Maulana Sheikh NazimMove towards your private ocean in the Divine Presence

Who understands, may try to translate to who doesn’t understand... Audhu bi’llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim... I am intending a short association, but I am not in control. My Grandsheikh is over my position, and he is the commander and controller over me. So I may say to you that I am going to make a short association, but it may continue up until morning, it doesn’t matter. But, because we are weak people- I am asking forgiveness from our Grandsheikh for me and you- it should be a short address to you.

Association with the Sheikh is one of the most important pillars of the most distinguished Naqshibandi Order; it must be. It is like petrol for the car, and man, or believers, they are in need to move towards Allah, towards the Heavens. We have been ordered and offered, as well as we have been called, to move towards the Heavens, not to stay on this wild world, asking to live on this earth for a hundred years and more, no. It is not a real target to live longer; but our aim must be to worship as much as possible, more and more. If we are asking for a long life, we are asking only for that purpose: to pray and worship and to obey the Lord of the Heavens’ commands and to ask from His endless mercy oceans. This is a true aim for everyone, a true target for the followers of all religions. If you ask a Christian: “Would you like to live a long life?”, he may say: “Yes.” Then we may ask: “Why are you asking for a long life?” “To eat and drink more...” That is the life of animals. It is not an aim to say: “I am asking for a long life for my ego to enjoy this life.” Cattle and sheep- what are they asking to live for? To eat as much green grass as possible, and that is their only aim. So if you are asking for a long life to enjoy eating and drinking, you have the same aim, and you are going to be on the same level as animals.

But if I am asking you and you are answering: “I am asking for a long life in my Lord’s service, for His worship, because it gives me honour. As long as I am alive, my honour is increasing. That is my aim. “ Which of these positions is excellent? Do you think any religion may refuse what Islam is saying? They can’t. Therefore excellency is for Islam. The other religions are finishing, because they can’t give their followers that aim. No one can, except in Islam.

And in Islam it is the most distinguished Naqshibandi Order which is saying clearly and freely that we are asking for a long life to reach more honour in the Divine Presence through our service for the Divine, serving our Lord... anything wrong?

Therefore this is a helpful association that is giving to people new refreshment and power to continue with their Lord’s divine service. Cars never run without petrol, and believers can’t move without association with the Sheikh. Association, or an associated person, means someone joining with another person to be carried by his power from the earth to the heavens. This is one meaning of association: that you may join the caravan of Prophets and Saints moving towards their Lord’s divine service, Divine Presence. Association is like a hook carrying people from the lowest to the highest life. It is a very important pillar of the most distinguished Naqshibandi Order.

Even if only two or three brothers or sisters, followers of this Tariqat, are together, one of them must say something in their association, and the others must listen and follow.
And our direction, our last destination, is the Divine Presence. Up to there we must move, as rivers run through the land without stopping, until they reach the ocean. So many rivers run in different directions to the ocean. When they reach to the ocean their waters don’t run anymore, there is no more movement, finished... Allah Almighty is saying: “Oh My servants, you are moving, you are running, doing this, doing that, until you reach My Divine Presence.” What you are doing is making the waters to approach the ocean. Lakes are not running, but rivers are, and when they reach the ocean, they reach to their aim...

And our aim, everyone’s aim, is only to reach the Divine Oceans in the Divine Presence, and there are endless kinds of oceans... There is not only one ocean, no, there may be one for everyone, and he or she must run to reach his or her own ocean; then they will be in confidence.

As a man is running after a beautiful lady, when he reaches to her, finished... Women are oceans for men. Men run after them, and when they reach them, they are in their oceans. It is important. Everyone is running to his ocean, and it is only one drop from your ocean that you have been granted in this life, a little bit. That one drop is enough to give you confidence to come to the ocean. What about when you are reaching that drop’s ocean in the Divine Presence, that you have been granted? You are swimming in it...
Good tidings! Run to reach your ocean, your last destination in this life. But no mind people now are leaving the ocean. They are going to the desert and, seeing a Mirage on the horizon, they run to reach it to find something, but nothing is there, and they are finished. Oh people, leave the Mirage in the desert and come to your ocean, that is for you forever, your last destination in the Divine Presence: Love oceans, Beauty oceans, endless, tasteful, sweet oceans, that you have been granted from your Lord Allah Almighty.
Whoever runs after grass and meadows are like cattle, the butcher’s knife is waiting for them... But who is running after those oceans in the Divine Presence, endless enjoyments are waiting for them, endless tastes, endless blessings, endless favours. You must decide which one is good for you. May Allah give us a mind to think about it...
What Grandsheikh is giving to us here is not written in books. It is from the pearls of the Divine Oceans of Reality and Wisdom, take it and keep it carefully... Wa min Allah at Taufiq... Fatiha.


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