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Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, he is a lion. How are you? May your love increase. May your honour
increase and may we recognize the honour. Shukur Allah. As-Salamu alaikum O our children,
brothers, friends who listen to us. May our day be good and blessed. We may say Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim. La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah. Our Shaykh, Sultanul Awliya
would say like this: When two believers meet and greet each other, they should make a sohbat at
least for the time of the milking of two sheep.

"Marhaban, O my believer brother". As-Salamu alaikum O believers. Masha Allah. Marhaban,
marhaban! Marhaba came from the Heavens. The people on earth did not know about it.
Marhaban O Glorious Prophet. We may also make a sohbat. There are awliyas who give us
strength and who are close to us. Our Shaykh is the Sultanul Awliya. I ask support from him, I
ask support from him. He says, "Say O son. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim". Allahu Akbar! After
saying Marhaban, say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May Allah Almighty adorn you with the
dress of faith. And we said Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Say it without any doubt! It is the
sword of Allah Almighty on earth. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. When a person says this, there
is no power that can stand against him. It can make all of them ashes. If he says Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim, he can stop all their weapons. If he says the Bismillah, he can stop all their
weapons, or cannons they fire.

There is such a magnificence, such a power in Man. But who do you find, Sh Mehmet Effendi?
"Whose mureed are you?" "Sh Mehmet Effendi's" "Very beautiful. May Allah increase your
spiritual energy, he is a person with strong spiritual energy". They give such a declaration. They
are seen when they want to be seen. "O believer, to whom are you related? "We are not related.
We are not related to anyone but we are as if we are related to someone". "Is that so? Masha
Allah. You say that you are related and not related at the same time". "What can we do? What is
your opinion on this?" I don't have an opinion. Awliyas have teachings. So we say according to
their teaching".

If you follow your ego and say when you wake up: "I am late for work. I am behind at work", if
you are in such a rush then you are dunya's and shaytan's animal. Present company excepted. La
ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah. Our occupation is this. In this world... (Mawlana
mentions 3 different names that were used by people for WC). There were different names for it.
Now its name has become No. 100. To the No. 100. What is your occupation? "To eat, drink..."
"And?" "To go to the No. 100 and fill the No. 100! This is what we work and strive for". "Is that
so?" Did our Lord Zat-i Ajalli 'Ala Who made you as Man, Who created you as Man send you to
this world to fill the WC? Shame on you, that within the 24 hours maybe you go 10 times to WC
and with it you spend your time... Let's say maybe you spend one hour with going to the WC.
Ok! What is this busy-ness for? "To satisfy our dirty ego!" "Is that so? Do you say the Bismillah?"
"No. They say the Bismillah in the mosques". "How about you?" "We don't say. Because we have
some other occupation. Everyday like snuff, we sniff up to the nose of shaytan! We go to the WC
and like shaytan's snuff, we sniff up to shaytan's nose". It is said that this is the snuff of shaytan, he
gets very happy: "Eat, drink and then come sniff up my nose like snuff" He made the people like
crazy ones.

Why are we present in this world? For what are we present? Who made us to be present here?
Ok, leave this aside. We are going to a villa with a huge ocean in front of it, its waves are roaring.
Who filled it with water? Where is it brought from? Is it poured with buckets? Is the water
pumped into it? How did it happen? But people have become ignorant ones. Yes, they have
become ignorant ones. They can't say "We are the servants of Who created us". They are too
proud to say it. But in reality they are animals to their dirty egos and shaytan. "I want this, I
desire this thing.." They want to do whatever their egos desire.

