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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**OH, MANKIND, USE YOUR CONSCIENCE! **

Don't go to check-ups. If something happens to you then it doesn't matter, you can go to doctors. But if nothing is wrong and you go to check-up they will put so many doubts into you. Because nowadays everything is business and doctors, nurses and specialists have all forgotten the oath of Hippocrates. They had promised to really help people and not to trick them in their treatment. This is all forgotten now because it has turned into a business, a huge business from East to West. Therefore: beware of check-ups!

The real check-up happens in your conscience. If your conscience goes to the direction of truth, then you must be happy. That is the real check-up. If your conscience goes to the direction of truth that means that you are healthy, spiritually healthy. You can then do such a check-up every day without even using instruments. Every night when you are starting to rest, make a check-up of yourself. "With whom was I today? Was my conscience honest, or not?" You can then understand if you lost the way, or not. If you are on the right direction, or not. You can then come to truth through your conscience.

You must be thankful to your Lord and say to Him, "Oh, my Lord, you are the truth and I am with you. That will arrange everything within your spiritual being and your spiritual being will arrange everything within your physical being. Like that you will not need any physical check-up anymore. It will already be done by your spiritual being. There will be no need to run to any specialist. You will not have to make a lot of analysis. No! You yourself will control and check-up. Your spiritual body will make the check-up for your physical body. Your spirituality will give full support to your physical body. When your spiritual being gives full support, your physical body will have full power and full activity.

That is why the spiritual power of Prophets and Saints give a 100% support to their bodies. Every cell is supported and has been granted real life from Heavens. When real life reaches every cell of our body, it will never die. Your breathing might finish, but these bodies are not connected by breathing. The spiritual power comes straight to the bodies and that is why they are alive in their tombs. This is what we believe concerning all Prophets and all Saints. So what about the Seal of Prophets? He is alive: seeing, looking, hearing, listening, speaking... his whole body is in most perfect condition.

We must try to be with truth. Your conscience always wants to be with truth, but the ego makes so much advertisements to be able to cheat you. Try to be with truth and you will be happy. Nothing will disturb you. It can disturb others, but not you. You will then have a heavenly protection and you will never be disturbed by anything, spiritually or physically. The only heavy burden which Prophets and Saints carry, is to try to save their nations. They can be ill or under difficult conditions, but that is only so that they may carry the heavy burden of their people. They are not like others, whose body can be disturbed. No, they are protected!

Try to be with truth. Truth is the same for Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and for all of mankind. The truth is that which your conscience accepts. Our conscience is pure. Only our ego is dirty. that is what is making troubles for mankind. If mankind would listen to their conscience, they would never have any trouble. The Lord, Almighty Allah, never wants his servants to suffer. Even you, weak servants, do you want your children to suffer? Never! How should Allah Almighty agree to his servants suffer? Mankind themselves run after possibilities to suffer. The Lord Almighty Allah ordered all nations through his Prophets, "Oh, mankind, use your conscience! That is enough, if you do not want to suffer." But you are not listening to your conscience. Instead you listen to the advertisement of your ego, that makes you to fall into endless sufferings. That is all. We do not use our conscience. That is why I'm ordering all of you to be at least for a short while every night with your conscience. Ask it, "Tell me, was I with truth today, or not?" Then take the answer from your conscience. Your conscience cannot cheat you, it cannot tell a lie. It will tell the truth. Check-up yourself every night. Use your conscience! May Allah forgive us...

LONDON - 01.04.1993

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