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Maulana Sheikh NazimMan is living together, not separated

Man is living together, not separated; therefore it is important for everyone to be able to carry every kind of people. And he must try to be friendly with everyone. Allah Almighty created everything, created mankind, and He is giving to everyone a speciality. Sometimes it is just opposite your speciality, but there is a harmony through creation and through creatures, a very secret harmony. You are looking under seas through that special TV-channel ‘Discovery’; there are so many kinds of fishes or creatures living through oceans. If it is going to be one kind of fish, it is not going to be so attractive, or giving pleasure to people, therefore Allah Almighty created countless kinds of creatures, all of them living together in the ocean. And on earth there are countless kinds of people. Important is to be able to keep that harmony among everyone, not to make an objection on it, why this, why that? We must accept that everything is just created for some reasons or purposes or for some target, some wisdom, but it is not open for us. Sometimes opening.

Once a Saint, a Wali, was sitting with the Sultan and one fly was always coming on the face of the Sultan. He was making like this with hands, like that, but never escaping. And the Sultan asked: ‘What do you think for that fly? For what it is created?’ And the Wali said: ‘To teach Sultan that he is weak in front of a weak creature. Not to look yourself: ‘I am Sultan, I am so powerful’. That makes you to know that you are a weak person, you can’t defend yourself in front of one fly. If coming two, going to be too much, if coming three or hundreds, what you are going to do?’

He was speaking according his understanding level and also asking to make the Sultan’s pride down. Because anyone that feeling he has a power physically or materially or with his tribe, soldiers- everything that is giving to people something that is not real for him- makes people to be proud. And a Sultan no doubt feels himself much more powerful than everyone, and that his level is to be Number One, that there is no second one for him.

On that level that Wali was speaking to him: ’Look, Allah makes you weak, ajiz, unable, to make anything.’ Therefore everything there is a harmony among all the creatures, and we have been ordered to keep everyone’s value, to give everyone’s honour that it has been created, and Allah created that. It is from our high respect to Allah Almighty to think for everything on every creature that He created them and that He created everything with some reason or some benefit or for some teaching for us.

Now here live for a short time but it is counted days, in counted it is not countless, and everything in limits must finish. You may be here now not 25 days, you may be 25 months, just finished, you are leaving. You maybe with us 25 years, but now it is going to finish, you are leaving. Everything in limits must reach to an end. Only, what remains, is what is recorded on the lines of time. That is taken from us and our physical material is thrown away. What is written on the line of life, line of time, is what we recorded. That is important; it is going to be protected for the last day. Nothing is continuously, only Allah Almighty’s existence is never ending from pre-eternal up to eternal and those are lucky people, who fill their records with good things that make Allah pleased with him or her.

You are welcome and here I am not too much looking after everyone. As much as possible I am looking and leaving everything not to be artificial, but to be natural or normal everything, and people must train their egos to carry everything through this life, and that training gives to them benefit here and hereafter.

May Allah bless you and everyone who is with us, coming and going, and respecting and giving their love. May Allah bless all of you and grant you also from his endless mercy oceans happy days here and hereafter. To ask forgiveness is a good manner in Islam, something that happening from my side to be forgiven I am asking pardon from Allah Almighty and his Prophet sws, and you pray for me also to be able to carry, not to come much more weaker and to be through the hands of people. When I am looking such people in such a way through accidents or from long life sometimes people can’t be ale to walk and people must carry them here and there, I am asking from Allah Almighty not to make me a burden on people, that I may do what is necessary for myself. That is what I am asking from Allah Almighty, not to come that weakness and burden on me, not to be a burden on people and not to give trouble to people.

May Allah bless all of you and send His mercy on humanity and change their ways from Kufr to Iman, from the slavery of our egos to be His servants. For the honour of His most honoured servant S. Muhammad sws. Fatiha.

Lefke - 16.02.2002

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