There was a nursery rhyme like this: "Whether it is halal or haram, doesn't matter. Give me and
I eat". This is not the human attribute. Man is created clean. There is a nursery rhyme for this:
"Your servant doesn't ask whether it is halal or haram. Whatever You give, give me and I eat.
Your servant doesn't ask, O Allah Almighty, whatever You give, I eat. I don't look if it is halal or
haram" it says. "I eat whatever I find". If you eat whatever you find, in the end your deeds throw
you to the WC. You become the WC officer. "Where is your registration? Where are you
registered?" "Do we have a registration?" "Yes, you have". "No Shaykh Effendi, we have no
resgistration. Who would accept men like us?" "I'll tell you and you'll be surprised. Your
registration as well as all the others' who are higher than you and claim to be great ones, is in
there". "What is it? What is this place?" "Is there any one for whom it doesn't say "not registered
to WC"? All of you have registration there. If you eat much, you go often. If you eat less, you go
less. But is there anyone who has no service for WC? No, there is not. All of them have
registration there. There is no one who has no registration.

Ok, you two-legged one! You have time to go to the WC everyday, three times, or five times, or
10 times. Do you ever go to mosque?" "What is our business in the mosque?" So your real
business is in WC. You have no business with any other thing, but with WC. Where are you
registered?" "For our registration, we have a piece of paper in our hand". "What is that paper
for?" "It is the paper of No. 100. When we show it, they let us inside". "Don't you have any other
business?" "What other business can we have?" "So you enter WC for WC service. So you have a
business in the WC but not outside". You go to the WC 10 times everyday. Why don't you go
even once to the mosque, to the clean temple?" "We have no business there" they say. So your
business is with shaytan. He makes you eat and drink and then appoint you to the WC. Eat less
and your visits to the WC be less frequent. If you eat too much, continuously you go back and
forth to the WC.

Be clean! Be clean! "How can we be clean?" "You should know how to be clean. You don't even
wash your hands and face with water. Instead they wipe their faces or wipe their other things.
This is not true. You should be clean, you should live clean and your life will be beautiful for you.
A clean man lives a comfortable life in dunya and goes to paradise in akhirah. Dirty ones are
expelled from every assembly in dunya and in the akhirah they are expelled from the Divine
Presence. What does cleanliness begin with? Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. You should say this.
Don't say "I am this, I am that". Even if you are a King, or a ruler, or a Sultan, say this -
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Stand up. "O our Lord, You granted us all these blessings. We
stand up to eat this blessing of Yours by remembering Your Glorious Name. You created the
universes for the glory of your glorious Prophet and You ordered him to say the Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim. We may also say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim".

When you forget the Bismillah, there is no taste left in your life. There is no barakah left in your
work, you have no health or wellness anymore. Troubles never leave you. May Allah make it far
away from us. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, make your children get accustomed to this. May
we remember Your Name first O Allah, it is obligatory on the servant for his every doing". It is
teaching us. "Well, we studied Ilahiyyat. We don't recite Mawlid". Is that so? What is wrong with
Mawlid? What is wrong in the Mawlid al-Sharif that you say "I don't recite"? What do you
recite? What do the books you read teach you? Mawlid al-Sharif teaches: "May we remember
Your Name first, O Allah". You should first remember the Holy Name of Allah Almighty and
say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. "O our Lord! Our Subhan, our Sultan. You are the Owner
of the earths and Heavens".

I am asking "who filled up these oceans? Did you and your father pour with buckets and fill it?
And I am also asking, does the sun have a time? They get astonished. If they say "yes" different
story, if they say "no" different. If they say no, the sun knows its time and rises. It knows its time
and sets. The sun rise and sun set; how can it be without having a time? Allah Almighty Who
created and appointed it for this, informed it about its duty. The sun does not mix it up but
mankind mixes up. They get confused about why they are created but sun doesn't. The stars
don't get confused. The moon doesn't get confused. It goes through all its 29 phases and comes
out shining. Are these without a time? Teach the children this. But no!

"O Turkish youth! I entrusted the republic to you!" What is it that you entrusted?! The Great
Prophet came; our Prophet (sas), the Sultan of all the Prophets. The Holy Quran descended to
him. He doesn't mention it! The Great Prophet (sas) entrusted the Holy Quran to his nation.
They don't look to it but look to "this person said like this: I entrusted the republic to you". What
is the republic Yahu? What is the republic? "It is the democracy". Democracy, its equal is "...-
racy!" They did it and put all over themselves, can't even appear in public now. Shaytan made
mankind lose his humanity. May Allah make us far from shaytan's evil.

