Maulana Sheikh NazimMethods of Cleaning the Heart

When we clean ourselves, it is not only important to dress in clean clothes. We must clean ourselves from the inside too. Those who want to reach Heavenly Stations will not be accepted if they are not clean. It is an order from Allah to His servants to be clean when they want to come into the Divine Presence. We know that we are weak people. Our hands are able to clean our bodies, but we cannot clean our hearts with them. We need someone to help us with that. Allah has sent His special servants who are always in connection with Heavenly Stations to teach people how to clean their hearts. It is not enough to do it in a physical way, it must be done from Heavens.

The last messenger, the Seal of Prophets, the most praised and beloved servant of Allah, Sayyidina Muhammad* did his best reaching to people with his real mission: to change their bad characteristics into the best. That was his, as well as all other prophets', main mission. The prophets did not come to make a benefit from this world. They did not come and ask for any material benefits, like palaces and servants and such. They were happy just to be the most humble servants of all. When you become humble, it will clean you. Pride makes you like a dirty pool in which every insect and fly can live. Humbleness will dry you up, there will be no more chances for any dirt to be there.

All prophets were humble. The most humble servant of them all was the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad*, even though he had the highest, most praised name. He would use the most simple things of this life and he lived in the most simple way. He did this to teach people that simplicity is best for them. A simple life will prevent headaches, but if you have a complicated life you will get more and more headache everyday. This is why everyone comes and complains to me that they have a headache. Some of them really have headache, but for most people it is not that simple. They have so many problems in their hearts that cause the headache.

The Prophet used to live a simple life because he knew that people would otherwise want to have more and more from this world. He kept it to a minimum. It would have been no problem for him to live like a king, but he kept simplicity so that his nation would not collapse under the wrong habits once they expanded. When Archangel Gabriel came to him and brought the keys of the treasures of earth and Heavens to him and said, "Oh Muhammad*, Allah is sending you this if you want it." He answered, "I prefer to be full one day and empty the next. On the day I am full I can be grateful to my Lord, and on the day I am fasting I can beg my Lord for my sustenance. I can be grateful one day and patient the next."

Whoever belongs to his holy family must try to do the same. And those who belong to his nation should not run after this temporary life's pleasures. If you have too many things you will become proud. If you let your ego ask for more, there will be no end. It will ask for more and more and more. You will have time for nothing else, than to fulfil your ego's pleasures. This is why people will only get peace if they come down to a simple life. Technology enslaves people to work for it. It needs more and more slaves. Every new thing which comes into existence will be chased by our ego and we want to have it. Then when we have it something else will appear and we will chase that. There are endless desires in this direction. Because of that, put everything into proportion! Don't become dependant as if you were a giant. Your desires will make you believe that you are an ever expanding giant.

Be satisfied with less. That is the way of prophets, the way of humbleness. Every possession will give a bit more of that proud characteristic. It feeds your pride, which is the worst. It makes people dirty. Proud people are the most disliked people amongst others. They are never accepted in the Divine Presence. Traditional teachings have always aimed at training people to get rid of their bad characteristics out of which pride is the first. The only way of doing that is by living a simple life in humbleness.

We are now in the Holy Month of Ramadan and fasting is an important means to make our egos accept its own weakness. When a person recognises his own weakness, he will not be proud. Hunger makes egos to come down. Traditional knowledge tells us that when Allah created the ego He asked, "Who am I and who are you?". The ego answered, "I am I and you are you. Just like you are someone, I am someone too. Don't tell me that you are my lord and I am your servant." Allah then ordered the ego to be imprisoned in the hot fire of hell for 1000 years. He then asked it the same question again and got the same answer. So the ego was sent back for another 1000 years into the cold hell. Then again He obtained the same answer. The ego still could not accept being a servant, so it was ordered to be imprisoned in the Valley of Hunger. That was enough for 100 years and by then the ego happily admitted that it was a servant.

So for training the ego you cannot find any method more useful than hunger. Like when you go and see animal shows in the circus, the wildest animals are willing to learn all kinds of tricks, because they know that they will be rewarded with their favourite food afterwards. There is no better method than hunger to train the ego.

The Sharia has ordered us to fast as a simple training, but for the complete training we have seclusion. By the blessings of our Lord, my Grandsheik ordered me 6 times to go into seclusion and I completed it. My ego was telling me during those 40 days that it would be easier to fast for 40 years, than to make a seclusion of 40 days.

May Allah forgive us and give us control over our egos so we can catch it and clean it. We can only go to Him clean. I saw the video Snow-white and the 7 dwarfs. One of them was always dirty, even though the Princess told him again and again to clean himself. I got the message, he was symbolising the dirtiness of the ego. The others had to catch him and clean him by force. Our ego is the same, it will only be cleaned by force. The Naqshbandi method to clean the ego, is to make a seclusion. There are simple seclusions in which it can be caught. But to get the full cleanliness you need the full seclusion. Insha' Allah we hope that we will be able to do that soon, in the coming years, before the year 2000, to clean up our followers and through that get a Heavenly Connection.


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