Maulana Sheikh Nazim Man must know (for) what he is in need

Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…“Subhanak, Subhanak, Subhanak! La ‘ilama lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ’Alimu Hakim.“ By the Name of Allah Almighty, most Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent.

Man or everyone must know (for) what he is in need. If a person (is) getting out and going to (the) market and he is not knowing for what he went to (that) market- what (is) happening? Which benefit he may reach? Particularly if you are going from (one) distance to (another) distance, coming from Moscow to London, or from Belfast to Sheffield or from England to America. If he is not knowing for what he is going (on that journey)- what it should be? He may say: “For what I am coming here?”

And you are traveling from Heavens; from (the) spiritual world (you are) traveling towards earth. That means, your real being is with your Lord through Heavens (and) then you have been sent on earth. If you don’t know or you are not asking: “For what or for which purpose I have been on earth”- it is not like going from your home here in Lefke to the market or to Nicosia or from one continent to another, but you are coming and traveling a journey from Heavens towards earth and you have been dressed a dressing that it is not used through Heavens, no! This is an important point, this association. We don’t know and we are in need someone to teach ourselves and to learn (the) real reason of our journey from the spiritual world and our landing on this material world. (In) Heavens the structure (of man) is never same (like) the structure of man on earth. This man on earth (is) never like that man through Heavens, no!

And, Subhanallah, (the) first man, Adam a.s., the Lord of Heavens (was) bringing him from the spiritual world in existence through the material world. Therefore the Lord of Heavens used four elements: fire, air, earth and water, making his creation by His divinely Hands. Preparing, creating, then dressing (it on) his spiritual being. That shape was just dressed on Adam’s spiritual being that it was his real existence or his real being or his real position. And ordering to Adam, when the Lord of Heavens was sending that secret real position of his real structure in the spiritual world to come in and to get in relation his spiritual being to come and to make a relationship with that shape, with that new form that Allah Almighty made it and prepared it to be his soul’s new appearance… and the Lord of Heavens was putting him in Jannatu ‘Adnin’, (The Garden of Eden), to be there and freely to enjoy with everything through (the) Paradise of Eden.

Then the Lord of Heavens that He is the Lord of the whole creation, He is the Lord for every creature, (did something) to make Adam and Eve and after them their descendants to know that they are all belonging to the Lord of Heavens, to make them to know that they are not (Lords themselves), even they are the top level of creation.

(But as much as they may reach more and more levels- do you think that a person, as much as he has power to reach to skies, do you think that anyone may pass that sky and the sky is going (to be) under him and he is going himself to be over skies? No, it is impossible! You may run everywhere on earth and you may try (it for) yourself by using so many nonsense instruments to get up and to pass through that space and to reach to the limits of that space- it is impossible! Allah Almighty is teaching them what is possible and what is not possible, what is impossible. And man tried.)

And the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Adam and Eve and their generation (wanted them) to know that there is One that only that One He has Lordship for everything. You, your level is servanthood and (there is) no level for Him, but He has Lordship for every creation; from pre-eternal up to eternal His Lordship is going on, no one can reach to that point. Therefore He ordered (to them and said): “I am the Lord of Heavens, I am the Lord of Paradises, oh Adam! I am your Lord, and I am giving to you this Eden Paradise to live there and to enjoy yourself with everything. But I like to teach you that I am the Lord of you and your generation and the Lord of Heavens (and therefore) I am saying 'Don’t eat, don’t approach that tree!' ”

(Therefore the Prophet sws was sending his holy Statement to Kings and Emperors and he was saying: “I am Muhammad sws, the Messenger of Heavens that belongs to the Lord of Heavens. I am calling you to follow me and to accept what I am calling you to that direction. ‘Aslim’, ‘taslim’, surrender! You should be in safety forever. I am dressing you (to be) Emperor or King, but you are never passing the level of servanthood! I am the Lord, bow to Me! I may give you safety here and Hereafter. You must know that Shaitan that cursed one was arguing with Me. He is not asking for what Adam is on that position, but his cursed ego was arguing to be like Me. That cursed one is asking to be Lordship also for him. Can’t be! I am the Lord, One, (and) all of you are My servants. Therefore I cursed him and kicked him out.”

And (Allah Almighty was) saying to Adam: “Don’t be like that cursed one to break My Orders! Who is breaking My Order (he) is claiming to be (a) Lord like Me. I am not giving a way, any way to anyone (for that)! In eternal Lordship (is for Me only); from pre-eternal to eternal it belongs to Me, only One.” You must understand! Therefore (He was) putting this (Order): “Don’t eat”, (because He was saying:) “I am commanding and your are My servants. You must keep My Orders, My Commands!”

Ya Rabbi! Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Astaghfirullah! 21st century people- all of them (are) asking to be Lord, to have Lordship! (Before there were only) some heedless ones like Pharaoh, like Nimrod, (but) now (there are) countless Nimrods claiming that they are Lords, and that is the source of troubles on earth now, because they are not accepting the Lord of Heavens and His Commands. They are saying: “We don’t care that One’s or anyone’s Orders. We are bringing democracy, carrying people, voting…” Elections in Cyprus, elections in England, elections in America, elections in Russia… that they are rushing to reach Lordship for mankind. And 21st century people everyone is running to reach the position of Nimrods. Therefore Shaitan is urging youngsters (and) saying (to them): “You must study.”

From where you are coming? So many mindless youngsters everywhere- you may ask (them and they will say): ”I am coming from Turkey, I am coming from Syria, from Egypt, even from Pakistan coming people!" They are keenly asking to reach masterhood or (to be) doctor, so that they may think that: “Haaa, (this is the) last point for a person to reach to be doctor.” Doctor Iftikhar Hussein, Dr. Fatima Begum… Dr. Amina Begum, Dr. no-mind Begum... everyone- (Shaitan is) making them to run after universities that he put his camps there through whole universities. You can find they are all Shaitan’s camps. I am looking and I am seeing just put the flag of Shaitan and he is preventing to be through teachings of universities heavenly Teachings. It is forbidden; no one from professors may speak on Allah or the Lordship of Allah or the Commands of Heavens or anything that belongs to the Lord of Heavens. And that is trouble!

And the Prophet was saying: “Come and surrender to your Lord’s Commands! You should be in safety here and Hereafter. Or, (if not), you are going to eat someone another someones until you are finishing.” As the Children of Israel (that time)- someones killed another someones- now the whole world is going to kill each other, until billions (of people will) pass away and die and (only) a handful (of) people is going to remain on earth, those who should accept the Lordship of their Lord on earth, in Heavens.

May Allah forgive me and grant us a good understanding, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 12.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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