Maulana Sheikh NazimMan - unknown creature! Or: Every day we are changing - materially and spiritually!

Ayyuhal ghafilun, ayyuhal dhalimun, O ignorant ones, o oppressors!
People are swimming in the oceans of ignorance…
Welcome to you, welcome to you!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-.llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim!
As-salamu alaikum! As-salamu alaikum! As-salamu alaikum! Salamun qaulan
mir Rabbi-r-Rahim!

O people, it is our humble meeting here, humble meeting… but the Lord of
Heavens- Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah- He is
looking, what we are doing. Don’t think that Allah Almighty’s Territory
can be…(is) going to be in limits! But people they are thinking that
Allah Almighty only He is occupying Himself for this world- ha sha-
never! Al Mulku li-llah! Whole creation for Allah! Mulk, territory, His
Dominions- (you know Dominions? You know to eat and drink, nothing else
we are knowing… la haula wa la quwatta… What happened? Going to
Paradise?... Territory, Mulk- no any English person here? His Territory,

What is Dominions? Dominions, that is a sign from His endless
Territories; each Dominion, we may say, (is) like our universe that (it
is) concluding perhaps countless galaxies. Countless galaxies that they
are saying- through their knowledge that reaching- they are saying: “Ten
billion galaxies. This, that we can see a sign of it, through a biggest
telescope, (is) ten billion galaxies.” This universe, that is only, you
may say, one Dominion and under His endless Power Oceans it is only a
spot, small spot. This huge universe (is) only one spot and that is His
Territory, but people (are) thinking that Allah Almighty (is) occupying
Himself through this planet only! What is that ignorance? What is that!
And they are thinking that He (is) only for this planet and (that)
everyone or everything that He created on it, He is only looking after
them and nothing (else)!

O people, try to know something about His Existence! I am not saying:
“Try to learn about His Greatness”, no, I may say only: “Try to look
(to) this Dominion that (is) surrounding you.” And through this Dominion
it is only an unseen spot, (our) solar system, and in it our earth (is)
going to be (like) nothing and everything on it (is) going to be
nothing. He is Allah, He is Creator, He may create only to say: “Be!”
and coming in existence what He is asking to come!

Don’t tire (yourself) by thinking of our Lord’s Attributes that it is
heavenly Attributes, and then divinely Attributes, that no one can enter
in it! For heavenly Attributes, (from) that you may take something. What
is something? You can try to know something on this earth, as (what) a
needle (is) going to take- a spot- from an ocean. You can take such a
knowledge, so small! As a needle (that) you may put in an ocean and take
it out; what (is) remaining at the edge of that needle, (like that) you
may perhaps take something, such a thing, about our Lord’s heavenly
Attributes, heavenly Knowledge, that through that Knowledge you can
understand something. And beyond that (there are) everending Horizons
for knowledge only for this planet!

It is impossible for anyone to reach a heavenly Knowledge about that
planet, about its oceans. Who can reach to oceans, deeply or widely, who
can do it? Everything they are knowing is only as nothing, nothing,
nothing! As long as you are entering, that is such knowledge that every
time (that) you are reaching much more from knowledge, your existence
(is) going to disappear, disappear, disappear, to come down, to come
down and to finish…

Don’t think that your knowledge (is) making you to approach His heavenly
Existence, because His Almighty’s heavenly Existence is something
impossible. Leave that- we may say, (someone may say: “O Sheikh, we are
making such a thing that our mentalities can’t carry for the knowledge
about this world”, and I am saying: "Yes, even less.")

I may say to you: ‘Who are you? How you are in existence? Who (is)
designing you? Who (is) giving your form? Who (is) giving your sex (as)
man or women, male and female? You know about yourself? Why (you are)
coming and to complain and objecting what we are saying? (The) most
nearest show in existence to you (is) you! Your material being (is the)
most closer thing around yourself, on this planet and over and under-
why you are saying: ‘How we are not knowing (the) heavenly Personality
of our Lord?’ Leave that and you look to yourself! “If you can say
(something) about your (own) personality”, I am saying, “(then) you may
find a way to know (about the) heavenly Existence and Personality of our
Creator.” (It is) impossible, but you must believe, you must believe in it!

You must try to know something about yourself, because the Lord of
Heavens (is) opening a Knowledge Ocean for you and (He is) saying: “Dig
(dive??) in it and look! First learn (about) that ocean, then you may
come back to you(rself), because your existence (is) much more
important, much more wider from (the) Atlantic Ocean or (the) Pacific
Ocean! You are bigger than (the) Pacific Ocean! Pacific Ocean, its
material and its inner reality may be more easier to you for an
understanding, more than your existence. Your existence (is) sooo, sooo
deeply existence and you, by yourself, it is impossible to know anything
about yourself!