Therefore say Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim. And say the Holy Name of Allah Almighty,
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Always fires take place around the country, all the time. Nimrod
lit a fire from Baghdad, in a distance of 40 days to Prophet Abraham. And all that fire, which was
a strong fire, a strong fire... What extinguished that fire? Even if you poured all the waters on
earth it wouldn't extinguish. "O My Friend, say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and enter in it".
He did and it turned into a bed of roses. Nimrod's fire extinguished and its place became a
garden from the gardens of paradise. Prophet Ibrahim (as), the Sultan, was seen sitting in an
assembly inside the fire. He was sitting there with the great angels whose faces were like moons.

Know the miracle of the Bismillah and live comfortably. If you don't, you have no value. You
may do things; you can build a palace if you like which is dipped in gold, but the real value is in
Bismillahi r-Rahmanir-Rahim. There are such holy ones that if he says Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-
Rahim rocks can turn into gold. The Companions Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, and our children,
brothers attending, the Companions showed like this: "we didn't eat anything for two days".

They tied a rock against their stomachs to quell the pain of hunger. The Prophet (sas) showed
them that he tied two rocks to his holy body! Even in this situation, when our Prophet (sas) was
going to mount Uhud, he heard a rustling sound coming behind him as if gold touches each
other. He turned and saw that mount Uhud turned into gold and was walking behind him! Our
Prophet (sas) said "O holy mountain! Remain as you are, I don't need you. Bismillahi r-Rahmani
r-Rahim is higher than a thousand mountains like you, or a hundred thousands worlds like this
world". He said to the Companions, "say it and your hunger is satisfied". And they did.

You should know the value and honour of the Bismillah. If not, no matter how rich you are, or
how much gold you have, He (swt) makes you needy of pills and medication. Neither your gold
nor your silver can help. Your palaces can do you no good, nor your wives, children. None of
them can do any good. Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and you will be a lion! This nation
said Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and marched. They came from the East and erected their
flags in the West. We are the Ottomans and very glorious. Allahu Akbar! May our army be ever
victorious. Was it not like this "Oh glorious army! Oh great soldier!..." (Ottoman anthem). They
marched reciting Gulbank-i Muhammadi (sas), saying La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad
Rasulullah. They came from far East and erected their flags in the middle of Europe. And what
did you do? Ask them, what they did, what they achieved...

O people! Don't forget the Bismillah. Say it and don't fear; their cannons or weapons won't work,
their planes won't fly. It can finish all of them. But our people didn't get accustomed to it. Even if
we spoke of the miracles of the Bismillah from the beginning till the end of the world, it won't
finish. Give them this wird, say "Say at least seven times daily Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and
make sajda. It is enough for you". Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. How beautiful, how beautiful:
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi Shafi, Bismillahi Kafi, Bismillahi Muafi, Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim. Every illness and trouble leaves our bodies. You become lions. We are lions!
If we recite the Bismillah, we are lions!

When you took down the Bismillah, there was no goodness left in you. No! Who doesn't show
respect to the Bismillah is who doesn't respect his Lord! When you took down the Bismillah from
your homes, from your assemblies your value became like earth, like earth. They say "we fear".
Why should you fear? If you see a majzub on the way and he says Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-
Rahim, he can even destroy all of them. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May You dress us in the
majesty of it. If the beginning of every act is with the Name of Allah, its end is never fruitless. It is
not fruitless. Any act without the Bismillah is fruitless. Any act with the Bismillah is walud,
meaning fruitful, it advances. We are lions. With what? With Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

May Allah forgive us. O our Lord! We are Your weak servants. We could only say a very very
small portion of the Bismillah, a very small part from its huge oceans. We can't say beyond it, we
can't say. If they dress from that power, the awliyas can say. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, our
army is always victorious. Allah Allah Allah, we may say. Allah Shukur, our sohbat today is again
about the Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Whoever likes, likes it. Whoever doesn't like may sink,
sink into the WC. And they already did. A person without the Bismillah is inside the WC. The
Bismillah is the Divine light, it is spirituality, it is power and magnificence. It is the Divine Seal!
Allah Almighty granted and presented His Divine Seal to His servants. Allah Huuu Huuu...

