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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Meded: Asking Support from Grandsheikh**

Our Grandsheikh is Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faiz Ad-Daghistani, may Allah Almighty sanctify his blessed soul and draw him ever closer to His Divine Presence. May He Almighty cause us to benefit from Grandsheikh's blessings and teachings, and from his spiritual care for us even from the grave. We derive our spiritual power from his heart center. If he cuts us off we are stranded. Every breath that our Grandsheikh turns toward us from his spiritual breaths is like a warm spring breeze which blows on the bare branches of trees, causing buds and blossoms to burst forth.

Like the spring breeze that carries the revival of life within it, so do the breaths of Allah’s saints give life to their followers, to their spiritual sons and daughters.

That relationship is stronger than the relationship to our parents, as there is only a short period of time in which they are all and everything to their small children, and, ultimately it is very difficult for them to influence their children to follow the way of life that they would choose for them. But a real Grandsheikh always keeps a watchful eye on his followers, whether that Grandsheikh be living in this world, or has already has passed on to the existence beyond. He never abandons them.

Yes, we are always seeking our Grandsheikh’s support, support that will help us act according to our Lord’s commands, and support to help us stand firmly in the face of our enemies; the lower self, Satan, vain desires and worldliness. Without such a strong support a person will be vanquished.

Therefore we seek our Grandsheikh’s support by saying; “Meded ya Sayyidi,” – “Support, oh my Master”. You must call upon your Grandsheikh in such a manner when you are in need of support, then that support may reach you.

The more you feel yourself to be weak and in need of support, the more support he will extend to you. But the more you depend on your own knowledge and your mind’s powers, the less support you will receive as Grandsheikh will say; “He is self sufficient, so why lend him support. Leave him in the hands of his ego.”

When the Holy Prophet asked his Lord, “Oh my Lord, don’t leave me in the hands of my ego even for a moment,” he was seeking refuge from two undesirable possibilities; 1) to be left in the hands of his ego’s base desires, and 2) to be left alone to guide himself only by his mind and knowledge. In both these ways the ego attempts to separate us from true guidance, and in admitting our weakness and seeking support in the face of the ego’s trickery we gain that help.

Therefore you must look for the support of the Saints in a universe in which you are totally weak. Once you have established a good connection with such a person you will always be in contact with him; a “wire” will carry current to your heart from his power source. That aid will make itself felt most in times of need. Now it is daytime and you don’t seek a torch, no need; but at night such a small light will prevent you from falling into a pit.


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