That is a respect and honouring (of) our Lord’s deeds and dealings
through existence… And today is something else from yesterday and also
today is just different (to) one day in front of you; tomorrow your
being (is) going to be… (in) another form (it is) going to appear. Don’t
think that you are every day (the) same one!

Every day we are changing, materially and spiritually- Allahu akbar! Und
your secret of your being as Khalifatullah, the successor of (the) Lord
of Heavens, that is another Ocean… Yet you can’t be able to reach in it,
yet no!

Allah Almighty (was) giving to S.Daud some specialities: When he was
singing with Psalms, mountains were coming with him and singing,
heavenly Singing, and everything on earth nearby to S.Daud a.s. they
were so happy and they were glorifying Allah Almighty with S.Daud. Man
(is an) unknown creature! Only his Creator (is) knowing, what He
created, you, you are not knowing. But (He is) opening an entrance (for
you): “If you like to know about yourself, I am sending to you teacher;
I am sending to you a guide!” (A) guide (is) guiding people, for this
castle, for that mosque, for that building, that is only… And Allah
Almighty (is) sending from His servants someones to teach, to make guide
to people. As we are signing: “That is (the) Star of Pole, that is (the)
Seven Sisters Star, that is Jupiter, that is Saturn, that is Mars, that
is Venus, this is Earth”… All is signing, but it is impossible to reach
and to understand.

O people, Allahu akbar! We must be always keeping (the) highest respect
with your Lord and (highest) glorifying. Glorifying that is Muntaha-l
Bahru-l Haira, glorifying, (that) means, unlimited for Allah Almighty
respect, unlimited respect. To glorify Allah Almighty, from creatures
that is unlimited respecting and you can’t reach the top point or (a)
last point, no! That is our happiness, that is our hopeful and most
beloved position for ourselves that we have such a Creator! If you are
bringing that to your imagination, imagination is nothing! You can’t
reach any imagination for Allah Almighty’s Existence and Dominions and
heavenly Personality, that (it is the) divine Personality. That is,
ohhh, everending, everending honour for ourselves! (The) everening Lord
of Existence just granted us such everending honour, everending hope,
everending refreshment, everending Beauty Oceans, ohhh, everending! If
(it was) ending, if it is going to be in limits, that was for ourselves,
that was taking ourselves away. We may disappear quickly, but this that
means eternity, eternity!

Whole we are saying now about eternity (is) for the Lord of Creation.
For creatures, you (are) only a spot and spot means: no ardi tul, no any
limits for (a) spot. Spot, we may say spot, but we can’t bring a
description what is (a) spot! No length and no dimensions, only we may
say that is spot, no any dimension, no! We are always in it and His
Existence only (is the) real Existence. His Existence, yours no, but
that (it is) granted (to) ourselves to be in that spot and that spot you
may use your imagination, that we are speaking on it only as a spot
also, nothing else, always, and you have been granted to be in eternity,
eternal life. Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!

O people, this Dunya… therefore, as we are saying, leave them, (it is)
nothing, nothing, and real Reality… How many dimensions you know? 3? Do
you think that it is in limits, dimensions? May be 5o, may be 1oo, may
be 1ooo, may be millions, may be billions- anyone (is) saying: “You
can’t do this”? “…wa Huwa ‘ala kulli shayin Qadir!...” He may do
everything, but we are living only in (a) 3 dimension existence. But no
one can prevent Who created 3 dimensions, to be (there) 3oo
(dimensions), 3ooo, 3 million, 3 billion, 3 quadrillion, 3 pentillion…
no one can say: “He can’t do”- He can do! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!

Therefore He is saying: “Abada… you are coming to Me. Through your life
you are learning something, then your souls (are) jumping (into) My
endless, endless Knowledge Oceans, endless Beauty Oceans, endless
Blessing Oceans, endless, endless, endless Oceans!” Therefore who is
getting in(to) Paradise, no one (is) saying that: “Just I am fed up”!
What is fed up? No one can say: “(Canim sikiliyor.) I am fed up!”
May Allah grant us to turn our faces to His Almighty’s divinely Face, to
be with His divinely Oceans forever, Amin!

O people, try to be clean, because that, all of what we are saying, it
is for clean people. That Dunya is dirty. Everyone (who is) asking only
dirty, they are also dirty ones.

But ask to be clean and to be with clean ones, because He Almighty (is)
only accepting clean ones, not dirty ones! Look after your actions, look
after your intentions, if it is clean or not! If it belongs to Allah, it
is clean, if it belongs to your ego, to Dunya, it is dirty. Don’t carry
dirty things, but ask clean ones. Ya Rabbi, ya Allah!

May Allah forgive us; forgive me, forgive you and bless you, forever,

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence.

Lefke, 25.2.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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