Maulana Sheikh NazimMay anyone who comes here in goodness, find goodness also

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim- may Allah protect us from Shaitan and shaitanic
dealings... Since the beginning of time always people have been occupied in
two ways, shaitani or rahmani. Some people were following Allah's orders and
did good things, others were following the whisperings of Shaitan and did
shaitanic actions. There were always two classes of people. And Allah sayd:
'Choose, o My servant. You want Me or to follow Shaitan?' If you say: 'O my
Lord, how could I leave You!', then He answers and says: 'Then I will not
leave you, either.' But the other class of people ask their ego for advice
and the ego says: 'No, you must only serve me.' Then Shaitan is writing
their names in his book.

Allah says: 'Keep away from the shaitanic actions, that Shaitan is inviting
you to do, because they attract Bela on you.' Someone was seeing in a dream
how two pidgeons flew from his hands. He was worried that it may means a
misfortune and he was saying to himself that he will give a Sadaqa, to
prevent the misfortune. Then he thought about it and he said to himself: For
what Sadaqa? No need. He didn't give Sadaqa. After some time his two
children died. Now he understood and he cried: If only I had given Sadaqa to
prevent it! Because it is said that one Sadaqa prevents 7o kinds of

Look every evening what you gave from your earnings for the sake of Allah.
And there are three kinds of Sadaqa:
One is with money, with goods. You give something, and it is khair. Another
kind of Sadaqa is with your body, and you can do this, if you have nothing
to give. You may do goodness in this way and help others with your power.
For example you may help an old person to cross the street. The third kind
of Sadaqa is a smiling face. To smile to someone, is a Sadaqa.

Now there are so many people with closed faces- that is an attribute of
people of hell. In the government offices you don't see smiling people
anymore. They send people away, are not helpful, whereas to make something
easy is a Sadaqa. People have become like Nimrod, they are hostile and make
problems for each other. The people in the offices are there to serve us, it
is their duty, not a Sadaqa for us. They are employees with a monthly
salary, employed to serve people. And they make old people to stand in line
from morning to evening for a pension of 5 kurusch... That is dhulm. Allah
has honoured mankind, but they follow Shaitan. Allah says: 'The best deed is
to bring happiness, surur, to the hearts of believers, to love them. But
nobody who is coming out of an office, a police station, a hospital or a
prison, is happy. What would a Prophet do without an Ummah? What would a
government do without people? They have no right to oppress us. I am making
Dua against them. Mankind has honour- we come from Adam and belong to the
nation of Ibrahim and the Ummah of Muhammad sws. Who is trying to take away
this honour will be punished by Allah.

But the faith of people has come down to zero. Evening time ask and judge
yourself: 'Whom did I help today? To whom was I giving benefit?' If you
didn't find anyone in 24 hours, then animals are more useful than you. Every
believer should check himself.

They are going for an check-up to Harley-Street in London, because they say
our doctors are useless. Arabs and Turks are going there. They don't
actually have a problem, but they say: 'I want to make sure, so I am going
for a check-up to prevent illness'. And they have to pay so much money- 5oo
pounds only for the appointment... Then they are told- a jewish trick-:
'There is nothing wrong with you now. Only sometimes your heart is jumping.
So we better prescribe some medicine and you come for a regular check-up to
make sure, that nothing goes wrong...' And in St.Ann's street there is a
mental-house for another kind of check-up. But so far nobody has come to ask
for a check-up of their spiritual condition. Nobody is asking me to check
their spirituality, and it is through their spirituality that people are
standing up. If not for spirituality, people would be like animals, or
worse. Without the soul the body has no value.

May Allah keep us away from shaitanic deeds. Check before going somewhere,
if it is pleasing to Allah, and if the gathering is for Allah's sake, if,
what you do, is for Allah or for Shaitan... How you can know?
'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim' is the measure for a believer. If you can say
the Besmela before doing something, then it is rahmani. Who is going to a
Bar cannot say: 'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim' at the door and enter. Rather
he will say: 'Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim' and return at the door. Can
someone who is asking to smoke or drink or steal say: 'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-
Rahim'?! So the Besmela is the measure to check if someone is sincere or not.
Look in the evening if your name is on the list of the true, sincere servants
or the imitated ones, the hypocrites.

Lefke - 18.12.2001

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