu l-jamal.

Ya Rabbi, may we not be crooked. May the one who looks be happy, get relief, prostrate to his Lord. O
our Lord, La ilaha illa Anta Subhanaka faqina 'azaba n-nar. You create everything beautiful. JanabAllah
wants beauty, He doesn't want ugliness. He doesn't want sick people either. I seek refuge. Give us strength.
Even the appearance of cattle is beautiful. JanabAllah has created it so. He created a cow so. He loves it.
He is Allah Dhul-Jalal. JanabAllah doesn't like ugly things. May we not be ugly, Mehmed, my son. Be
adorned. Adorn. Decorate. JanabAllah has decorated this universe. Wa zayyanna bi kawakib. (and He
adorned it with constellations) Isn't it? Janab-ul Mawla has ornamented it. He doesn't like ugliness. Aman
ya Rabbi. O our Lord, we want to be away from ugly deeds. You created with beauty. May we not be ugly.
Everything has beauty, Mehmed. Pay attention to that. Pay attention to making everything beautiful, to
making everything orderly.

Janab-ul Haqq has considered everything. He created everything beautiful. There's nothing Allah created
ugly. Hasha. How much and many there are in the world. Allah Allah. O our Lord, You created us
beautiful. Give us power to guard our beauty. How beautiful is every work of our Mawla. Allah Allah.
Even when we leave this world, may our faces appear beautiful. May we not look dead. May we look alive.
Allahu akbar ul-akbar. Allahu akbar ul-akbar. Fatiha.

Salamun qawlan min Rabbin Rahim. (36:58) Salamun qawlan min Rabbin Rahim. Peace a word from a
Merciful Lord. Fatiha.

Janab-ul Haqq created so beautiful. "May My servants take benefit from it. May they not need rocks and
earth." Sons of Adam; may everything of theirs be beautiful. Take into your mouth and chew a piece of
sugar cane every day. It's a new occurrence. Even if just a bite, eat a piece of lemon with its peel. Eat a
piece of lemon, a piece of sugar cane. Chew it, disease won't come. There won't be a need for fake pills.
JanabAllah didn't make fake things. Our father used to give us a spoon of fish oil when we were small. How
nice it was.

Love for oleaster is different. What a nice tree is oleaster (Russian Olive). What a beautiful smell it has. Did
you plant it? Plant it everywhere. Decorate. Decorate the world. Let it not remain ugly because JanabAllah
doesn't like ugliness. Allah doesn't reduce His mercy. They said there's no rain. O our Lord, whose great
favours have no boundaries, how can we say so? How can we say so? Seas can turn into sweet water in a
moment. Our Lord...

May we know our humanity, may we be beautiful. May we be beautiful. Multiply the beauty, Mehmed.
Plant oleaster, trees of oleaster stick by stick everywhere. It will give both relief and strength to the body.
What a beautiful tree is the oleaster. What a nice smell it has. Run away from fake things. Don't use fake
things, Mehmed. This is science. Janab-ul Haqq created beauty, He wants everything beautiful. Rabb-ul
Izzet wants beauty. Let us be beautiful, let us be beautiful.

Do you eat sugar cane? Chew just a piece of it; it will give strength to your body, beauty and taste to your
face. How much and many... There are piles of sugar cane over there. Cut a piece every day so that we
chew. Let us chew it. Tangerines with their peels; how nice they are. What a nice tree is tangerine. What a
nice tree is jujuba. What a nice tree is oleaster. Did you plant almonds? Did you plant it? Plant, it is a
glorious tree. It is a glorious tree, Faqir. It makes decoration and gives strength. Make tasbih to our Lord,
my son. How much and many... What donkeys we are.

Plant everywhere, my son, plant. Plant acacia in many places, Mehmed. It is both a decoration and a
benefit. Allah Allah. O our Lord, forgive us. Don't give fake things to children. How beautiful it will be -
sugar cane becoming like wood in a tiny place like this. Rather than eating other sugar, eat a piece of that.
Let it give strength to your body. How much and many will come. How much our Lord has given. "Fahal
min mudhdhakirin"(54:40). Isn't it? "Is there any who will think?" Cut and eat a piece of sugar cane every
day, or put in water, boil and drink it. You won't fall sick. They put people into misery, those dogs. I wish
to get strength, to get strength on the way of Allah. May there be decoration for the world and benefit for
people. Fatiha.

O our Lord. "Allama al-insana ma lam ya'lam"(96:5) If a man ever learned. Plant many acacias, Mehmed.
Keep bees as well. Keep bees. May Mawla give us strength. Allah is beautiful, He loves beauty. Make
decoration. Rather than eating this artificial sugar, get used to eating sugar cane. Sickness won't come.
However, shaitan has made people drunk. Allah Jalla Jalaluhu, send us Your servants who will teach us for
the honor of Your Beloved. Fatiha.

Plant cedar here and there. It has greatness. Don't cut that tree. Don't cut the great tree. Allahu Akbar.
Allah loves the great one. Don't cut. My late mother used to plant cloves in forty pots. They have beautiful
smell. She planted violets and hyacinths. Everyone had a pool in his house. They had tanks. My mother
used to put pots around the pools full of various flowers in broken pots. She used to grow cloves in them.
Hay faqir mother of mine. Now they became perished. They became bad. These fake things have made
people stupid. Look at nature, Mehmed. Don't use fake things.

Ikhdarra. Ikhdarratu l-ard. Isn't it? Janab-ul Haqq has made it green. He loves greenery, Mehmed. He
loves greenery. Green color is the lord of colors. Allahu Akbar. How much and many. Cut a piece of it;
Egyptians know it better, they chew it. Sugar is obtained from it; it can give sacks of sugar. Don't look at
fake things. Look at originals. Success is from Janab-ul Haqq. Fatiha.

Don't leave an empty place. Plant a seed. Plant a sapling. Don't leave an empty place, Mehmed. This is the
most important base. Plant in the mountains and rocks so that it becomes green. Let birds and insects eat,
give benefit to people. We fell for these fake things of the kafirs. They spoiled us. Plant something.
Whenever you find an empty place, plant something there. Everything has its benefit.

Lefke, 20.01.2014

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