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Rabbi l 'Alamin, Rabbi l 'Arshi l 'Azim. And also secondly I am praying...praising Habib Allah
(swt). Most Beloved one in Divinely Presence. Sayyidina Muhammad (saws). That it is wajib
aleina, it is obligatory to give first our most high greetings to Rabbina (jwa). We are weak
servants for the Lord of Heavens. Also weak servants of His most... most proud Prophet
Sayyidina Muhammad (saws). Al Hamdulillah. Now... we are believing that there is or there are
so many reasons through the life of men till reaching to Last Day. Or to their temporary place,
through cemetery. Beginning our life through this dunya, and ending in cemetery yard. And you
know that, Insan/human being through his life so many.. so many reasons.. making him
sometimes to be healthy, sometimes taking something. And Allah Almighty through His Most
Beloved servant, but he is the king of whole creations.
And we are saying Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. The Seal of Prophets (swas) most beloved one
in Divinely Presence, was saying "my nation's life between 60-70 years. Then coming slowly,
slowly reaching to cemetery yard. Al Hamdulillah Doctor. Allah Almighty creating so many
medicines, if anything going to touch His servants, they may use it. As long as their lives
continues they may take a profit. After that, there is a limit no more. Al Hamdulillah we are
thanking the Lord of Heavens Mulk wa Malakut. Thanking Allah Almighty that as He (swt) Likes
giving His 'Ata! 'AtauLlah..'Ata! (grants) Grants as He (swt) Likes. But must reach an end. And
we are not going We are not going... to reach the last point of mankind's life. Maybe through this
100 years may taken away to cemetery yard. Al Hamdulillah wa sh-Shukr Lillah.
I am a weak servant & they granted to me a good life. Maybe... A safe life, Allah Shukr.
Thanking to Lord. Up to today I used my, our Prophet's (saws) peace be upon him, praisings I
reached a life people say that I reached the top of high life. Long life. And now day by day we
are looking when our Lord's death angel, coming to take our souls. But through that time
everything may come to people from health, wealth or poverty. We are trying to take away what
giving ourselves trouble. Al Hamdulillah today bi Fadl-Lillah, Allah Almighty's grant, grants I
reached up to today. And I am thanking to our Lord & praising Rasulullah (saws). Up to today I
am happy that our Lord's grant through His most beloved servant Sayyidina Muhammad (saws)
reached. Now, so many doctors coming to me when I was weak in His Will, up to today.
Al Hamdulillah we have been "Wa 'Ataynahu Min Kulli Shay'in Sababan"(18:84) Allah
Almighty making some reasons and giving to someones for curing His servants up to last moment
of their lives. Al Hamdulillah, I am today through your advising & medicines Bi Amri-Llah.
Allah Almighty's Lutf/kindness I am restful. Now I am not complaining from anything Al
Hamdulillah. And I am not asking some medicine to change my life as I was a young man, no!
Now I am happy with myself. Happy to my Lord that granted to me; happy to His most beloved
one Sayyidina Muhammad (saws) and his one of his most beloved sahaba, Umm Hiram Bint
Milhan. I am under Umm Hiram's care. Al Hamdulillah.
From one year ago I was so weak, now Allah Shukr as you... After this I am not asking anything
as only something to make my body much more stronger...what I am doing? I am going to make
olympics running! No! Al Hamdulillah I am eating, I am speaking, looking, I am not using this
hearing, sometimes I am hearing, I say I am not hearing. How you are not keep here. Sometimes
mosquitos zzzzzzzz I am hearing, sometimes guns fire, I am not hearing.
I am thanking he is.. like son but grandson. Dr. he did his best also for me. From long distance he
is coming and visiting. Abdun...a poor derwish, servant of the Lord of Heavens, weak servant of
Ummat Al Habib. Now I am not asking something making me much to walk or to run.
It is enough I am looking, Al Hamdulillah. I am not complaining for anything and he is chief
doctor also. That he may look like this, we understand. Allah (swt) gives him much more for the
honour of His Prophet, Sayyidina Rasulullah (saws). Perhaps you show it to Doctor what I am
taking everyday. Everyday I am taking and swearing on them. Doctor you are no joke. He is
serious person like me never smiling! Not like you. Allah Shukr. It is. I am not asking new
medicine. I am asking health from Heavens! For the honour of the Seal of Prophets & for the
honour of his beloved Sittina Hala Sultan. I am Al Hamdulillah I am sleeping, I am eating, only
I am swearing those people that they are not cooking as I like. Particularly don't eat salt. Without
salt fish not be living through oceans. Never!
Al Hamdulillah I am happy my Doctors visiting for me, I am asking only dua for him from him
to me. I am not asking a new medicine. I am not complaining for anything. New medicine I am
not asking. New treatment I am not asking, I am asking if saying you are healthy according to
your situation is Allah Almighty's grant to you. I am saying Al Hamdulillah. Good Sir. Allah
Allah, Shukran Lillah. Shukran Lillah Ya Rabbi! Allah (swt) gives doctor long life and healthy life
& honour life here & Hereafter. Enough our visit. Therefore do not worry for me most simple
tablet enough for me. Allah Shukur Ya Rabbi. Shukur Ya Rabbi. Shukur Ya Rabbi, shukur Al
Dr: Original orange.
M: Everything on it going to come a new kind.
Dr. Lemon, orange...
M: We are doing marmalade from this. Inside we are eating or drinking or putting foods, but this
we are making it jam. Look!
Dr: First time I am seeing this.
M: No one knows this.
Dr: This is first time.
M: I shall give you one box when you are going. That is narang, bitter orange. That is the
mother. Look on this, making... Lemon & the one after is mandarine, and then after orange. Five
or seven kinds of this. Allah Shukur, now the potatoes arrived.

Lefke, 25.03.2013

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