Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimA Message To Kurds

In Afrin, in your village Afrin
V: I don't speak Turkish. O Kurdish!
SN: he does not speak Kurdish, or Turkish or Arabic! (joke) Al Hamdulillah!
V: I forget everything in your presence Mawlana.
M. The village in the upper part of Syria.. The village that we used to come & visit you, Kurka.
In Kurka you should build a Maqam derga.
V: It is there Mawlana. There is a Maqam & a derga Sayyidi.
M: Is it big? Then you put this on top of the Maqam.
V: Insha'Allah.
M. Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim La Hawla wa La Quwwata illa Billah Al 'Aliy Al 'Azim. We
are Muslims, believing in One God. We are the people of the Distinguished Tariqa Al
Naqshibandi Ahl Al Sunnah & Jamaat. We do not accept this or that. Our way is on the Straight
Way/Istiqama. And now since a few days I like to sit with you. But today I got inspirations &
good tidings. Since they fought France for years years, and then France withdrew. And now the
strongest group, the strongest... nation are the people living in the Kurdish Mountains. The
Muslim Kurds they are believing in one God & they are Naqshbandi. Your father was the leader
of all the Kurdish Mountains. It has been indicated to me now, that Shaykh Ali is authorised, & I
am ashamed to say that I am authorizing him astaghfirullah!
V: No, it is a honour for us, Sayyidi.
M: Ya S. Anwar, I am nothing.
V: Allahu Akbar! Hasha Lillah Ya Sayidi, you are the doctor of the hearts.
M: I love these brothers more than anyone else. They were very generous to Grand Shaykh,
extremely generous with me also, S. Hussain Effendi, Rahmatullah aleyhi. I am very grateful &
very happy with them. They are like my children. Some of the Shaykhs said "Shaykh Ali looks as
if he were your son." He wants to take an area. He has no fear and the Kurds, they are different
backgrounds & sects. But the leading group is the one of the people of Sunna.
V: With your baraka & madad.
M: These are instructions. For years they trained him, our honourable Grand Shaykhs & from
the last ones, Shaykh Hussein Effendi. May Allah (swt) make his destination to Jannat Al Na'im.
The strongest nation in the area who have raised the banner of Islam. They have no fear except
from Allah (swt), from the Prophet (saws) & our honourable Shaykhs. The area has all kinds of
people, most of them are on wrong ways. They are for this world, they have no taste. I heard that
the disobedient ones from Turkey they want to come & interfere with you, it is of no benefit,
Except who submits to Islam & takes oath to the Naqshbandi Tariqa. There it will be a state, like
the state of the victorious King, Salahuddin Al Ayubi. His sword was supported between East &
West. They are his inheritors. There are all sorts of Tariqas but all of them are on wrong ways.
And now they have pointed towards Shaykh Ali as if he is my son.
V: No doubt Sayidi, we believe & trust.
M: I am only speaking because of my age but his station is very high.
V: Astaghfirullah
M: He has a high station.
V. Your acceptance of us is enough, Sayidi.
M: We ask from Allah (swt) that he may be from among the 99 men of Mahdi (as). There are also
40 men from them his name is mentioned among them.
V: He is from the 99 or the 40 men?
M: The men of the 99 have a greater wazifa/duty & he will rule, according to the 99. But his
name is also in the 313 men. And Allah's (swt) order is always victorious. "Sayuhzamu Al-Jam`u"
(54:45) (The group will be defeated) The Holy Verse "Sayuhzamu Al-Jam`u Wa Yuwalluna Ad-
Dubura" (54:45) "Wa Yuwalluna Ad-Dubura" (54:45) (they will flee) This is pointing to how
many of the false groups are there?
V: many.
M: But everything must return to its original state. Therefore they have appointed him, Shaykh
Ali, as a ruler for the area. It is not possible for anyone take take him away from his
Maqam/station. Now I have no power, I became zero o Shaykh.
V: Sayidi you are the source of power.
M: I think we are from the people of Sunnah & Jama'at. Everyone from our Naqshibandi
Kurdish brothers all of them are from Ahl Al Sunnah wa Al Jama'at, raising the banner of the
Prophet (saws). He wants to raise the banner of the Prophet (saws). He has no fear! Who wants
to, they may follow him. They have appointed him the leader of the area. He is clean & has the
power. They... are supported from the Naqshibandi souls, the last of them Shaykh Hussein
