Maulana Sheikh NazimMay Allah keep us far from shaitanic actions

May Allah keep us far from shaitanic actions and make us to be from Allah's
servants - that is honour! The way to goodness is to serve Allah.
It is a shame for mankind that they lost the sense of shame. The holy
Prophet (sws) used to say: 'If you are not ashamed, then do as you please.'
Shame is the sign of faith. Someone who has no shame, is doing everything.
Shame is a spiritual power, that makes man under control. It is a favour of
Allah. If you remove this power that may keep man under control, then faith
disappears and sinks down to zero.

When the angel Gibrail a.s. came to the Prophet for the last time before he
passed away, he said to him: 'The message is complete - Allah is not going to
send me anymore. I will not come on earth anymore except for four times
before Qiyamat (Final Judgement). The first time I will come to take justice
from the world.' And it is an order of Allah starting from the people on the
top to the lowest level people that they should be just. It is for all people,
it is an obligation.

Abu Yazid Bistami was praying one day. Prayers keep one away from doing bad
things. Who doesn't pray, is ready to do all kind of bad things. The more
you pray, the stronger the protection. When he finished his prayer, he heard
a voice telling him: 'O dhalim, o cruel one, no one can come to My Presence
who is unjust.' Abu Yazid was very surprised, and he asked: 'What is my
fault?' The voice said: 'During prayer one of your legs got tired, and you
put the burden that this legs normally carries, on the other leg, so it was
carrying more than it is supposed to. Because I arranged it in such a way
that the wheight of the body should be carried by two legs, not only one.
That is the cruelty, you have committed.'

If Allah would judge us - who could save himself?! Nobody of the people
nowadays. And His justice is Haqq, based on truth. He is not joking. He gave
us two legs to carry the burden of the body. If you put the whole wheight on
one leg only, it is dhulm (injustice).

Also, when you are eating and drinking, don't take more, than you need and
what is good for you. Maybe you take someone else's share, it is his right.
To take more than what is necessary is greed, and dhulm for the body - for
the heart, the stomach, so many organs are affected. This extra burden is
the reason of illnesses. Keep the balance of Allah's truth. Allah has given
a measure for everything. Who goes beyond it, is dhalim. (same as dhulm)

So Gibrail a.s. had said: 'I will come on earth to take away justice.' And it
is like this now - there is no more justice in the governments. But what
about yourself? Are you just, that you could expect justice from others? Can
a just person be the head of unjust people, of dhalims? It is impossible.
All creation is suffering from the injustice of people, animals and nature.
There is the story of a holy man who was travelling by ship. As he was
watching the fish, he was shocked to see them eat one another. 'This is
strange - how can these fish eat one another, and also they are from the same
kind?', he asked himself. Then he heard a voice: 'This is because once a
cruel person, who is not respecting Allah and who doesn't pray, was spitting
into the sea. Since then the fish eat one another...'

If you look to dogs, some of them you will find soft, others like wild
beasts - they reflect the nature of their owner. Trees may die because of
the dhulm of the owner of the garden...

Everyone wants justice for his own ego, that is why dhulm has spread over
the whole world. The people in the 21st century are all dhalims, including
the heedless Muslims. Daily you can see this on TV. The hearts of
unbelievers are like a stone, without mercy. And when mercy leaves the heart
of a believer, he looses his faith.

The angel Gibrail a.s. was saying: 'I will come another time to take away
mercy from the hearts of people.' The whole world is witness.
'Then I will come for the third time and take away the shame from women and
men.' People now are asking to be like animals - they show their body without
being ashamed and they are enjoying it, too. Once some poor people brought
their baby to the Prophet sws, and it was uncovered, because they had
nothing to cover it with. Then he asked: 'Don't you have anything to cover
this baby, some cloth?' He said this, because the private parts of a baby
are just like those of grown ups. Now parents dress their children very
free, and they say: 'But they are only children.' Do you have no shame?
Without shame there is no belief, no justice, no mercy.

'I will come a fourth time and take away 'ilm, knowledge.' This is the
knowledge that brings people on the path to Allah and makes them to advance
to His Divine Presence. Alims are dying, and they take their knowledge with
them into the grave. Like this no knowledge remains. Who can still
understand the books they wrote? And these books are not like newspapers.
But even newspapers you don't understand anymore... The knowledge must come
to you from someone's heart, it will not come to you through books. If it is
not coming from the heart of someone and entering your heart, it is not
knowledge. You must take 'ilm from Alims. That is why the Sahabas could not
take directly from the Quran, but they took from the heart of the Prophet
sws. They didn't read, but took from his heart...

I was speaking about the condition we are in nowadays... Evil and shaitanic
actions have reached to the top point.

There was one king once upon a time, who burnt all the books in the country.
Why? Because he said that peole are only learning meanness from them. People
don't know about history...

So I am not recommending to read, only about history, because it will open
your eyes. Evil comes from reading books that do not contain beneficial
knowledge. May Allah protect us from that kind of knowledge. Knowledge is of
two kinds: there is beneficial and harmful knowledge. Nowadays they only
teach harmful knowledge. The first knowledge that must be taught is about
Allah - to teach people His Name. Without the knowledge about Allah every
knowledge is harmful. Therefore now people are bad in the 21st century. They
are dhalims, they cannot do anythng good. Look and see- a cruel person
cannot do something good. What you can expect from scorpions and snakes?

A fox was making friendship with a snake. They came to a river and wanted to
cross it. The snake said: 'I cannot cross this river.' 'But I can', said the
fox,'I will not leave you behind, I will carry you (in my belly) to the other side.' When
they had crossed the river, he said: 'Now you can leave me.' But the snake
said: 'No, I will not leave you anymore. I will kill you and eat you.' 'Is
this your reward for the goodness I did to you?' 'Didn't you know that you
cannot expect goodness from a snake? Who is expecting goodness from a snake,
must be stupid.' The fox started to cry and he said: 'O my dear friend, let
me for the last time look into your beautiful eyes.' As the snake was
stupid, too, it was coming in front of the fox and the fox bit off its head.
The he made it straight on the ground and he adressed it: 'You see,
friendship must be like this - straight.'

People are like that snake nowadays- you cannot expect goodness from them.
It is said that out of seven people one will remain in the big war. Don't
think all are human. They are like dragons, they are sadist and they have to
go. There are special servants of Allah that have them as their aim... Dhulm will
be removed from the world...

O Allah, send the Sahib-u-Zaman and protect the believers. When the lion
comes, Sayiddina Mehdi alehi salam, he will make Tekbir and shake the world.

Lefke - 19.12.2001

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