Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Ask always Heavenly support, material support is nothing!

Destur ya rijaal Allah, meded! Destur ya Sultan al Awliya, meded!
Allah Allah
Subhanallah, Sultan Allah, Kareem Allah, Raheem Allah, `Azeez Allah
Hu Allahu 'lladhi la ilaha illa Hu
Warzuqna ya Rabbana
Warzuqna ya Rabbana
Was-salaat was-salaam `ala Sayyidi 'l-awwaleen wa 'l-akhireen Sayyiddina Muhammad (s)
Meded Ya Rabbi
As-salaamu `alaykum!

O Believers! O Muslims! Whom believing in Allah Almighty and He is our Creator, Creator everything in existence. No one can come in existence by his self or by himself or by herself, nothing coming.

Meded ya Sultan al Awliya! Meded ya rijaal Allah!

Ask always Heavenly support, material support is nothing! Never giving to people anything. So millions of billions of people, they were trusting on their treasures, or their kingdoms but never giving anything benefit to them, finally, they left everything and disappeared! If you are saying they went away? To where? They left for an unseen, unseen world or unseen beings, unseen, unknown territories. No one knowing where they are going finally. They are knowing something about next life but it is not clear for people 100 percent.

We are hearing, we are believing, believing means to accept something in existence even you are not seeing, but you are believing there is beyond this life another life, or perhaps everyone must believe that for this world there was one beginning, its beginning unknown. Unknown.

That everything that just appearing in existence, no one by itself, by herself, by himself, coming in existence, no! If anyone coming by himself through his will, coming and appearing through this world, it is impossible. So that we are on this planet dunya its name dunya, world, or our globe or our planet - it is not something suddenly appeared through space.

If anyone saying that suddenly our world just appeared through space must be something wrong that person. No one can accept this.

That means our world it wasn't in existence but now it is in existence and you are on it and countless creatures on it, east and west on it, north and south on it, countless directions on it. And some very strange happening that it is turning around itself. And no one can say a something by itself can turn around itself, by itself! So many things that we are in need to ask and to find an answer but up today common people no one can say anything for such a questions or such a understanding.

People saying "oh, everyday sun rising morning time and setting evening time". Yes, everyone knowing and looking and seeing but do you think that it is by itself rising and setting? If you are saying this, you must be, you must be something wrong through your mentality. It is impossible.

And we are in need to believe because you can't bring any answer such a questions without a belief. Without believing you can't bring any explanation or no one can bring an understanding for mankind about sun rising and sun setting. But it is easy for ignorant ones to say it is only unseen power making this and if you are asking what is that invisible, unseen power that making this globe to be in existence? It is easy to say no God, astaghfirullah!

That means you are denying, denying the Creator but you can't bring instead that belief another thing that may give a satisfaction to you through your mind or mentality or through your knowledge. Or never bringing a satisfaction to our heart that to say no God. Never bringing but they are insisting because their teacher Shaytan insisting to make people to say "no God". If no God, from where this existence coming? Make a satisfaction for me or for you or for anyone else. To make a satisfaction what he was saying no God how happened all these existence or galaxies and space? Say! Make me to be satisfied through your knowledge.

You never, never may bring but even we are living in 21st century that people they are saying it is positive knowledge period, and bring a proof. What you are saying? Or you must bring Heavenly knowledge that reaching to people from beginning up today because we are in need to reach for a satisfaction, yes. How happening? How happening such an events, such a creation, how they are happening?

Ask, for example, for an ant. Ant it has a existence but do you think that its existence from itself? How you can say? That existence must be granted to that one by Someone but people just reached to a second period of ignorance and whole, whole troubles that coming on people, every badness coming on people it has a reason because man through 21st century they are not in satisfaction through their hearts or through their minds or you can't bring any answer suitable for their mentalities. Even now we are looking and seeing people, they are refusing to believe but if they are not coming to believe, they never be able to save themselves from troubles and miseries and suffering that giving every trouble for our physical being and destroying our mentality. We must put our knowledge on a strong base. If no base, no value. No value.

That is ant, now there is bacteria. Bacteria perhaps 1 million bacteria. Bacteria may reach the size of ant. Who making that small ones in existence? And now there is another creature that coming in, not psychology but through new mentality, new studies, researching bringing some another creature that it can't be touched or seen. We are saying what is its name? Virus. They are knowing its existence but never going to be able to look and to know about it secret. Yes a virus, Subhanallah, glory to Allah Almighty. There are countless kinds, not anyone kind, countless virus. Qadir Allah. Absolute Power Oceans for the Lord of Heavens, He can create such a way countless kinds of virus and you never knowing for what. Only sometimes they are saying it is hens flu, birds flu or they are saying now pig flu. There is another kind virus that people trembling. I am saying what is its signs? How you are fearing from something that you can't see that even through your microscope? How you are trembling? Do you think that it has a mouth? Do you think that virus it has teeth biting you? Do you think that it has a stomach and producing a kind of poison and for keeping some secret power that it has a poison and poisoning? Who is putting in its mouth that poison, O doctors? Say, say!

And some of their doctors I was saying we are oo.. this virus, it is a perfect creature. Because the Lord Almighty never creating imperfect. In its kind it has a perfection. I am asking someone of doctors, why you are fearing that virus, if it, do you think it has a mouth? And he is saying, perhaps. Do you think it has through its mouth something from poison? Very well, very well...ehhh you know how you can defend mankind? And he was saying we are trying to find a way to take away, it is so easy masha ...that talking like this....insect, flies.

I am saying to you catch that Shaytan virus from its neck and take its jimbus..... Our people no mind people not knowing what is jimbus. It is so easy, you may take one of that virus bring another doctor to catch its feet, doctor, one person. Another specialist must catch its head, another specialist must open its mouth because one bringing a poison and putting through its mouth making like this, throw away, finish!!! No way to save yourself, only this way. If you can do you can be saved, if not that small one going to eat you! That is the best muamele, treatment. Treatment! I shall write to newspapers that Shaykh just found a new way for defeating pig flu, so easy.

May Allah forgive us! Allah Allah. Ya Rabbi! Tauba ya Rabbi, tauba ya Rabbi

Because of our sins Allah sending such a defendless, defendless creatures and so proud man to be down. No more going to be proud ones.

O people! Come and believe in your Lord Almighty Allah! He can save everyone or you can't be saved. Perhaps that small ones going to eat you from beginning up to end and making you dust through your graveyard.

O people! We reached, Subhanallah, 15 days from Holy Ramadan, Subhanallah. So quickly running and it its Prophet's Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam news from Last Days that time measure coming smaller and quicker! Year going to pass like months, months so quickly as a week and week running also so quickly as a day and day running as quickly one hour passing. And our one hour is also passing such a quick. That is sign of Last Days. Sign of coming near Last Day and the Day of Resurrection. O people! Believe and you should save yourselves. If not believing you are falling down, no one can take you from that dark place up to lightening worlds.

O ya Rabbi! We are asking forgiveness, we are asking understanding, we are asking such a himmah, energy, or himmat - to try to be as much as possible a good believer and a good mannered person, good making person! That is in Divinely Presence just maqbool, accepted, not only accept but granted as a grant. Allah granting them such a grant that no one can grant and follow the holy way of seal of prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

Allahumma salli wa sallim `ala
Nabiyyina Muhammad `alayhi 's-salaam
Salaatan tadoomu wahtudah ilayh
Ma marra al-layaali wa tool ad-dawwaam


(Maulana making Du`a)


O people! O people! It is enough for you to think on it and Allah grants you from endless Mercy Oceans.

Allahu Akbar, Fatiha

Lefke, 04.09.2009

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