Maulana Sheikh NazimMay Allah make us to be with His good servants in Dunya and in Akhira

It is a blessings to have good neighbours. In Dunya the neighbours may change-
either you move or they may move. But in the cemetery you don't change. In
old times people were careful about their neighbours for Akhirat. For
example they choose to be neighbours of Abu Eyyub Ansari, a big Sahaba of
the Holy Prophet sws, because on his tomb always mercy is raining down. And
on the day of Judgment they will be gathered under his flag. With their love
to the Prophet the Saints will ask for forgiveness and intercede, make
shafaat, for their neighbours, and it is not difficult for them. And there
are so many Sahabas in Istanbul. It is also a blessing to live near a
mosque, because the rains of mercy that come on it all the time, also come
on those who live around it. There is a prayer to ask for good neighbours:
,Subhana Rabbiyi-l 'Aliyu-l 'Ala-l Wahhab...Allahumma-ahschurna fi zumrati
salihien'. But the Hocas and Imams nowadays don't know anymore how to pray
and what to ask for.

At the end of the Prophet's life the angel Gibrail a.s. came to him and he
said: ,Now I will only come once more to you. It is to take your soul.' And
the Prophet asked if after that he would come again to the world. The angel
said: ,Yes, I will come four times. But instead of bringing something, each
time I will take something away from the world. First I will come to take
the justice. Then I will take the mercy from the hearts of people. Then I
will take the shame and finally ilm, knowledge, so that there will be no mor
' Alims and the people will be left ignorant.'

Nowadays everyone is talking and making Khutba, but they cannot give
anything from their heart to the hearts of people, and their speech gives no
benefit. In old times they were acting without much talking, but today they
talk and destroy what they built, because they are ignorant.

They don't teach children about their Creator, they don't teach them to say
His Name, Allah. So all learning has no benefit. And they don't know how to
pray and make Dua. ,Wa kunu ma'a sadiqien...' -Allah told us to ask for
being with good ones, because that is safety for us. Bad servants attract
Bela and then the curse from heavens and earth comes on them and on all who
follow them and who are around them. No government nowadays follows salihien

Mercy and blessings come on mosques, but people don't enter
anymore. They are so burdened with cursings, that they don't enter...
The computer of Allah is working. People are marked. If your relationship to
Allah is alright, you don't have to fear... I am fearing for this island,
Cyprus, because the people are not grateful and they are complaining, not
saying Shukr, that they have been living in peace since 27 years. And they
don't pray or fast, don't respect Allah, His Prophet and the holy days...

Lefke - 27.11.2001

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