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Most masters today present the method of meditation to you. But usually they do not base on Christianity, or Judaism or Islam, so many people think that it is a method which originated within other religions. But that is not the case. Meditation was a method which was already given to the first man, within the first message, to the first Messenger. What purpose does meditation serve, and how can we reach such a state?

It is mentioned in all our Holy Books: the Thora, the Gospels and in the Holy Quran, as a method to reach Divine Presence. When we come face to face with our Creator, we leave everything else behind. Nothing remains except your soul. If I would come and try to hit you with a sword, you would not be harmed. Nothing can touch you physically in such a state, because your physical body will have entered your spiritual being. Normally it is the opposite: our souls are imprisoned in the physical body. In a perfect state of meditation, your souls cover your physical body and you become a spirit.

There was once a Grandsheik, Sheik Abdul Qadir al Jilani. While he was meditating he kept saying, "I am the truth!" People around him were offended by this and started attacking him with swords, but nothing happened to him. They could not touch him. When Maulana Rumi was in real meditation, he would be whirling and lift off the ground. He had full connection with the Divine Presence. According to our traditional knowledge, rneditation has so many steps before reaching the top point. If you keep those rules, real meditation can come to you any time.

Everyone must try within the rules which exist in their religion, to praise the Lord first, in the way the prophets taught us. We can then sit in a silent place, preferably in the dark, cover ourselves and withdraw from everything around us. We should not hear or feel anything, only think that we are one within the existence of the Lord Almighty Allah in the Divine Presence. Even if it only lasts for 5 minutes, it will give us power. This will then increase and make peace-falcons out of peace-doves. If a terrorist even looks at you, he will fall down. With meditation you can attain ultra-power. Don't think that meditation is something easy. It is the most important power which has been given to mankind.


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