Prophet Noah said Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and his ship moved. He said Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim and the fire they lit for Ibrahim (as) extinguished. He said Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim and Balqis came to Prophet Sulaiman's Sultanate and fell for him. Our
Prophet came with Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, an orphan who lost both his father and
mother, (sas). Jibril said Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, he said the Bismillah and the Prophet
filled the whole world. The Heavens and earths are all on his name. Ya Sayyidi Ya Rasulullah...
May you grant us such a power, may you send us the one who has the power to burn, to destroy
this world. Wa min Allahu tawfiq. May our children be from them too. May our honour rise,
don't fear. Don't fear. Fatiha.

"'Innahu Min Sulaymana Wa 'Innahu Bismi Allahi Ar-Rahmani Ar-Rahim"(27:30) The great
Prophet Sulaiman, that no one was ever granted a sultanate like his, he would rule over the men
and jinn. The holy letter he sent to the Queen Balqis, what was his title in the letter he sent to
Balqis, the Queen of Sheba? "'Innahu Min Sulaymana Wa 'Innahu Bismi Allahi Ar-Rahmani
Ar-Rahim!" She collapsed, the proud queen collapsed! Know the power of the Bismillah, O
King! When you remember Allah's Name, stand up! Don't sit on your throne! If you sit, He (swt)
leaves no strength in you to stand up ever again. Remember the Name of Allah Dhul Jalal first
and stand up. To stand up each and every time is much more beautiful but because of our
laziness and shortcomings we don't stand up. Make them stand up at least once in the assemblies.
They say "Islamic Conference". When everyone arrived, I looked if there is anyone saying the
Bismillah. Maybe they did but I didn't see the whole assembly standing up when he said the

When Hajjaj adh-Dhalim was having the Caliph's decree read, no one returned his Salam. He
said "If I remove the veil off my face, you will know. You don't show respect for the decree of the
Caliph of the Muslims? I will discipline you with such an adab that whole world will be
astonished. O ghulam read, read the decree of the Caliph" he said. And when he read this time,
not even an ant was left sitting, all stood up! But not without seeing the difficulty.
For Allah Dhul Jalal's Holy Name... O our Lord, O our Lord... May You grant us strength.

Angels say "Strength is in the Bismillah". What can we do... O Lord, forgive us. O Lord, may
You not make us from who forget the Bismillah. And He (swt) doesn't. Say the Bismillah at least
7 times. You will be saved in dunya, you will be saved inside the grave and you will be saved in
mahshar too. You pass over the Sirat also and enter Paradise. Ya Rabbi, may You accept our
servanthood. We are weak O Lord. We are weak O Lord. May You dress us in the dress of
strength, the dress of the strength and majesty of the Bismillah. May everyone in Europe come
to us because of the majesty we have. May they come to us...

O Allah, You know. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. Salatu Salam on the Glorious
Prophet! Allahumma Salli ala... Fatiha.

Allah bless you, you are coming and we say a few words. They make us say, but this shakes the
whole world. I am already a man who has no value... Read for me Sh Mehmet Effendi. Read for
me. Allah bless you. May your hands and feet be kissed. Reveal your majesty in your place.
Every believer should but he is Shaykh. His majesty is different. But all of us receive the majesty
of the Bismillah, according to ourselves. The sea of Marmara is different, Black Sea is different,
Mediterranean sea is different. Atlantic ocean is different and Pacific Ocean... This is the
Ok son! Allah bless you, I am tiring you but... Long live Mehmet, long live!

Lefke, 06.02.2013

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