Islam brought every good manner for eating, welcoming guests and for good behaviour. Islam orders the best for everything. For eating - eat when you are hungry, don't eat out of habit. Eat to live, not live to eat. Those kind of people are animals who live to eat, they are at animal level. We slaughter animals and eat them. If a person lives to eat, it is haram. Islam orders - eat when you are hungry. Without a reason, you must not eat and drink. When you need to, do it - but not as a habit (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea times). It is only for our egos and then we complain we are getting fat - our stomach getting bigger and our heart getting bigger and too much fat is in our bodies cholesterol and complaints. Islam stops people eating more than they need. We have a saying from traditional knowledge - in twenty-four hours one pound of food carries you; if you eat more than this, you are carrying it. This means one pound of food is OK for a person daily. More than this is like a burden on your body. Twice a day is enough for people to eat. Three times is too much. Once is for worshippers.

For guests - we have a rule: for three days they must be looked after as an obligation. After three days you are free to accept them or to say you may look after yourself. They are free. If you are able to keep the guest more than three days, this is all right. Allah Almighty likes this. Every guest comes with his own provisions (from Allah Almighty). The obligation is for three days. After this the host is free to keep the guest or say you may go.

Good manners for eating - look for simple meals. One kind of food is the best or to have at one meal only salty things. To mix salty and sour and sweet harms the stomach. If you eat one kind at each meal, it is best and does not harm. But we eat salty and sour - OK; but sour and sweet is no good. Wait and eat sweet after two hours; eat with tea, not with sour food. If it is with salt, OK; but sour no good.

For sleeping - try to sleep early and get up early and wash before sleeping. Wash when you wake. Drink before sleeping and go to the toilet - then wash your feet before sleeping. Early sleeping, early getting up. Don't sleep after Asr. The best time for sleeping is after Isha to dawn. These are the best manners for everyone.

Always begin and end a meal with salt. First thing in the morning and before eating, take a little salt - it takes away the bile from the stomach and takes the yellow colour from the face. Don't drink immediately after eating; during is OK, but when you are finished don't drink up to one hour after a meal. Don't drink after eating sweets. Drinking sweet coffee, sweet tea - harms you and can cause diabetes. Drink before eating sweets. Be patient after eating sweets do not drink. It is the sweetness which gives the thirst and it will pass after five minutes.

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