Maulana Sheikh NazimMeetings for the sake of Allah

Allah’s Hand is over a Jamaat; if they are meeting for worship, there will be Divine Assistance for those people. If they are going to do something according to our Lord’s order, they will be under the guard of Allah. If they are going to do something according to the advice of the Prophet, they will be under the guard of the Prophet sws.

Whenever any group of our brothers or sisters meet for the sake of Allah, joining their hearts to the hearts of the Masters of this Way, that meeting will attain the level of an association with the Sheikh. In such a meeting, such a power descends on the hearts of the attenders that even the deepest roots of hidden idolatry, of ego-worship, can be pulled out. Such an assembly is more beneficial than years of superogatory worship.

Don't think that the only beneficial meeting is the one where the Sheikh is physically in attendance. When our brothers or sisters meet, one of them must be the channel for inspiration to come from the Sheikh: one must speak and the others listen; one must take from the Sheikh and the others take through him from the Sheikh. In this way all the meetings of our brothers and sisters are blessed. If more than one person speaks, or if there are arguments and contention, then there will be no spiritual power in that meeting, and hearts will be left cold.


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