Effendi. May Allah bless his soul. May Allah (swt)raise his station in Heavens. O Shaykh Hussein
Effendi Hz. they dealt with me with great generosity; What a generosity. V: You are the most
generous Sayidi!
M: I want to buy him a donkey!
V: But an original one Sayidi!
M: And now we are Naqshibandi believers and we support Mahdi (as) and we give our oath to
the last Khalifa, Sultan Abdullah (King of Jordan) from the family of the Prophet (saws). Show
your will power & we give our oath of allegiance to the rightful King Abdullah of Jordan.They
indicated to me as what Mawlana Sheikh Al Hassan informed us, he will enter supported. He is
supported, and Al Mahdi (as) will come with him from the side of Al Qadam! Hayy!
V:Masha Allah! Masha Allah!
M. I am nothing...I am nothing But those who trained us inspite of that I wasn't trained, but said
that this son of ours, Shaykh Ali, what is your last name?
V: Surname is Ali Hussain Ali.
M. They are from the Prophet's (saws) family, that's why they have power. These instructions
came to me today. Call him they said & appoint him to be a leader in that area. And they all
should gather, first the Kurdish nation under the banner that he raises. Whoever comes against
him will not succeed, there is no support for them. Whoever is with him, is honored here and in
the Hereafter as they will be under the banner of the Owner of Time. After Armageddon which
will be in Amuq. They know, they know him. These are instructions of what will happen. For
introducing his station for him, he has news, he knows. Insha'Allah Al Rahman (swt) Will raise
the banner of the Prophet (saws) first. Secondly, the banner of the Khalifa. and third banner
belonging to the Naqshbandi Tariqa. Raise the banner, and don't fear! He is like a dragon.
V: I was a young boy.
M.: But he is a lion. A lion! Allah's (swt) lions, he will fight for Allah (swt). Gather all the people
of Sunna, people of honesty and dignity under that banner, and he will walk insha'Allah with
Sahib Al Zaman, to receive the holy Relics from Asitana, Constantinople, Islambol. I have
granted him, I granted him, given him by order of our honored Masters may Allah (swt) support
them with His support. Shaykh Ali is supported! from Afrin, Kurkani Naqshibandi. Haqqani. He
must be Haqqani. Don't fear, I have given him this duty for the service of the nations. The
situation will change now near the border, Turkman, like it. Their sword is drawn, we don't like
them at all, it is their end. Ya Rabbi, don't deprive us O our Lord from from being in Sham
Sharif. Mawlana, there is no wish remaining for me except sleeping by the tip of his feet in Sham.
V.:May Allah (swt) grant you what you wish & please.
M.: I gave him permission, a general permission for the Kurdish believers to support him, and if
they go against him, nothing will work for them, not their homes, not their matters,& their voice
will never be heard. We support him! By the order of our honorable Masters I have now granted
him this. He must walk with a sword! A sword! Or a knife. Guns or rifles are of no benefit.
Whoever looks at them will tremble! Allahu Akbar. This is the conclusion! This is what came to
me. Insha'Allah the people of Halab will listen.
V: With your blessing my master.
M.: That area till Diarbakir the Naqshbandis must follow, with them. They will go with Mahdi
(as) to Asitana. I wish from my Lord to show me His Beloved (saws) to walk and see their honour,
their mightiness.
V:You are our honor, our strength & our support.
M.: Allah...Fatiha.
V: Ya Hayy Ya Qayyum.
M: His heart is open now, the orders will reach his heart & he must follow them. I am happy!
Fatiha. Then, inspirations will come to you, follow them without fear. Subhana Allah. Subhanak
Ya Rabbi, Subhan Al Malik. Glory to the King of Kings! I give you this, this is for the Maqam, &
for the zikr use this one, keep it. Let people collect themselves, collect themselves. Don't go left
and right and get busy with decorations. Finished! This is finished, it's cut. The event will
happen in the valley of Amuq! The valley of Amuq. It will erase from existance those shaytans.
O Don't fear!
V: We won't fear.
M: You are supported.
V: We are supported by you. We are Naqshbandis, believers and faithful insha' Allah.

Lefke, 15.07.2012

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